I've been to Nicolas Duschene's Type I held in Huy last Saturday. I planned to play 'Tog chog
(Jeff Kuta's deck), but I forgot to borrow the 4 Psionic Blast and couldn't find 2 Mana Crypts,
so I took Roberto Corbelli's 'See it' (on the Dojo). I made the following changes: 
Out 1 Adarkar Wastes, Fat Moti and 1 Disenchant 
In 1 Wasteland, 1 Mirror Universe and 1 Jayemdae Tome 
because I don't feel safe with only 3 Strips, Mirror is broken and I like to have 2 Jay Tome in
control decks. 
Also, I forgot to borrow the Mana Drains, so I replaced them by Counterspell, which was not that
much of a problem (of course I would have preferred Drains). 

My sideboard was a bit different, as I had to hurry up to register my deck listing: 

+1 Aura of Silence (I thought I already had a Disenchant in the SB) 
+1 Swords to Plowshares (couldn't find a Light of Day and didn't think of Pyroclasm) 
- 1 Light of Day 
- 1 Jester's Cap 

The tourney is straight swiss, 7 rounds (45 min for a round only). 
On to the report. 

Round 1 Vincent B/R/u Hymns, Stupor, Coertion, Knights, Bolts and Racks 
I win game 1 thanks to Mirror Universe. As you'll see, this is not the last time. 
I sideboard in 4th StoP, and 2 FoW. 
I lose game 2 to a single Knight. I blame myself for not having put 1-2 Pyroclasm in the
I get a good draw in game 3 with the infamous Library of Alexandria. He has his, too. His second
land is a Wasteland. I don't draw a single Strip nor Wasteland during the whole game (he managed
to get 12 extra cards). I succumb to a couple of Racks.
1-2 in games, 0 points 

Round 2 Jean Giltay Ankh of Mishra/Nether Void 
I am surprised to see Jean Draining my Sol Ring. I get the picture when he drops an Ankh,
followed by a Void. I manage to cast a Frenetic Efreet which survives a Wrath of God. A twin
follows and the beat down starts. Soon stopped by Jean's Fat Moti. Surprisingly, he keeps the
best creature ever in defense while I am 11 for his 8. I guess he doesn't do the math or is
thinking I am holding direct damage. Thanks to an early Tome I am drawing like a madman. I
finally get a Plowshares and finish him. 
Jean is rather slow to play and even slower to sideboard. We have 15 minutes left. 
Game 2 sees Jean slighly mana-screwed and an early Serra beatdown that I protect, helped by some
Wasteland to ensure Jean can't come back. 
3-2 in games, 3 points 

Round 3 Lino B/w/r Hymn, Specter, Sengir Vampire Knight 
In the first game, Lino doesn't get a fast start. I am able to take control of the game and a
Mirror quickly finishes Lino. He would have been able to Waste lone City of Brass in play, but
prefers to take out a Volcanic Island! 
I Side in the 2 Force of Will and the 4th StoP.
He gets the 1st turn hyppie in game 2, but I am ready with my Plow. Again, I slowly take control
thanks to a Tome and kill him with the Mirror. 
5-2 in games, 6 points 

Round 4 Frederik Goussey 5c Necro with Hyppie, Insect and 2 Zur's Weirding 
Fred has a Serra in front of him. He necros down to 3 to be able to deal with it. He can't. 
I side in extra Force of Will and 4th StoP (see the pattern?) 
In game 2, another 1st turn Hyppie shows up. I have to Mystical Tutor for a Balance to recover.
He gets some Hymn action, then necroes for 7. I can't recover and die. 
In game 3, he's mana-screwed. I keep him low on lands thanks to Wastelands. This turns out to be
a mistake, as I don't have any offense going. He then plays a Library of Alexandria. Of course I
don't have any more removal and I can't cope with the card advantage he got. I die to a Hyppie,
followed by an Insect. 
6-4 in games, 6 points 

Round 5 David Franco White weenie
David has almost all first strikers, but no pump knights (he told me later he doesn't own any).
He's playing with Crusade. 
I don't encounter any problem and kill him once with a 5/5 Serra and once with the Mirror. 
8-4 in games, 9 points 

Round 6 Jean-Patrick R/u suboptimal burn 
It's his first tourney. Game 1 is a bit hard but I manage to protect a Serra for the kill. After
sideboarding the Ivory Tower, 2 Hydroblast and 2 CoP, I feel confident. 
Once I play a CoP, I see on his face I've won. The Zuran Orb that follows secures me a bit more.
Another Mirror kill.
10-4 in games, 12 points 

Round 7 Romuald Theate B/R/u creatures (Dib, Troll, Hyppie) and DD 
In games 1 I can't deal with an early Mishra despite having 10 cards able to deal with it (not
counting Balance/ZOrb). Shit happens, as Eric would say. 
In the second game, I have to FoW an early Dib, then to Balance/ZOrb to get rid of a Mishra and
a Troll (I can't find my Moats). Of course he draws 3 lands in the next draws while I get only
1 land and the Moat (I am holding a Tome). He forgets about his Hammer while I am low on life.
I have to Balance/ZOrb again, but can't deal with his Underworld Dreams (I only have 1 Disenchant
I should have won against this deck, played by a inexperienced player, but that's Magic: Luck is
not always on your side. 
10-6 in games, 12 points 

The winner is a Goblin deck! with 18 points (6-1-0 in matches) and second is his brother with a
... monogreen swarm! 3 players are tied for the 3rd place: Pierre Cools (skolan variant), Vincent
Degee (Browse/Digger/Walk) and my last opponent. 

Fortunately, the atmosphere was nice and I traded some Stronghold I was missing, so all in all a
nice day, knowing that I went to Liege with Pierre Cools to drink some Duvels in 'Le Pot au Lait'

For the deck now, I have some suggestions: 
- add a 3rd Mystical Tutor 
- possibly replace the Jayemdae Tome by Emessi Tome or Browse (beware the REBs) 
- the Mox Emerald could be replaced by a Fellwar Stone 

For the sideboard: Roberto's is very good. The only cards I didn't use were the 2 basic lands
(except when I replaced an Island by a Plains to be able to cast the Moats). Light of Day could
be replaced by Pyroclasm, depending on the number of zoo. As he said, the Cap is needed (I just
couldn't find any). Also, I am not sure I would keep the Tower in, seeing the number of Mox
Monkeys in fast decks. 
All in all, it's fun to kill with creatures and I love Frenetic Efreets. 
Thanks to Jean-Louis D'Hondt for the power 10.