Last Saturday I was to a small non-sanctioned Type I in Seraing (Belgium). Wake up too late, so
I have to take a cab to go to the station. Once I arrive at the station (Pont-de-Seraing) I ask
the way to the 'place communale'. Turned out I am in the wrong village and I have to take a bus
to get to the right one. Before I reach the place where the tourney is held, I meet Pierre Cools
and we chat on the way. The turnout is very low with 14 players, among which only 5 Type I
players: 4 from Liege and myself, having been able to borrow the cards I am missing (thanks
Gilles!). Most of the others are newbies. 
I fill my decklisting and realize that I forgot a Zuran Orb. BIG mistake. 
I ask everybody for one, but of course I am not able to find one. I finally find a guy who's
willing to trade it for a Medallion. 
I am playing the Keeper, with a flavour of School. 
The format is 7 swiss rounds, best of 2 (which I don't like at all). 
On to the tourney. 

Round 1: Joseph Petrarca - U/W control with Mox Monkey, Miners and 8 Strip 
Joseph is a long timer, we've met only once in a Type I (me winning :) 
In game one, I am lucky enough to draw 4 of my 5 Islands, so no problems. 
It's game when I drop the Abyss and he doesn't have an answer. It takes us quite some time to
finish it though. 
I sideboard in Hydroblast and FoW for StoP and other stuff. 
I am not so well in game 2, as Joseph manages to play both Monkey and Miner. I am able to blast
the Miner away, but soon another one sees the light. Time is called, but we go on to see what
would have happened. Still no time to finish but it seems I would have lost. 
1-0-1, 1.5 points 

Round 2: Dominique Bastille - mono-U with Tims and Tradewind Riders 
Dominique is the tourney organizer, he knows his deck is not competitive, but he wants to have
fun. An early Amnesia seals his fate in game 1. 
Game 2 is fast as well, as I drop an early Mirror (after another Amnesia). 
He's got a Tim and a Rider on the board, I fear another creature, holding only one counter. He
doesn't draw any. 
2-0, 3.5 points total 

Round 3: U/R without any Type I cards 
He starts with a strong Island, Lotus... Petal :) Done. 
We don't do anything for some turns, then I try to get some of his counters: Moat, Abyss, but he
doesn't seem worried.
Ancestral gets a Spell Blast. Then I go for the Tome. War of counters that I win, and that's game.
He's playing a zillion counters, Lightning Bolt and Fireball. 
Side in FoW and Pyroblast, as well as a CoP Red. 
Game 2 is the same. 
2-0, 5.5 points total 

Round 4: Olivier Delcambe - mono-B with power cards (LoA, Lotus and Jet + 8 Strip) 
I've lost twice to Olivier already. Time for a revenge. 
In game 1, he doesn't draw any Hymn nor creatures, only a Cursed Scroll. I drop a Tome,
Disenchant his Disk and cruise to victory. He doesn't manage to ping me once with the Cursed
Scroll :) 
Side in FoW, StoP. Not the 2nd Moat as I don't see any Knight. 
Second game starts like this: 
Him - Swamp, done. 
Me - Land, Mox, Fellwar, done (holding a Mystic Tutor, a ZOrb and 3 other cards). 
Then I curse myself for not having played the ZOrb. 
Him - Swamp Hymn. I Mystic tutor for a Balance. Fortunately, he doesn't get the ZOrb. 
Better lucky than good! 
Me - Land, Balance/Zorb down to 1 card. 
This gives me some time to build some defense and I go on winning. 

2-0, 7.5 points total 

Round 5 Pierre Cools U/W/g control with 4 Pincher Beetles and 8 Strip 

Pierre is a Type I die hard, but he seems to beat me only in Type II... 
Game 1, he drops an early Beatle (Ringo I think ;) 
Next turn I have an answer: Moat. 
Pierre stares at me, amazed: 'You're playing Moat in the main deck?' 
I just smile at him :) 
I draw my LoA, he doesn't have a Strip, but gets his LoA. We start drawing like madmen, until
he casts Relearn on a Drain, leaving him with 3 blue untapped. Time for the Amnesia. Drain,
Drain, FoW (taking his Ancestral, FoW (losing my Geyser), but he still manages to Mystic tutor
for a Twister. He loses a Tome, Regrowth, D. Tutor. 
Of course I have no answer for his Twister next turn. 
We both get a Strip to take care of each other's Library. 
I drop a Phyrexian Furnace and he's upset. I sac it when he tries to Regrowth his LoA. 
Later on, Amnesia's back and I win the war. This time I've got a counter for his Mystical Tutor.
Next turn I draw: Tome :) 
As you guess, this means game. 
Side in 2nd Moat, FoW and Pyroblast for Impulse, 2 Relearn, Abyss, 2 StoP and either Walk or
2nd game, Pierre manages to draw 3 mana sources during the whole game. A Strip Mine, a Mox and
another land. Of course I get a Strip and the Mox Monkey. 
Too bad we don't get another good fight. 
2-0, 9.5 points total 

Round 6: mono-black swarm 

Game 1, I start with: 
- Land, Mox, Fellwar Stone 
Him - Strip your land 
I am holding a Volcanic Island, an Abyss, 2 Drains and a Twister. I am afraid of another Strip
or Wasteland and go for the Twister (I must have forgotten some turn because I could have taken
the mana from the Stone, so he must have had a Swamp in play already). 
Him - Swamp, ritual a Hyppie. 
me - Duh! 
I bite it for 3-4 turns, then finally see a StoP, followed by a Tome and an Abyss. I just have
to counter his Disk before the Mirror kill. 
Side in 2nd Moat, 2 FoW and a StoP. 
In game 2 he starts strong with a first turn hyppie. 
I draw: FoW :( 
He hits me and lays a land. 
He hits me again, lays a land and a second hyppie. 
I Mystical tutor for a Balance, tap the Jet and a land for a Demonic Tutor, get the Zorb, tap
the Pearl and my 2nd land to cast Balance and eat all my land, holding a lone Strip Mine. He's
low on mana for a long time, I take control and Mirror him. 
2-0, 11.5 points total 

Last round: a kid playing WW with Crusade 
I win game 1 with Moat, followed by Balance/ZOrb when he drops his second flyer. I've got mana
artifacts, which allow me to play a Tome and win. 
I side in the 2nd Moat, 3rd Plowshares 2 FoW and a Disenchant (might have overboarded). 
He gets the good start with Plains, Lions; Plains, Order followed by other weenies. I feel
confortable holding my Balance in the initial draw, but don't get the white mana :( Out of ten
mana sources (counting the Fellwar Stone), it's just bad luck. But with everything I had before,
it's okay. 
1-1, 12.5 points total 

12.5 out of 14, not bad at all. Ironically, my only loss comes from a Type II deck (he only has
a Balance). 
The 8 Strips don't seem to be a big problem (I had put more basic lands). 
I am quite happy with my 10 Tempest boosters, as it's the first tourney I win. 
Too bad it is so early, otherwise I would have gone to Liege with the others to drink some beers.
To finish this report, let me tell you how lucky I was that day: I arrived 2 minutes late for my
train :( I entered the hall, read that it was delayed and ran to catch it. 
Merci Saint-Nicolas! 

Comments welcome as usual. 
Thanks to Rudy Edwards (2nd Jay Tome, Impulse and only 4 Moxen) and the guy from the deck lab
(2 Relearn, Phyrexian Furnace) for the help to tweak my deck. 

This is probably my last report with a control deck, as all the friends who used to lend me
their Moxen, Lotus and Time Walk have sold them :( 
Unless there a kind reader who can replace them of course ;)