When we saw there was a big vintage tournament in Germany with full p9 as
pricesupport, Benjamin and I booked us a hotelroom. I looked up some german top
8 lists from recent tournaments to get some idea of the meta over there and
concluded MUD was pretty popular, oath was still being played, gush storm did
well and fish also, ichorid was often found in top 8 as well. So it looked like
a healthy metagame.

I tested the (I think spanish) gush lists, concluded it was probably the best
deck to play, but without enough experience I deceided to just sleeve up my 5
color stax again.

I'll start off with the list. I changed it the night before and it felt a little
awkward playing it all day long.

5 mox
manacrypt, vault, sol ring
4 shop
4 waste
1 stripmine
1 tolarian
4 city brass
3 gemstone mine

1 bazaar of baghdad

4 welder
1 sylvok replica
1 sundering titan
1 wurmcoil engine

2 Uba mask
2 ancient grudge
2 crop rotation
4 tangle wire
3 smokestack
3 sphere resistance
3 crucible
2 ratchet bomb

2 duplicant
2 sylvok replica
2 nihil spelbomb
1 ancient grudge
2 T crypt
1 In the eye of chaos
1 the tabernacle at pendrell vale
1 bojuka bog
1 arcane lab

Round 1 against Marc with Gush (I think he made top 8) 2-1

He was a very nice guy and we chatted about the german metagame and how I tested
his deck, but decided not to play it because of inexperience with it. Game 1 I
mull to 5 and keep a hand with academy, mox and ancestral. I play them and he
forces the ancestral. He made a comment that he is surprised I'm not playing
stax. I draw blanks and he casts an heretic to blow up my mox, putting me on
zero mana. I decide to draw a card and do nothing for a few more turns and then
scoop, not giving him any info about my deck, because one game down and with his
maindeck shop hate I Had to make him board completely wrong to have a chance.
And it worked.
Game two I had a trini that got fowed, He makes a remark that stripmine, mana
crypt trini is a nice start for a blue deck against combo and after my turn two
strip-crucible lock he and the guy next to him start laughing I propably had a
transformational sideboard to stax. Anyway, I eventually land a welder to get
enough spheres into play, but I made some small play errors that allowed him to
sometimes sneak in some artifact mana, but he didn't draw any lands until it was
too late.
Game 3 I locked him and got a fast wurmcoil online.

Round 2 against Ichorid 2-1
Game 1 he does what he has to do
Game 2 He starts with double leyline of sanctity, cutting me off all my GY hate,
but I always bring in the sylvok replica's to fight the leylines. He has a slow
start, I waste his bazaar, demonic for tabernacle at a point where he can start
getting creatures. Crucible waste ensures he keeps non in play, replica's et the
leylines out of the way and a croprotationed bojuka bog adds insult to injury
while wurmcoil is beating him down.
Game 3 he mulls into oblivion.

Round 3 against Martin with MUD 2-0
He arrives a few minutes late and gets a gameloss. I tell him he can appeal to
the head Judge and that he should, but the game loss sticks. He's shook up about
it, we start game 2 without sideboard and after a strange game with to much
tangle wires, I get a wurmcoil, he copies it with sculpting steel, all the
creatures trade in combat, heg ets a hellkite, i get ancient grudge and welder
online and here the game is over. He eventually gets a trisk to kill welder, but
its to late because he has nothing left and I have some wurms.

Round 4 against MUD 1-2
I don't recal muc from this game. I win the First one with wurmcoil, lose the
second one to  second turn triple lodestone golem. Third game I just get
smashed, to much big creatures to fast.

Round 5 against fish 2-1
Game 1 He starts tropical into hierarch. I have wasteland, saphire, pearl and
ancestral in hand and manage to f** it up. I lead with saphire and he dazes it.
Son o wasteland or ancestral action for me. He lands some hatebears and I scoop
them up.
Game 2 is his time to make mistakes, he has goyf, hierarch, pridemage and
predator against my lonely welder and a duplicant. He keeps tapping out so I
duplicant his predator, Block his goyf to get duplicant back in the graveyard,
he taps out zo I duplicant his quadsali pridemage, destroy my own duplicant and
dupe the goyf that blocks the meddling mage and it's game over for him.
Game 3 fish does what it does: keeping shakey mana, getting wastelanded and not
drawing any lands. I even ancient grudged his lonely mox against my board of
almost everything in my deck.

Round 6 against MUD 1-2
Game 1 he gets turn one metalworker, turn two dragon. I have nothing against it.
Game 2 I get a welder, he gets a relic. At one point he cracks lotus and tries
to rmove it with relic, I weld his relic out in response to get my crucible and
welder online and that decided the game. He sculpting steels my crucible, I
ancient grudge it and he scoops against my double smokestack and double welder.
Game 3 he starts with sphere (I thought he boarded them out) I suffer from the
sphere, he gets chalice@ 1 and a double golem and I die.

Round 7 against MUD 2-0
Game 1 I have an early welder and keep him locked and he scoops.
Game 2 I Get crucible strip going and get Uba mask and welder out. Every time he
removes a land with uba, I weld Uba out so he can't play a single land for the
rest of the game. So his board stays empty.

My final thoughts after the tournament:
MUD is a coinflip: if I go first I usualy win. I always lose to first turn
metalworker into fatty
Ichorid is a great matchup with this sideboard
Fish is ok with the ratchet bombs and removal for their null rods
The deck is very dependant on it's graveyard. Mud bringing in relics is a real
I often wonder if the colored spells that are not labeled goblin welder are
worth it