From: Bill Macey 
Subject: Inquest $3000 Type 1 Report (Dallas)
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 16:51:57 -0500

Yesterday was the $3000 type 1 invitational sponsered by Inquest and WOTC
in Dallas. Before it, I had only played one other type 1 tournament ever
-- about 2 years ago at SMK. And I lost first round. But, thanks to the
PT-Paris qualifiers, I managed a 1757 type 1 ranking and qualified for
yesterday's event.

Adrian Sayers and I drove up to Dallas at 6 AM and found everything
with little trouble. The drive could have been better, especially since
Adrian slept the whole way. We both played necro. Adrian added blue for
the time cards, while I stuck with mono-black. I knew nothing about type
1, but I knew that you didn't have to be very good or knowledgable to win
with necro and hymns. Here is the deck I played (I had to borrow several

4 Hymns
4 Hippies
3 order of the ebon hand
2 nekrataal
3 necropotence
4 sinkholes
3 Drain life
1 demonic tutor
1 ninja tutor
1 zorb
2 contagion
2 Disks
1 Mirror
3 Rituals
1 Jet
1 Lotus
4 strips
15 swamps
1 urborg
1 lake of the dead
1 library
1 mishra


1 Paralyze
1 terror
3 arrows
3 dystopia
2 contagion
1 drain
1 necro
1 cap
1 grinning totem
1 spite

The deck was mana-light, but the gamble seemed to pay off. There's
a bit I would change, but since I don't see myself playing type 1
agains any time in the near future, I'm not going to worry about
it. Anyways, on to the report. 

The turnout was a pathetic 21 people. Type 1 is dead, and I can see why.
Many of the cards aree overpowered by today's standards, and they're too
tough to get anyways. I'm pretty sure that these Inquest invitationals are
type 1's funeral.

With 21 people there were 4 rounds of swiss, one person got a bye. I was
that lucky individual. :)


Rd. 2 I played vs a green/blue/red deck, that I can't really describe. It
had efficient creatures like kird apes, miners, and serindibs. It also had
weird cards like unstable mutations and sea sprites. The first game I
jumped on him with 2 early hymns and some LD. I blew a disk to destroy his
moxen, leaving him with just a few land on the board. I played a hippy and
won. Game 2, he had me down early. I was at 1 for a few turns before
finding a zorb. He even ancestralled, but couldn't draw burn. He put out
some creatures as I played some token blockers. Finally, I played the
mirror/necro combo and won.


Rd 3. 

I played against a mirror deck this round. First game he crushed me as I
had 5 swamps and 2 orders in my draw. 2nd game wasn't much better. He had
the advantage until I managed to sneak a necro into play. I tutored for a
cap and necro'd into the totem and mirror. With 9 mana on the board, I
played the totem first, which was countered. I then played the cap and
ended my turn. On his turn, he didn't have a way to destroy the cap, but
amnesiaed me instead. I lost all but 2 land :( I then capped him, removing
the twister, mirror and braingeyser from his deck. At 4 life, I just sat
there the next 10-15 turns, saying 'go'. Finally, he destroyed my necro
and ancestralled me twice. But, he still had a bigger library and
conceded. Third game was a typical necro draw and I just crushed him. I
don't remember the specifics.


Only 4 rounds of swiss, so I drew my last round and put myself into the
top 8. Meanwhile, Adrian gets some bad matchups and finishes 1-3. It's a
shame, because he's a much better type 1 player than I. I simply had a
lucky day so far.


I played against another necro-deck. His had blue for mana drains and
serindibs, plus red and white in the board. First game, he gets 1st turn
hippy and I have no answer. It's a short game. 2nd game, I ritual out
first turn necro. Also a short game. :) Necro on necro, it's still all
about who gets necro first! 3rd game is tight -- I damage him early,
before he establishes board control with a serendib after a devistating
balance. But, as he is already low on life from cities, the efreet is a
threat to us both. Short on land, I drain him for just 1. This turn out to
be the play of the day, as he draws the mirror one turn to late, and he
dies during his next upkeep!


My opponent seemed to be playing 3 color burn. However, my draws were
excellent both games and his weren't. I quickly win the first game with
some amazing hymn/sinkhole action. 2nd game, I get my best draw of the
day, ritualing out a hippy and sac'ing the lotus for necro and drawing a
new hand. He disenhants necro, but it's already too late and I win easily.

Meanwhile, the other quarterfinals still hasn't finished, so I sit around,
talking to the Mad Hatter for a while and do a bit of trading. Bored, I
bust my Korean Visions packs, getting a Kookus and a Pillar tombs.
Whatever. About 3 hours later, the finals begin....

finals vs. Tim Danzinger

Tim is playing a mirror deck with multiple relearns. That card ends up
crushing me. I win the first game in typical necro sytle -- strip/hymn.
Damn, I'm good ;) The second and third games, my draws aren't bad at all,
but Tim just flat-out beats me. I even get 1st turn jet the 2nd game. I
have control in the 2nd game for a while until he balances. Jeez, I
love/hate that card! He recovers faster (thanks to multiple ancestrals via
relearn) and wins. Third game, I'm mana shy and tutor for land using 1st
turn lotus. 3 sinkholes slow him down, and I delivier a good amount
of pump-knight damage. But, once he draws the tome, he pretty much wins.
He plays a moat, counters my necro, and finally kills me with the mirror.
Good job Tim!.

All in all, it was a good day. It was fun to experiment with type 1 and
play necro again. And, the prize money was pretty nice too ($600!), even
though IQ isn't mailing out the checks until Sept.




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