Hi there, 
I've been to Dan's Type I tourney last Saturday, playing my fish deck. 
Nice touch: the couple of Atogs :) 
Only 28 people showed up, probably due to the high entry fee ($20) 

1st round: Steve Clarys. U/W/g/b control 
Steve is well known in the country, he beat me in the quarters of a PTQ... 
His deck was a Winter Orb deck, with Insects to do damage. Some funnies:
1 Stasis, 1 Kismet and 1 Vise... 
1st round: I didn't get red mana, he crushed me with an Insect (I was holding
several red creatures). 
Side in the 2 Blood Moon. 
Game 2 saw a good start: 1st turn Remora + Vise :) backed 2 turns later by a
Blood Moon: locked... 
3rd game: an early Blood Moon was countered, then regrowthed, then successfully
cast :) Steve put down a Mirror Universe and burned himself down to 7. A few
turns later, he cast his Mox Emerald and... an Insect. At the end of my turn,
one more burn, then he switched the lives and attacks for 6. Too bad I didn't
draw one creature this time. 
1-2, 0-1 in matches 

2nd turn: Raphael Du Pre (U/W Stasis) 
This guy is a newbie (had started one month ago, it was his first tourney) and
all I had to do is to counter 1 Plow on an Atog. 
I was feeling rather sorry for him... 
2-0, 1-1 in matches 

3rd turn: Ly Duc R/G/u/w Vise deck 
Ly seemed to play a Vise deck, probably with Blood Moon in the sideboard, since
his deck looked like a R/G DD... 
Game one was mine as he had 3 Vise on him, with little mana on the board (Strips,
Side in the Hydroblasts 
In Game 2, he denied my mana artifact with 2 Shamans that I had to Plow. 
Then a HUUUGE Atog dealt 11 damages and he died horribly ;) 
2-0, 2-1 in matches 

4th opponent was Christophe 'Charlot' Heyman, a local. 
He was playing a fast kill deck with 3 Juzams, Psionic Blast, Storm Seeker, Kaervek's
Torch, Howling Mine and Forsaken Wastes. 
Game one: Mr. 1st turn Juzam came through a timely Lotus. Glp! I took 5. He dropped a
Forsaken Wastes. Argh. I Plowed the Juzam (no, you're not gaining 5 lives), then he
Torched me to death. 
Side in Blood Moon, as he packed few bolts. 
Game 2: I started: Land, done (I had 1 Crypt + a Tome in hand, but feared the Disenchant) 
Him: Land, done. 
Me (thinking he didn't have fast mana, cool): Strip his land, play the Crypt, a Mox and
the Tome, smiling). 
Him: Land, Lotus, crack for GGG, Regrowth the Lotus, Disenchant the Tome, crack the Lotus
for BBB, Dark Ritual, (Juzam?),
Demonic Tutor for a Forsaken Wastes and put the latter in play. he was not grinning,
apparently... what a serious guy! 
Me: Flip: phew! take only one from the FW. 
Him: nuts 
Me: flip: ouch, take 4. Play Remora. 
A couple of turn later, I had an NLA (nice lil' Atog) ready to munch a bunch of artifacts.
He was down to 2. 
He drew one more card and conceded. That was a hard one to pull! 
Game 3. 
Strip, Strip and he was mana screwed, I soon draw a Vise, then another one, and his Time
Walk gave him only 4 more Vise damage. 
2-1, 3-1 in matches 

5th turn: Sonny Van Assche Rainbow Twister 
Sonny had already won a tourney with this deck, I had seen it in action several times:
it rocks. He was playing with Insects, 1 Abyss, Sylvan Library, multiple Vise, Icy,
1 Winter Orb, and Blood Moon in the side (but very few basic lands, if any). This deck
comes from a deck designed by Blumke. 
Game one was very long, he put down an Abyss. Nothing exciting happened for a while, me
taking damage from my City of Brass. He then dropped an Insect and I conceded, time was
Game 2 was rather short, I don't remember very well, but I finished with 4 Vise in play
(I guess I finished him with a Wheel or Twister), Gorilla Shaman seemed to be a problem 
for him. 
In game three he started strong with a 1st turn Ivory Tower and (I think) a Sylvan Library. 
I came back, then he has 2 Vise on the table, there were 5 minutes left. I was down to 4
cards, with a Shaman on the board. He then made his biggest mistake: Ancestral Recall on
me! I killed the 2 Vise during my upkeep, then cast Mystical Tutor for a Fireball and it
was game. 

6th opponent: Nicolas Fournier
A kid from my area who I am playing from time to time. He was playing Jean-Louis
D'Hondt's Amnesia deck: Insects, Erhnams, Serendib Efreet, 2 Amnesia, 6 counters and
utility spells (restricted list + Disenchant). 
This deck has won several tournies here in Belgium. 
Game one: we were not doing much until he cast Amnesia on me, then dropped an Erhnams and
I couldn't deal with it. 
In game 2 Nic was lighly mana screwed, the Shaman didn't help and I fireballed him to death. 
Game 3 was hot. At some point, he disenchanted a Tome and I was stuck with a Crypt :( He
then popped an Insect. I Balanced. He cast Regrowth on the Insect. I drew Regrowth, but what
to take: A Shaman, to Destroy the Crypt and then block the Insect, or a Balance and go on
playing head or tail? I chose the former, and ho no! he BEBed my Shaman. End of story. 
Never saw the Blood Moon I sideboarded in. 
1-2, 4-2 in matches 

Last round: Vincent, another kid from my area playing R/W/U Blood Moon, counters and creatures
(Wildfire Emissary, Serendib Efreet, G. Shaman). 
The one who wins would be 3rd. 
He killed me in game 1 with a Serendib. 
He was mana screwed in game 2. 
I was mana screwed in game 3, tried to come back with a Balance, which he countered. 
Not a great match, and he left with the Ancestral Recall and 6 MI boosters. 
Thanks to Gilles Granjean for the 5 Moxen :)

1 Balance 
1 Disenchant 
2 Swords to Plowshares 

1 Regrowth 

2 Atog 
2 Dwarven Miner 
1 Fireball 
3 Gorilla Shaman 
1 Wheel of Fortune 

1 Demonic Tutor 

1 Ancestral Recall 
2 Arcane Denial 
1 Braingeyser 
4 Mystic Remora 
2 Mystical Tutor 
1 Timetwister 
4 Black Vise 
1 Fellwar Stone 
2 Jayemdae Tome 
4 Mana Crypt 
5 Moxen 
1 Sol Ring 
1 Zuran Orb 

3 City of Brass 
1 Island 
1 Library of Alexandria 
1 Plains 
1 Plateau 
4 Strip Mine 
1 Taiga 
1 Tundra 
3 Volcanic Island 


2 CoP Red 
1 Disenchant 
2 Moat 
1 Swords to Plowshares 
2 Blood Moon 
3 Pyroblasts 
3 Hydroblast 
1 Meekstone