Here is my report of the tourney held in Liege (Belgium) last Saturday.
On Friday Eric Hanuise, Vincent Gieling and me went to the other side of
the country to take part in a local type II. Vincent won, I lost twice to
a Sligh with a poor (no Pyroblast nor Anarchy) sideboard and to a R/G
Johns-like with me playing a counterpost.
Highlight of the tourney is when the guy from the store found out who Eric
is (it's the guy maintaining the tourney listing on the web for our
country): 'Da's den Eric!' ('it's the Eric') then he added: 'Wait as
second, I'll present you my wife' :)
We then crashed at my place, and a bright sun wake us up (along
with Vincent's shriek - he managed to get ice cubes in his sleeping-bag).
We arrived a bit early at the site, it seemed they had a Cantus the
evening before as there were candles on the tables and a guy sleeping in a
corner. Actually they had played Masquerade or something similar.
It turned out that only 13 players showed up, so the Mox vanished and a
box of Weathlight took its place.
I decided to give a try at the Keeper, since I wanted to play a Mirror
deck for a while and since Gilles was nice enough to lend me his 5ML and

Here is what I played (thanks to the Duelist for Mike Long's listing):

1 Balance
2 Disenchant
2 Swords to Plowshares

1 Regrowth

1 Fireball
1 Gorilla Shaman
2 Pyroblast

1 Demonic Tutor
2 The Abyss

1 Amnesia
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Braingeyser
2 Force of Will
1 Foreshadow (the fun card)
4 Mana Drain
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Recall
1 Timetwister
1 Time Walk

1 Elemental Augury

1 Black Lotus
2 Fellwar Stone
1 Jayemdae Tome
5 Moxen
1 Mirror Universe
1 Sol Ring
1 Zuran Orb

3 City of Brass
1 Island
1 Library of Alexandria
4 Strip Mine
3 Tundra
3 Underground Sea
3 Volcanic Island

59 cards
60th I can't remember, might be a land.


2 CoP Red
1 Disenchant
2 Moat
1 Aetherflash
2 Gorilla Shaman
2 Pyroblast
3 Hydroblast
1 Mana Short
1 Anvil of Bogardan

Round 1 - Pierre Cools Jade/Bugs

It's 2-0 for Pierre, but we only met in type II.
I know his deck (he mailed me the listing :)
It's an offensive Abyss deck, featuring Jade Statues and Insects plus some
bolts and Psi Blasts. Amasing are the 34 Mana sources (counting 4 Strips
and 4 Mishra's).
In the first game, I pull the combo: Amnesia followed by Mirror.
Side out Abyss for Moat, the Extra Disenchant and Mana Short.
In the second game, I am slightly color screwed (drew 2 Strips) as his
Mishra's give the beatdown (should have striped them instead of his
colored lands).
In the 3rd game, I manage to cast Elemental Augury. 
I feel secure with a Moat on the board. Still I have to give him a LoA,
but I proceed to draw a timely Strip.
Didn't make any mistake and Mirror-Fireball him as I have no CoB.
These were 3 good games.
2-1, 3 points

Round 2 - Frederik Goussey U/R bolt with Dibs

In the first game, a Serendib is pounding me, helped by assorted bolts.
That's when Mr. Mirror Universe showed up. Game.
Side in REBs and BEBs.
2nd game is more interesting: he drops a Blood Moon I can't counter.
I then cast a Mirror while I am at 4. He copies it, Next turn, he summons
a G. Shaman. I can either FoW or Hydroblast. I decide to let it go, and
Hydroblast the Blood Moon. He Drains, I FoW, he Arcane Denials. I must be
dead. Still, I Mirror. I top deck a Fireball :) Boy is this luck. Nothing
else could have saved me. I guess I am improving my Magic skills.
2-0, 6 points

Round 3 - Pierre Warginaire Abyss/Insect/counters

I don't remember those games very well (forgot to take notes), but Pierre
is making mistakes.
2-0, 9 points

Round 4 - Olivier Delcambe R/W/U creatures and some heat

Olivier is a good player and a good sport from Liege. I met him only once,
it was in a ALICE PTQ and I had won.
Game one, he's mana screwed big time.
Game 2, I am mana screwed big time.
Time for some jokes about game 3.
Game 3, I am slightly mana screwed, he drops a Dib. I Balance.
He drops a Miner. I don't draw the land which would have allowed me to
drop the Abyss. I lose.
1-2, 9 points

Round 5 - Thierry Verhoest Mono-black Necro

Never saw this guy before, and won't complain about that.
He wins the roll and starts. 1st turn Hyppie I can't FoW. 2nd turn Hymn I
can't counter. Hard to recover from that...
In goes Aetherflash, Anvil of Bogardan and maybe a Moat.
Game2, I Ancestral in the end his 1st turn. Still no counters.
Geyser for 3 in my 2nd turn. Still nothing. Things start to look ugly when
I can't counter his Hymn. He dropped 3 Knights and I can't do anything
about it. Well, I knew Necro would give me a hard time. Still, he didn't
need to cast a Necro to win. That's pathetic.
Funny thing is that he sideboarded Ashnod's Transmogrant to fight the
Abyss. Even Funnier to kill them with a Shaman :) (should I have sided
it? I kept it to kill his ZOrb and Tower. Probably since Necro is not
supposed to hit the board).
0-2, 9 points

Round 6 Patrick Nizet - B/U/g/w no theme.
He was playing Hymn, Counters, Knights, but his deck clearly lacks of
Again I forgot to take notes. Game 1 is all about Elemental Augury. I win.
Didn't sideboard.
In game 2, He casts a Helm of Obediance followed by an Underworld Dreams.
I top deck a Disenchant, but have to sac my Lotus to cast it. Regrowth my
Demonic Tutor, waiting for a white mana to pick the 2nd Disenchant.
Mistake, as I should have gone for the Mirror of course. But I drew it.
Better lucky than good.
2-0, 12 points

Final round - Vincent Gieling U/W Land Equilibrium/geddon.
Vincent has sold most of his power cards to pay his trip to the worlds.
So, when he decided to come to the tourney, he built this combo deck,
killing with the Vise and a pair of Chimeric Sphere (he plays Moat in the
main deck).

Game 1: again, I take control of the game with the Elemental Augury.
I have to Timetwister because he will get only good cards and I have crap
coming as well as in my hand. I get a good draw, he gets crap and I Mirror
I side in the Shamans and extra Disenchant, out went the anti-creature
Game 2: 1st turn Shaman. Hydroblasted. 2nd turn Shaman, followed by a
Strip. He's mana Screwed. I proceed to hit him for 10 rounds. He never
recovered from the mana screwed. I was sorry to win like this, but such is
Magic... He's not happy as he threw his deck on the wall.
2-0, 15 points.

The winner is Olivier Delcambe from round 4 with 18 points (he lost to Pierre 
from round 3).
2nd Alexandre D'Hondt, 3rd Thierry from round 5, 4th me (winning 5 packs
of WL!), 5th Jean-Louis D'Hondt (Top 50 in type 1).

Thanks to Roger who ran a nice tourney.
Too bad no more people showed up. I think it's due to a type II held in
Brussels the same day. We have too many tourneys around :)

For my version of the Keeper: I am happy about it. Still I would make the
following changes: Out Foreshadow, this was supposed to be funny, but few
people were playing a lot of Tutors. Also out: Timetwister, altough I got
twice a 1st turn twister, it doesn't help that much.
Now, what to bring in? I was thinking of a 2nd Mystical Tutor along with a
Counterspell or a StoP or Fireball.

For the sideboard, Rudy Edwards told me he used FoW to fight Necro.
The Aetherflash is there against weenie and TOST (to fight Abyss). I'd
also like to put in a Cap.