Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:57:11 -0500
From: Darren Di Battista 
Subject: Type One Tournament Report

Greetings, all! This past week, March seventh found me and three of my
friends at the Dragon's Lair in West Hartford, Connecticut. They run
informal tournaments there regularly (you'll get an idea of what I mean
later on), and since I was home on vacation from the University of
Richmond, I figured I might get in a little playing action. 

I was playing the following deck; it's my baby and I love it:


1 island
1 plains
2 underground sea
2 volcanic islands
2 tropical islands
4 tundra
4 cities of brass
2 wastelands
1 tolarian academy
1 strip mine
1 library of Alexandria
1 mox sapphire
1 mox pearl
1 sol ring

2 disrupting scepter
1 zuran orb
1 mirror universe
1 jayemdae tome 
1 tormod's crypt
2 jester's cap

1 gorilla shaman
1 fireball

1 demonic tutor
1 the abyss

1 regrowth
2 gaea's blessings

1 moat
2 swords to plowshares
2 disenchants

4 mana drains
2 counterspells
2 force of wills
2 mystical tutors-- made one a sylvan library the next day
1 ancestral recall
1 timetwister
1 braingeyser
1 amnesia
1 stroke of genius
1 time spiral

No sideboard because the matches were all only one round. Yikes! As you can
tell, I fear Sligh and Suicide Black in the first round, so I was pensive,
due to all the little kids. There were some Type SpiTwoey decks there, but
my friends and I all have serious Classic power decks, so we figured we'd
do okay at the least.

I went with Alex, Mike, and Jeff. Alex was playing an
abyss/discard/recursive jester's cap U/B deck with green and white splashed
for gaea's blessings and disenchants. Mike had a U/W Worb deck with
Argivian Archaeologist/Jester's Cap combo action, and Jeff had a U/B/R
monstrosity with some power blue, mana drains, and beta hippies and sengirs.

The way the tournament worked was that all participants donated a five
dollar rare as their entry fee, and then everyone played according to
record, randomly for the first round. The entry fee cards then became the
prizes later. I think I threw in an evacuation. Like I said, informal.

I didn't get anyone's name, so that's not included.

First Round:

All I see are elves. More evles than I though were possible to fit in a
deck. They ALL produced mana, too. Fortunately, moat shut that down. Then I
capped twice, pulling out all the direct damage. From there on out I
mirrored and then fireballed for the game.

Mike and Jeff faced each other; Jeff got mana screwed and lost. Alex had a
terrible day (2-5) due to some unbelievably bad draws. He had 2 land in
play by the 7th turn one game. He has 22 land in his deck, plus a sol ring.
I have NO IDEA what happened to him, since he and I usually go one-for-one
when we play each other.


Round Two:

I play the mox monkey. He plays a black vise. I draw no land for a long
time. He incinerates me. I lose with a city, a tropical island, and the
academy in play. One card killed me. I felt so bad.


Round Three:

Played against a mono-black deck. I drop the abyss, but he's using all
artifact creatures. I hold him off with counters and disenchants until I
draw moat, a few caps, and mirror him to death.


Round Four:

Another elf mana deck. I'm doing okay, but I have NO defense. He spends a
long time playing elves but not attacking. If he had, he would have won.
He finally starts, but I have mirror out. About the eighth turn, he
fireballs me for 23 (WHAT?!?!?!?!) with all those damned elves. I mana
drain it, swap life, regrow my own fireball, and win.


Round Five:

ANOTHER elf deck. It goes the same as the rest. Abyss really serves it to
these decks. Mirror fireball again, of course. This kid asked me if I was
playing burn, and when I said no, he grabbed a different deck to play.
Apparently this was legal. Like I said before, INFORMAL. I countered one of
his spells, and he was like "Not a counterspell deck!". Didn't he mean


Round Six:

Suicide Black. I get out a 3rd turn abyss, but still take heavy damage
since he has many creatures out. I StoP a sarcomancy, and then start
capping his zombies. It almost kills him. I time spiral, he smiles, I
amnesia, he loses his hand and then the game about two turns later to a big
academy fueled fireball.


Round Seven:

Stroke/MoMa. I was hoping to play one of these. This deck was built using
extended rules (again, INFORMAL tournament; no real regulations other than
no banned Classic cards, and restriscted lists apply), so it had a ton of
strokes and time spirals aplenty. We went about ten turns playing land, and
then he cast MoMa, which I mana drained. My next turn, I cast jester's cap
and used it, pulling 2 strokes and his other MoMa. That SAME TURN, I
amnesiaed him for SEVEN cards, and then crypted away his graveyard. He had
no victory conditions left, and conceded. 



It all comes down to Jeff and me. I draw a sapphire, a couple land, 2
drains, a counter, and the abyss. We both play land, I play the abyss, he
can't deal with it. He throws some stuff my way, but I let him get away
with most of it. I get out a cap and pull his hymn to tourachs, and play a
disrupting scepter. I start eating his hand, and he tries to amnesia me. I
crypt him a few times. I drain an
amnesia and use the free mana to play the mirror. Shortly thereafter, he
gets fireballed to death. He told me that if I had made just one mistake he
could have amnesiaed me early, but I never did. As Alex said "If Darren
taps out, he has a force of will in his hand." It was a good game; I just
got an early advantage and he couldn't recover from it. However, he DID
show me the wonder that is the Sylvan Library. I now have a BB one in my
deck, and I love it. 

I won a couple packs, all had junk rares. But I had a lot of fun, so what
do I care? I can just use my prize as my entry fee next time I go there,
after all. I just like playing.

PROPS: Jeff, for doing so well. Mike, for making me want to cry watching
him cap EVERY TURN with that damn archaeologist. ::shudder:: Alex, for not
committing suicide when he was killed by a nine year old's goblin digging
team and mon's goblin raiders while he sat there with two land in play, and
the abyss and a triskelion in his hand. That was harsh. 

SLOPS: The MoMa guy, for looking puzzled when I countered his meditate. IT
Suicide Black kid for asking if it was real when I dropped my mox and a
tundra the first turn. Props to me for my reply: "Yeah, that's a revised

EXTRA SLOPPY SECONDS: Whoever stole Jeff's deck a few days later. Not only
did he lose 4 English Drains, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, and a ton of
Beta stuff; not only are those all VERY expensive and hard to replace,
that's not the worst of it. He loves playing Magic, and has a great time
doing so. Whoever you are, you stole FUN from someone else. If you aren't
compelled to return the cards due to something resembling a conscience,
then at least do us all a favor and get hit by a truck.

Long live Classic; it's the only format where you can win playing one
uncommon on the first turn, and all the good cards aren't banned.

And Wakefield.... Mono green Classic LD with untargetables and drop of
honey gets DISGUSTING! 

By the way, you ABSOLUTELY do NOT need a bunch of power 9 to win in
Classic. I won my first tournament with a U/W deck that only had three
tundras, and there were plenty of moxes and juzams flying around that day.
So don't blame the cards; if you lose, it's you. Believe me, it was me for
a long while before it got to be someone else. ;)

-Darren Di Battista


"Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity..." began the badger.

"Liberty, Brutality, and Obscenity," rejoined the magician promptly. "You
should try living in some of the revolutions which use that slogan. First
they proclaim it: then they announce that the aristos must be liquidated,
on high moral grounds, in order to purge the party or to prune the commune
or to make the world safe for democracy; and then they rape and murder
everybody they can lay their hands on, more in sorrow than in anger, or
crucify them, or torture them in ways which I do not care to mention. You
should have tried the Spanish Civil War. Yes, that is the equality of man.
Slaughter anybody who is better than you are, and then we shall all be
equal soon enough. All equally dead."

-The Book of Merlyn