From: Rudy Edward 
Subject: Back to "the Day" (Inquest Classic Open Report) Includes: "Duel of the Iron Decks"
Date: 14 Jul 1997 20:46:16 GMT

This weekend, Inquest Magazine was gracious enough to provide me with a 
trip in time, back to my favorite era of Magic, the Old NC Type I scene. 
(they were also gracious enough to provide me with a little dough for 
Orgins this weekend, but I'll get to that later)

I picked up my old travelling chum, Eric (much too busy for Magic, 
lately) and headed on over to the place where it all started for me, High 
Point, NC. for Daddy Jim's Inquest Open. 

For those of you who don't know, My "career" in Magic all started about 3 
Years ago when Daddy Jim started the big Type I scene in NC with a Five 
Mox tournament. I nabbed the moxes from Jim, and it's been all Magic 
since.... So sue me if this tourney is just a little sentimental for me.

I'd hate to think that this will be my last 'big' Type I tourney at Daddy 
Jim's, but the way things are going, you never know. Jim pulled around 60 
people for his tourney, the largest that I've heard of for the Inquest 
series by far, although a little less than I was hoping for... So many 
people from "the Day" weren't to be found.. "Sureley" Hudson, Don 
Nevills, and Scott McGough from Charlotte, "the Clave" from South 
Carolina, all the NC State, UNC, and Duke boys that used to make the 
rounds, Team Stupid didnt show from Orlando (although $1,000 isn't so 
much to travel for anymore, is it?) David Mills (he had a wedding to go 
to) and The Wright Brothers, Scott Laborde, and the rest of the 
Fayetteville Type oners that have moved away or retired from Magic... It 
was all kind of depressing. 

But then there was the tournament itself, and all the people who did 
show. Mike Long, Rick Ralsten, David Adams, John Slaughter, Dennis Lee, 
Manny Ramos and the Jacksonville peoples, Mike Green, Bobby Hull, Mike 
Kryzwicki, John Spencer, Kenny Barefoot, and all the other people I just 
dont remember right now. It almost brings a lump to my throat.. well, 
enough of this sappyness, on to the tourney.

Mike Kryzwicki and I decided that the field would be predominantly Old 
School Necro/LD. We adjusted our decks to match. We were both playing The 
Keeper, Carolina style (the primary difference is our use of mystical 
tutors in addition to/ instead of Merchant Scroll) we both had two 
Abeyances straight in (the bomb againts LD decks, but shit doggin vs. 
other control) Then we discovered Mike Long and David Adams were showing 
up, but didnt want to adjust our decks just for them (both playing the 
Keeper as well.) So much for being the only High End control in the 

I dont remember most peoples names from the swiss, but a few of the more 
notable things:

I won a game in which my only two action cards were an Amnesia and a 
Mirror Universe. I guess if you only get two, those are the ones you 
want, eh?

I DIDNT get to see the Necro/LD i'd been looking for, meaning the two 
Abeyances in my deck were pretty much worthless, and served only to weigh 
me down againts Adams and Long, who both ran less creature kill, and more 
control vs. control cards (merchant scroll for example) 

Mike was through insane luck (and I'm sure a smattering of skill) able to 
beat Adams in the third round. Mike's tourney went downhill from there.

I was 4-0, and hadnt lost a game when I got to play Mike Long and David 
Adams back to back. Mike and I intentionally drew, but David (I was 
playing down) didnt want to take the chance and proceeded to smoke me 
with a superior deck vs. control, and a little luck to boot. I made the 
top 8 anyway. Mike also lost in the final round to Teddy's (from Jax) Pox 
deck.  Ted was top seed in the final 8 with a 6-0 record. the rest of the 
top 8 looked like this..

1. Ted
8. Mike Long

3. David Adams
4. ?

2. John Spencer
7. Me (Rudy)

4. John Slaughter
5. ?

Bobby Hull played either Adams or Slaughter in the final 8. Needless to 
say, I was rather pleased with this turn of events, because I couldnt 
play Adams or Long until the finals. 

Round of 8 
Rudy Edwards (Keeper Style) vs. John Spencer (Frenchy style)
John busts out a quick Kird Ape and a Serindib. I mystical tutor for a 
balance. he drops another Ape and another Dib. I pull a Zuran Orb, then a 
Mystical tutor. I mystical for a regrow, and balance when I'm at 4 life. 
I sack all my lands, knowing that he only has 3 cards. He doesnt draw 
land for a few turns, giving me plenty of time to set up my plan for 
world domination (hee hee hee hee, we will switch life during my upkeep, 
unless you pay me.... ONE MILLION DOLLARS! uh... I mean ONE HUNDRED 

2nd Game John gets off a cap, and pulls my only fireball, my Mirror, and 
an Abyss. I had my Geyser in my hand. His big mistake:taking an Abyss 
instead of a mox monkey. I proceed to beat him down with mox monkeys, and 
win the round.

Semi Finals. 

John, David, Mike, and I were very pleased with our grouping as the top 
4. If this was the last large TI tourney at Daddy Jim's, I think it was 
fitting to see us at the top. 

David Adams (keeper style) vs. Mike Long (keeper style)

All I hear from this match is Mike putting a hole in Adam's head about 
two minutes into the round. Mike is victorious a short time later.

John Slaughter (Frenchy Style) vs. Rude-Tang (keeper style)

First game: I play with one Library. John plays with 4 strip mines. Johns 
strip mines are scared to come and Play. despite an impressive beatdown, 
I'm able to pull the game off through sheer card economy.

Second Game: John's beatdown is too fast and furious. Slaughter 
Slaughters me. 

Third Game: Best game of the bunch, John comes out blasting. I blow stuff 
up, but they just keep comin back. I drop a mirror when I'm at 4 life. 
there is a moat in play, he has a Serindib. John loses his top deck 
skills and cant wax me.... The Keeper is bareley able to defeat John's 
Frenchy Style.

Rude-Tang Clan vs. Tongo Nation
Rude-Tang (Keeper Style) vs. Mike "Sheng" Long (Keeper Style)

David Mills: "Oh Mad One, we see your trap, you can never escape your 
fate. Submit with honor, to a duel with my proxy"
Rude-Tang: "I agree" 
Mike: "I see you use an old Style, I wondered where you'd learned it"
Rude-Tang: "You know very well, It's your style too"
Mike: "Huh, I had forgotten, will you show me?"
Rude-Tang: "What have you come for? You come here, since you're so 
interested in me."

Game One. Hajime! (The First Melee')

Rude-Tang: "Ah Mike, I see you haven't practiced the Strip Mine Defense. 
prepare for my Library of Alexandria"
Mike: "Ah, your Library skills are excellent."
Rude-Tang: "Heh. Prepare for a hole in your head."

Game Two. (Mike's vengeance)

Mike: "Well, He must be dreaming. and if he's dreaming, then he must be 
asleep. and if he's asleep, then I will wake him up!"
Rude-Tang: "Wha? a hole in my head?"

Game Three  (Finale')



Mike: "So, you believe your artistry is superior to mine? can you handle 
a lightning fast Jayemdae?"
Rude-Tang "heh, If only I had red mana for my monkey"                   
Mike: "Where is your Library style now?"
Rude-Tang (Gasping for life) "Even in defeat, I am victorious"
Mike: (commencing the death blow) "AUGURY YOU AUGURY ME!"

Beware the return of Rude-Tang: at Orgins '97
Produced by RZA for Rude-Tang Productions