From: Rudy Edward 
Subject: Chicago Comicon/InQuest Invitational report
Date: 8 Jul 1997 08:04:23 GMT

I recently made the hellacious road trip up to Capone's old stompin' 
grounds for the first of the Inquest Type I invitationals ($3,000 prize 
split among the top 8) I had no clue how far Chitown is from the 'ville 
and learned the hard way that it was a good 16-20 hour road trip. (each 
way no less) but I've never been one to shun the highway so off I went.

My companions for the trip were:
Mike Kryzwicki- Mike is from High Point, NC, and has a type I rating just 
good enough to get him in: he thinks its mostly from the Nov '96 TII 
qualifiers, but we're not really sure. 

Jose Cintra- Jose is the psycho trader from Lakeland, Fla. he works his 
books and turns water into wine... He's not a bad player himself but is 
not invited to the tourney.

Ray- I dont know Ray other than that he's from Gainsville, Fla and is a 
friend of Jose's. He was pretty cool.

Mike and I were both playing Keeper style decks for the invitational. 
After a little playtesting in the Hotel room, we got our decks tuned up 
and ready to go. I, for one, was rather annoyed that I hadnt tested 
Weatherlight much for it's effectiveness in TI. Neither had Mike, but 
between the two of us, we probably had more non-Thunderbolt WL cards in 
our decks than the rest of the field combined. That was a good thing. 

Keeper: Type I control deck style popular on the East Coast because of 
David Mill's dominance in the old NC type I scene. Relies heavily on 
Mirror kill. 

Frenchie/French: Ernhams/Serindibs/Kird Apes/DD I believe this deck was 
named for the deck played by French players in Worlds '95 but I'm not 
sure about that. 

Spoiler: Deck designed to take advantage of most TI decks heavy use of 
artifacts OR non-basic lands. Dwarven Miners/Mox Monkeys/Blood Moons are 
used HEAVILY in these decks, so they are very often RED, sometimes 

The Juice: Nether Void/Dwarven Miner/Mox Monkey deck often using a touch 
of blue for the power, or even slight control. I like to take credit for 
being the first player to do well with this deck (9th at TI pro tour) but 
thats kind of like trying to take credit for using Mana Drains and Mirror 
Universe together: I just happened to play this deck at the first big 
tourney after Mirage came out... oh, and besides that, almost every deck 
of this type is unique, but formula. It's kind of like building a necro 
deck... only you get about 8 or 9 cards to play with. 

Round I

Keeper style vs. Frenchie style

This round was rather uneventful. My opponent (a member of Team ACD) was 
playing Frenchie which is just a blast for the Keeper. Interestingly, I 
stupidly boarded out ALL my disenchants after the first game (DOH!) and 
my opponent dropped a 2nd turn City of Soltitude. after my only fireball 
was in the graveyard, I cast a Mirror. He shattered it. I regrew the 
mirror and cast it. he regrew his shatter and shattered it. The only way 
I had left to kill him was a braingeysur, and He was sure to beat me down 
before that was possible, when he Timetwistered and gave me my Mirror 
back! I never told him, because he had too many teammates in the tourney 
for me to tell him how many ways I had to win in my deck.

Round II

Keeper style vs. Spoiler style

I think this guy forgot to put lands in his deck. I seemed to have as 
many strip mines as he had lands, so I kinda won this one.  I watched him 
play later in the tourney, and he continued to have mana problems. My 
guess is that his deck was not properly mana tuned.

Round III 

Keeper Style vs. Spoiler style

This guy had 4 Blood Moons standard, and was able to bust it out before I 
had counter ability both games. I lost pathetically in the first game, 
but dissed it in the 2nd and was building up control when I amnesia'd him 
when he had 3 tactics in his hand. Why couldnt this guy play one of the 3 
ACD guys with Juice style decks?

Round IV 

Keeper Style vs. some fruitiness

This guy had a deck that busted out with Lions and and control. I wasnt 
really sure what was going on with his deck, sometimes it looked Zooish, 
and sometimes it looked kinda Fringeish, and sometimes it looked kinda 
Weenie controllish. I did, however, have no problem beating this deck.

No need to play anymore, I draw my way in.

In the top 8, I end up getting Waxed by Andy N. from Team ACD with his 
Juice style deck (very kinetic style) I work him over in the first game, 
then he works me over with 3 early hymns in the second game, and I get my 
phat 1 mox 1 strip mine draw, while he draws 7 LD spells and a nether 
void in the first few turns, and then pulls my balance with a Hypno the 
turn before I can cast it (I have to tap out to drop a lotus under the 

Andy's a solid player, but sometimes I just get Pikula syndrome, and have 
to whine about how lucky my opponent got. The only difference is that 
Chris normally ends his story with "Oh, well, I won, but look how lucky 
he was..."

So I walked out with about $400 in prizes and splits.

Mike also made top 8 and got beat buy the ACD guy with the frenchie deck 
(he, like me, was unable to take advantage of a lucky pairing deck wise) 
The ACD guy with the Frenchie won the tourney..

A few thought on the InQuest Classic Invitational series:

I'm really glad that InQuest has decided it's in their interests to 
promote Type I play. Those of us who still dedicate a lot of time to TI 
know that it's not the unbalanced flip a coin game of chance that 
everyone makes it out to be. Notice, by the way, that a high percentage 
of top Pro tour players can be seen playing the TI decks for ante more 
than any other constructed format. How many times have you seen Mike 
Long, Matt Place, Weissman, Finkel, and other top players around kickin 
out the moxen? 

On the downside, I'm somewhat depressed at the lack of promotion for the 
event. While it surely will make it easier for me to profit off of the 
events in the short run, it may cause people to back off promoting TI 
play in the future. Most of the people who I know only know about the IQ 
invitationals cuase I tell them about it. The $5,000 Overpower 
championships were easily 4 or 5 times bigger than the Invitational 
(although it was a comicon!)

I was really suprised that The Nuetral Ground guys, Tongo Nation and Team 
Dickhead dindnt have any representatives at the show. NG must make up 5% 
or more of the people qualified to play in the event. Matt Place was also 
not there, an oddity in that it's not too far from his home base... 
mustve been a pro tour or something I missed....  

-the Notorious R.U.D.
"and if ya dont know, now ya know, ya know"