Hi all, this weekend we all battled in Eindhoven to take the title of Dutch
Vintage Champ. I managed to get a seat for the quarterfinals but unfortunately
this was also the last stop of my journey for the title.
We were 39 competitors and this was my weapon of choice:

4 force of will
3 mana drain
1 time walk
1 time vault
1 black lotus
1 mox emerald
1 mox pearl
1 mox ruby
1 mana crypt
1 ancestrall recall
1 mox jet
1 mox sapphire
4 misty rainforest
2 thoughtseize
2 scalding tarn
1 brainstorm
3 underground sea
2 tropical island
1 volcanic island
2 jace the mindsculptor
1 island
1 snow-covered island
1 forest
1 tolarian academy
1 merchant scroll
1 voltaic key
1 sensei's dvining top
3 spell pierce
4 dark confidant
2 trygon predator
1 tinker
1 inkwell leviathan
1 sol ring
1 hurkyll's recall
1 demonic tutor
1 yawmoth's will
1 mystical tutor
1 gifst ungiven
1 nature's claim
1 vamperic tutor
1 darkblast

3 nature's claim
1 pyroblast
2 red elemental blast
2 mindbreak trap
1 sower of temptation
1 extirpate
1 relic of progenitus
4 yixlid jailer

Round 1/6 - MUD
I won the die roll and leaded with an island. My opponent played a mox and tried
to cast his sol ring. I spell pierced the sol ring. This seemed a very good
choice there my opponent didn't had any other mana source and he stayed on just
one mana for the remainder of the game. The second game I drew enough hate and
was able to quickly assemble my combo for the win.
=> Win : 1-0

Round 2/6 - Gush combo
My opponent for this round was Zieby, someone who's known to be a very skillful
vintage player who was probably playing a combo deck. He kept while I
mulliganned and accidently showed him my Jace. He told me he was happy that he
kept this hand because this should give him a very decent fighting chance. 
Actually to be honest, I don't recall much of this game except for the fact that
I drew more counters for the counter war than Zieby and this gave me the game.
Game 2 I opened with a Dark Confidant followed by another one. I rode this card
advantage with an attacking body to victory by assembling also Vault - Key and
tutoring for a Jace in the infinite turns.
=> Win : 2-0

Round 3/6 Portal MUD
In this round I played Steven Vanderbulk. I knew he was playing an experimental
deck and decided to keep a decent hand with 2 dark confidants but no black mana.
My first 5 draws were my other black cards (I only lacked the Darkblast) and
lost the game due to the inability to cast any of these spells. The second game
I led with a first turn Inkwell Leviathan (Tinker + Tolarian Academy and Mana
Crypt). He was able to cast enough creatures to block and kill my Leviathan
while I never drew another land.
=> Loss : 2-1

Round 4/6 5c Stax
Peter Reynders, my travel and teammate was my opponent for this round. I opened
very broken, setting me up for a second turn kill. Peter opened even more broken
and was able to stop me from winning the second turn by casting a Tanglewire
which I forced, and tinkering for a Sundering Titan, killing my black mana
source which I desperately needed in my upkeep to win the game on turn 2. I
played another Underground Sea in my turn but also here Peter had the necessary
wasteland to prevent me from winning fast enough to escape the death by Titan.
Game 2 I can't recall anymore, but he also won that one. No need to say that he
walked home...
=> Loss : 2 - 2

Round 5/6 WG Beats
At this point I already abandoned all hope for the top 8 but decided to play on
to see how far I could get. I opened the game with a Voltaic Key and passed the
turn. My opponent played a land and passed. I did the same. Bart played Null
Rod. This made me decide to use my mystical tutor to tutor for Tinker. I
Tinkered my key into an Inkwell Leviathan and rode him to victory.  Somewhere in
between I also killed a summoning sick Mother of Runes with my Darkblast. The
second game was a lot more fun there I opened with a lot of artifact mana which
got shut down by Null Rod. I managed to keep his board clear of creatures for
some time until I drew one of my nature's claims which freed my mana and gave me
the ability to assemble my combo through a Yawgmoth's will.
=>Win : 3 - 2

Round 6/6 Homebrew U/R Control
I saw the standings and the only way I could make T8 was when Peter and another
friend of mine drew their game. They would never do this intentionally because
this meant that they also lost their chance on hitting the T8. At this time the
TO announced that there would be prices handed out to everyone with 12 points or
more. I decided to give my opponent a run for his money and started the game
with a first turn Trygon Predator of a Black Lotus. Afther some turns of
attacking my opponent stole my Trygon with a Sower of Temptation followed by a
Trinisphere. My graveyard grew bigger and bigger. At some point I managed to
cast a Jace and I bounced the Sower of Temptation, returning my little servant
to his owner. My hand contained some counterspells, a Will and a Gifts. The will
on its own would secure me the game so I needed to make sure this one resolved.
At this point my opponent tapped 3 mana which resulted in him having only 5
mana available to cast a tinker into an Inkwell. At the end of this turn I tried
to use my gifts which he happily countered, leaving him at 2 mana.  In my first
main phase I cast my will which he couldn't counter due to his own Trinisphere.
Next I attacked with my trygon killing his Trinisphere, which allowed me to
replay my lotus, mox emerald and 2 Tutors into Vault - Key, giving me the game.
While sideboarding the TO announced time which meant I won this round also.
=> Win : 4-2

I went to Peter asking what he did and he told me his game went into a draw. I
wasn't hoping anymore on a T8 spot, but then the TO told me "Benji, Nicely done"
and he showed me the 8th place with my name next to it. :D

quarterfinal Portal MUD
Again against Steve. I drew my opening seven and saw 2 Trygon Predator and 2
lands. I decided that since I was playing some sort of MUD this hand would give
me a nice opportunity to win if I drew a land so I kept. Needless to say this
third land never showed up... Game 2 he opened with 2 chalices, cutting me off
my spells in hand and I also lost this one.

After all this had been a very nice tournament and I enjoyed it a lot.