My friend Mike and I drove up from Indiana to make this tournament. It was 4
hours from Indianapolis and our GPS did not realize there was a road closed in
Chicago but the detour didn't put us behind much. I haven't played magic for
probably about 15 months prior to preparing for this a week ago. Mike did the
research and sent me some decklists and I originally was going to bring the G/W
beats deck but he persuaded me that the B/G/W was better.

Here is the list.
    4 Windswept Heath
    2 Savannah
    1 Forest
    1 Plains
    3 Wasteland
    1 Strip Mine
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    1 Swamp
    2 Scrubland
    2 Bayou
    3 Aven Mindcensor
    4 Qasali Pridemage
    4 Gaddock Teeg
    3 Elvish Spirit Guide
    4 Dark Confidant
    4 Tarmogoyf
    4 Null Rod
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Emerald
    1 Mox Pearl
    3 Diabolic Edict
    1 Vampiric Tutor
    1 Demonic Consultation
    4 Thoughtseize
    1 Mox Jet
2 Seal of Cleansing
1 Swords to Plowshares
2 Krosan Grip
2 Umezawa's Jitte
4 Planar Void
1 Darkblast
3 Chalice of the Void

Mike was playing stax (72 proxies, 3 mountains) and we tested a decent amount
against each other and I noticed that the mana base on this deck is super tight
and that often hands that would be otherwise amazing I had to throw back because
of colored mana issues. I dunno maybe it was my shuffling but this deck is
pretty vulnerable to waste so I cut the 4th waste for an 8th fetch land to
improve the color consistency for having G/W available on turn 2.
We get there and register looks like not a lot of people at first but we ended
up with 16 total players so 4 rounds of swiss.

Round 1 vs James King. I remember his face from a couple years ago but that's
about it.

Game 1
He wins the die roll and plays something like Savannah go. So at this point I am
thinking damn the creature mirror not what I wanted to see. I think I played an
early confidant and thougthseized a dude from his hand. He played a pridemage. I
played teeg. My life was getting low from the fetch, seize, and confidant. I
finally found goyf and my bigger dude was enough to take game 1. I think I won
at 4 life.
Sideboarding: +1 swords, +2 Jitte, -4 null rod, +1 darkblast

Game 2
He had a good draw because he kept playing dudes almost every turn, vexing
shusher, and a canonist. I get a pridemage and I block one and sac it to kill
the canonist saving me 2 damage. He gets down a second shusher. I got out dark
confidant and he casts mincensors. I was drawing more guys and stalling up the
board but he eventually got 3x mindcensor which flew over for the kill. He was
at 10 when I died. This game took a while because I put up a fight with my
edicts and stalling up the ground.

No changes in sideboard for game 3.

In similar fashion to game 2 we both play creatures. I have confidant in play
and he has a few guys and the time runs out in the round on his turn. Since
neither of us could force damage through his only hope was for me to reveal a 3
mana spell on the last turn of extra turns (I was at 3 life) and I hit a land
and we drew the game and match.

Round 2 vs Vroman playing Iona Oath

He wins the die roll and my opening grip has mana problems so I mull. My 2nd
grip of 6 has a bunch of colored spells and 1 wasteland so I had to go down to 5
on the draw, ouch.
I don't remember all of the plays but he got out oath on turn 1 or turn 2 and
was trying to find the orchard still. I think I played null rod and didn't get
an answer for oath before the angel came out. He thought for a minute on what
color name because I had an untapped scrubland. He was worried I had the swords
but he ultimately named black shutting off my only ways to kill the angel in
game 1. So on to game 2.

Sideboarding: +1 swords, +4 planar void, +2 krosan grip, +2 seal of cleansing.
-4 gaddock teeg, -4 thoughtseize, -1 mindcensor. I dunno maybe I sideboarded
this wrong on the planar voids but I thought if he does oath he only gets the
creature and not his whole yard to cast yawgs will. Teeg doesn't really hurt him
it cuts off force of will but that's about it.

I open a good hand I get down a pridemage. He casts oath early. I swing and sac
to kill it. I draw another pridemage and play it. I am fuzzy on the details here
but the game ended with me sacing 3 mages to kill 3 oaths, casting a seal of
cleansing and a 4th pridemage. The 4th mage goes the distance to win game .

No changes in sideboard.

Game 3

He is on the play and I am looking at a hand that is normally awesome. I had
bayou, vamp tutor, confidant and some other cards. I end up keeping and he goes
mox-orchard-oath go. Maybe I should have mulled to turn 1 seal of cleansing? Not
really something I would think about doing on the small chance he has the nuts.
I ended up playing turn 1 planar void. He oaths up the steel sphinx which exiled
most of his deck including yawgs will. He demonic tutors for something. I make
some play mistakes here I guess. I attacked into the sphinx with the token and
it gained him 6 life from the lifelink when he blocked it. I have demonic
consultation and I need to kill his dude so I go for the risky play of naming
the 1-of swords in the deck. I exile 6 cards and the swords is card #7. So if he
oaths again with a thin deck its possible he loses to creature being on bottom.
I cast swords and he forces it (that's the card he'd tutored for) so I lost.

At this point I am  0-1-1 and there are only 4 rounds. I have to win the next 2
rounds to make top 8. There were some other people with the same record.

Round 3 vs Josh with what looks like steel city vault from me watching his
previous game in round 2.

These games went really fast so I don't have much play-by-play here. Josh was
trying to play really fast to make sure we didn't go to time and draw because
neither of us could get in if we drew.

Game 1

I play thoughtseize pulling a force I think. In the next 3 turns I get down null
rod, and goyf and he is stuck on finding mana sources.
Sideboarding: +1 darkblast for welder, +2 planar void, -1 teeg, -1 edict, -1
thoughtseize. This is probably incorrect as well but I'm not sure what to do


He keeps and I keep a good hand. I think it was ESG, land into teeg. Next turn I
draw mindcensor and pass with 3 mana open (opting not to play my 2 mana dude
which I think was goyf) hoping to catch a tutor spell with the bird wizard. It
doesn't work he plays a fetch land and passes. So rather than wasting a whole
turn of mana the previous turn I just EoT flash in the censor and he fetches in
response. Next turn I play goyf and am swinging with the other guys. He tries to
merchant scroll and finds a mana drain in the top 4 cards, yuck. I am pretty
sure mindcensor probably won me this game because it cut off his fetches and
tutors that he drew a few turns after I played it. I swing in for lethal shortly

Match record, 1-1-1 only 1 more win needed.

Round 4 vs Jaco. I remember seeing him at a Wisconsin tournament a year ago when
he piloted painter's servant into the top 8. I roll a 16 he rolls a 17. I lost
every die roll so far.

Game 1

He plays to my surprise turn 1 dark confidant. I knew he was playing time vault,
key but I didn't know he was playing bob.
I had a hand with bob also but I played turn 1 teeg I think off of ESG and
savannah. He swings with bob I take the 2 dmg. Then I play my own bob next turn.
He swings again I take another 2. I think he wins this game by bouncing my teeg
to play tezzeret. I can't find an answer in the 1 turn I have to draw so he gets
infinite turns the next turn and I scoop.

Sideboarding: +2 krosan grip, +2 seal of cleansing, +1 darkblast, -1 teeg, -2
edict,  -1 mincensor. Taking out edict here is probably not right but I figured
darkblast recursion would be ok vs confidant instead.

Game 2

I am on the play and I go mox, land, confidant, go. On his next turn he plays
some fast mana and casts threads to steal my confidant. Ouch. Next turn I
topdeck seal of cleansing and it resolves. I think for a second and decide that
I can't hold onto the seal hoping to kill timevault/key I need to blow up the
threads now before he draws cards and that's what I do. He plays Trygon predator
and that's not good for me. Next turn I draw mindcensor but I decide to play
something else for 2 mana which turns out to be wrong. I had mox jet and 2
lands. So he swings with predator blows up my mox cutting me off of mindcensor
mana. I get out a 2nd dark confidant, he is not attacking me he is holding back
blockers (predator and confidant) so I can't attack. I finally topdeck pridemage
and play it. Next turn I swing with confidant #1 with exalted and he furrows his
brow and thinks before blocking with predator. I'm not sure about this, I guess
he doesn't want me to draw more cards but my life is getting low and he's ahead
on life. If we keep stalling eventually I will die off of double confidant. I'm
pretty glad to trade my bob for the predator. A few turns later off of my
remaining confident I build up critical mass with ground forces enough to swing
with the team passed his blocker.

Sideboarding: realizing he boarded in dudes I needed to put the edicts back in
the deck. I don't remember what I traded them in for though.

Game 3 he is on the play and this was a crazy hand he kept.

He goes mox sapphire, cast repeal on his mox sapphire, draws a card. Cast mox
sapphire, cast a second repeal on his mox sapphire, draws a second card and then
replays sapphire a 3rd time and then passes the turn with no land drop.

I had a hand including a vamp tutor and I needed mana to explode. So I go land
go. He draws and still misses a land drop. EOT I vamp tutor for black lotus so I
can drop some creatures while he is stalled out. I cast lotus and he annuls it.
Ouch. He still has no land and next turn I attempt to play null rod to shut him
out and he annuls it again!! So he kept the hand only because of double annul. I
cast thoughtseize and pull D tutor seeing 2 tarmogoyfs in his hand. If he draws
a green source it could get nasty. I get krosan grip finally a spell that
resolves and blow up his mox. I get tarmogoyf  and swing for lethal in a few
turns of him not drawing any answers or green lands.
Match score 2-1-1 made it into the top 8!!

Top 8 vs Mike Solymossy

He is playing tezz it looks like and I finally win a die roll 1st one of the

Game 1

My hand was: wasteland X2, black lotus, demonic consultation, gaddock teeg, null
rod, and some other card but no colored mana. So I'm looking at this for several
minutes thinking how risky it is and I finally decide to keep on the premise I
will cast lotus, play consultation naming dark confidant and playing turn 1
confidant to draw the colored lands I needed. That was my plan but I attempt to
play lotus and he force of wills it because I took so long debating it
telegraphed that without lotus I didn't have the goods. I was fairly
disappointed and played wasteland and passed. Next turn I draw no colored land,
play wasteland and null rod, which resolved. I finally draw some colored land
and play teeg. Now he is just looking for answers to those 2 cards and I
attacked him down with a 2/2 for several turns before I get down a confidant to
finish the game out.
Sideboarding: don't remember what I did here, he wasn't playing confidant from
what I could see so I didn't need all 3 of the edicts but I brought in the
artifact hate, seals + grip.

Game 2 on the draw.

My opening hand looks a lot better this game as far as the lands go. I wish I
remembered more of this game. I think I baited out a mana drain by casting goyf
then played null rod. I get another goyf out and had swung a time or 2. On his
next turn he casts thoughtseize on me, with 3 islands untapped. I'm holding an
edict and a vampiric tutor. I didn't take any time to think this through and
immediately cast vampiric in response so he couldn't pull the tutor, which at
the moment was a superior card to edict because it could grab any card I need in
the deck. So it took me a bit to figure out what to get and I finally decide on
dark confidant in hopes I can just get card advantage. Thoughtseize resolves
after the vampiric and he pulls the only target, edict. Then he cast tinker for
inkwell leviathan. If I let the thoughtseize resolve and he pulls the tutor I
can still edict his creature from tinker (which he wouldn't have cast right away
knowing I had edict giving my goyf enough turns to probably be lethal). Or if he
pulls the edict and cast tinker I can still vampiric for the other edict in my
deck and cast it on my turn. So I draw confidant and play it. He swings I take
7. He then plays glen elendra archmage to counter anything I could draw so I go
to game 3.
Game 3 on the play.

Sideboarding: because seal of cleansing can't hit the inkwell I boarded the 1
edict back in that I had taken out for game 2.

I went savannah, ESG into teeg, leaving a second teeg in my hand. Later I tried
to play goyf and he cast edict on me in response making me sac my teeg, then I
replayed my 2nd teeg on the same turn. This was huge because it pumped goyf with
a creature and instant. So I was beating him down and then in identical fashion
to game 2: I had 1 card in hand which is edict. He thoughtseizes it followed by
tinker for inkwell. I don't have a confidant in play so this is my 1 chance he
is tapped out and I flip the top card and it was another edict. I cast edict and
swing with goyf for lethal. It was pretty lucky I had to admit.

On to top 4

Vroman was playing Ben in the other top 4 match (oath vs stax) neither of which
are incredible matchups for me but I got paired against an even harder matchup:
ad nauseam tendrils. Being inexperienced vs this deck having never played
against it, I got some advice before the match started while we were all taking
a break. Someone told me that "if I lose the die roll its like a bye for them".
So I pretty much need turn 1 disruption.

Game 1

He wins the die roll... and plays bayou, and luckily it wasn't a turn 1 kill so
I get to take a turn.
I open with: 2x ESG, teeg, wasteland, thoughseize, mox jet, +1 more card I can't
So I play mox jet, thoughtseize seeing a hand of: dark rit, chain of vapor, some
other good cards for fast mana etc he was going to go off soon. Knowing my next
play was going to be teeg, I took the chain of vapor. Then I played wasteland
and hit his bayou slowing him down a turn I hope.

It worked, the wasteland delayed him from going off that turn. I draw and play
savannah and remove ESG number 1 to cast teeg. Then pass. He now has to find
another bounce spell to go off with ad nauseam and he is spending this turn
digging for it I guess. I draw demonic consultation and tap mox jet and cast it
naming null rod. Hitting 2 null rods in the top 6 cards, I exile most of my
deck. I removed ESG number 2 and play null rod and swing with teeg. Looking good
for me for so far. So I keep beating for a couple turns and he casts
necropotence and thinks for a minute and chooses to draw 7 cards. He discards
chrome mox and a land. I don't have much I can do here my hand is all out of
gas. I top deck goyf and play it and swing with teeg. He end of turn bounces his
necropotence with chain of vapor, sacrifices a land to copy it to bounce my
teeg. Then draws for the turn and casts rebuild to bounce my null rod. He tries
to dig for some cards but eventually scoops because he doesn't have the tendrils
I guess and his life is too low at this point to use ad nauseam.

Sideboarding: +3 chalice - edicts.

Game 2 on the draw

This is the quicket game of magic I have ever played. I was on the draw I had a
bayou, a vamp tutor plus other cards including confident. I kept on the premise
I will have vtutor for an answer card.
He goes turn 1 play his whole hand with dark rit . Then he plays demonic
consultation naming ad nausem with  5 mana floating enough to cast it. I of
course have no effects so it's all up to his deck now...

He removed 2 ad naus in the top 6 and proceeded to exile cards until he finds
it. It's near the bottom of his deck so almost all his deck gets exiled
including all 3 of his tendrils. So he scoops before I get to begin my 1st turn.
He is pretty frustrated about his loss to 'mathematical improbability' but we
all agree that combo just fizzles sometimes.

Finals: Vroman beat Ben so it's us in the finals. At this point I had zero food
all day so I go to get some Subway and while I am eating it I offer to split
with him. I feel like his deck has an edge and I could probably get 1 of the 3
games for sure but we both agree that its not worth the gamble and I scoop to
him and take the split.

Conclusion: Wasteland is good but I didn't miss the 4th one, the tezz decks play
lots of islands. Demonic consultation is awesome it won me a game or 2. I'm not
sure about the chalices in the sideboard there isn't much combo in the metagame.
The deck is straightforward so less of a chance to make mistakes. Creature
matchups are hard because of the pain this deck does to itself. I'm glad I
didn't have to play against stax all day. I feel like in testing against stax
this deck gets beat by wasteland and if you fetch the basics you are a turn
slower on having all 3 of your colors available giving them enough time to lock
you out with spheres.
Xtreme games is a great store, everyone there was really cool especially the
owner. We will probably be back there in the future.