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FCG: The right changes??

Food Chain Goblins, a deck that has migrated from a different format. For those of you who don't know, the origins of Food Chain Goblins(FCG) was from GobVantage. GobVantage was the first deck to ever use the Recruiter/Ringleader combo to gain mass amounts of card advantage. the deck did place well too. If you go to you may read an entire article on FCG. But now down to what I was here to talk about.

FCG has been around and has changed quite a bit. It starts off with the creatures you run. The number of each Goblin you run is crucial to the deck. If you run less of a broken goblin and more of a less broken goblin, your deck will have some serious issues. Also, your deck should always, and I mean ALWAYS, run 4 Foodchains. that is the decks name right?? Another thing you must know about FCG is the curve. Which would you rather have, a one drop that takes care a of a card or a three drop that does the same thing? the one drop has a one time use ability while the three drop can keep going?(Mogg Fanatic vs. Goblin Sharpshooter). I would choose the one drop simply because it drops earlier and faster to be able to deal with the threat quicker instead of trying to find an answer.

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