I had a helluva time getting power before Champs and still had no idea what I
was gonna play after I did. Lou wasnt going to play in the prelims so I
decided to jack his stuff and play Ichorid. I knew I'd be tired and could just
autopilot it in a lot of situations. More importantly though I expected to play
a bunch of long so consistently rolling it seemed like a strong play.

I had printed out a bunch of deck lists before we hit the road on Thursday and
I liked a lot of what I saw in the Ichorid list I had. I don't recall whose it
is, but the dude ran Ancestor's Chosen and Strip Mine so credit to him. I
expected a lot Jailers so maindeck Dblast was a must, and 13 dredgers is just
super sexy in general.

4 Bridge
4 Narc
4 Ichorid

4 Unmask
4 Therapy
4 Leyline
4 CotV

4 Bazaar
4 Serum Powder

3 Petrified Field
4 City of Brass

2 Dread Return
2 Flamekin Zealot

4 Grave Troll
4 Stinkweed
3 Thug
2 Darkblast

4 Gemstone
4 Chain of Vapor
4 Emerald Charm
3 Contagion

Round 1 - Dave w/ burn

It's burn. I roll him in 2. I Serum Powder away 21 cards and mull to 5 in game
1, but it doesn't matter. He was even nice enough to let me play in game 2. 

Round 2 - No show!

Round 3 - Jerry Yang w/ PitchLong/TPS
So after my two byes I finally get a decent matchup.
G1 - His life total goes 20 - 14 - 0 and I roll w/ a turn 3 or 4 win.

I expect him to go w/ the Tormod's Crypt + Yixlid Jailer plan so I board out the
combo, Petrified Fields, 1 Thug and maybe 1 Unmask for the Gemstones, Contagions
and some Chains.

G2 - A much slower game than the first, but Jerry never really got into it. I
ripped his hand apart and slowly whittled his life down w/ an Ichorid and
token. The tokens eventually multiply and take him out.

Round 4 - Smmenen w/ PitchLong/TPS
I get paired up against Long again, nice!, but unfortunately I have to give a
teammate a loss.

G1 - I have to mulligan to 4 this game, but its a hot 4 w/ Bazaar, Chalice and a
dredger. My Chalice puts the kibosh on Steve's turn 1 win and his life total
goes 20-17-11-0.

I board the same as I did against Jerry. I know Steve is bringing in 4 Jailers
and 2 Crypts and I'm not particularly worried by that kind of hate.

G2 - Pretty sure I start off w/ Leyline, but it doesn't do jack shit against
Tinker-DSC and I lose in short order.

G3 - So this is the competitive game of the match. I lead w/ Bazaar, obv, and a
Chalice that gets FoW'd. Steve doesn't have anything of note and I drop a key
City of Brass on turn 2 so now my Darkblasts are online. He Crypted me early in
the match, but I played a careful slow game. I didn't go nuts w/ the dredging,
only drawing maybe ~12 cards a turn, and never leaving Darkblast vulnerable in
the yard. Eventually I was able to scrounge up enough offense to win.

2-0 against Long, so far so good.

Round 5 - Jesse the Proud Canadian w/ Painter

I've never played against Painter so I'm excited. I can see this matchup being
kinda bad between the whole having a creature that can block and die + the whole
simple combo thing.

G1 - 1 Ichorid becomes 2 Ichorids which becomes a win. He had an early
Grindstone, but nothing to pair w/ it. I took away his business and just beat
him down.

I dont recall exactly how I SBd here, but I'm pretty I just brought in the
Chains+Lands for the combo+PFields+1xThug. I had no idea what kind of hate he
might have.

G2 - He combos out here w/ relative ease.

G3 - This was a tense game where I made some awful plays. He Brainstorms and
gets the combo on board on turn 3 or 4. Fortunately though he only has 2 land
for mana. The next turn I can finally start some serious beatdown w/ 2
Ichorids+3 Bridges. I decide on the proper line of play (sac 1 Ich, swing w/
other), call a judge to get the oracle text on Bridge and promptly play like a
bonehead after getting the info from the judge by swinging w/ both. I give him
an extra turn to draw out, but fortune smiles upon me. This is obv the fault of
Lou's asian/russian cards and has nothing to do w/ me being a poor magic player.

Round 6 - Chris Nighbor w/ PitchLong/TPS

G1 - Chris spends the first turn or two setting up. I get an Ichorid swing in
and whiff on a Therapy. I'm set up for a savage turn 3 involving a possible
combo win or at least tearing his hand apart so he goes the win. He only
manages to reach 9 storm though so I survive at 1. My army of zombies inflict
35 damage over the next two turns and bring it home.

Same board plan as before.

G2 - I get some small beats in, but I believe he wrecked me w/ Extirpate and won
in brutal fashion soon thereafter.

G3 - I start off w/ Leyline and we settle in to a long tense game. I'm
Bazaaring but not finding any dredge. I find an Ichorid early, but I have to
hold to it because of his Extirpates. He spends about a third of his life total
setting up Bargain while I draw through the meaningless third of my deck. My
hand is 2 Bridges, 2 Contagions and the Ichorid I've been sandbagging when he
resolves Bargain. I may be a little off on the details here, but I believe he
drew 5 cards down to 8 life, Vamped/ISealed and drew the top card. He passed w/
a bunch of land, 2 moxen and Mana Vault in play with 5 life and a fetch
untapped. I activate Bazaar on his EOT and finally rip a Grave Troll. I pitch
Troll, Ichorid and Contagion. My yard is huge, but I have no other black
creatures. I go to activate Bazaar on my upkeep and he finally gets a chance to
use Extirpate on my Troll. I savagely rip Stinkweed Imp and Therapy off the top
though. I swing in with the horror, hardcast Therapy and hit on his only out
Mind's Desire. I flashback on his bounce and a Scathe Zombie takes it home next

Round 7 Mike Animnotevengonnatrytogethislastnameright w/ Landstill

G1 - My first Bazaar gets wasted and I get to use Petrified Field for the first
time all day. He has the Stifle and Mutavault+Mishras Factory take me out in
short order.

G2 - He gets in some beats but I manage to get an army of Zombies into play and
they take it quickly.

G3 - It's a long slow game since I'm only drawing like 5 cards a turn w/ no
Bazaar. I had a double Bazaar hand for the first time all day, but he had Waste
and Strip. I manage to get 1 Narc into play. He hangs around for a while
doing nothing and I miss like 3 damage cause I didn't realize the damn thing
flys.  Damn you and your foreign cards Lou! I miss on a Therapy bc I was too
lazy to write his hand down and this may have cost me the game. He Extirpates
my Ichorids and puts me in a tough spot as I draw 3 Narcs. I have an outside
shot at winning via Dread Returned Troll, but I can't get all the counters and
bounce of his hand after he Extirpates Bridges. I have no way win and lose.

I ended up winning on tiebreakers and get a box of Saga along w/ some byes for
my trouble.

I was really happy w/ this list and outside of the flexible slots there's
nothing I'd change for this metagame. As for the sideboard, well, I have some
ideas I want to explore. The almost total absence of Leyline definitely opens
up some slots.

Main Event QnD

Ok, so Lou was using the Bazaars in the main event and I lacked Twister+Grim
Tutors so I just ran w/ a stock (aka terribad) slaver list. I did have the
Demars sideboard Waste tech though.

Round 1 - Breakfast
Round 2 - Scouting
Round 3 - Jacob w/ some WRB Bazaar fish deck
G1 - He gets in some beats w/ a Grunt and some card quality off Bazaar+1Squee. 
He StoPs my Titan but TrikeElvis shows up soon after and takes it home.
G2 - He has too many beats.
G3 - He keeps a hand w/ Bazaar and no land. I Waste all his colored mana and
eventually win.

Round 4 - Mike w/ TPS
G1 - He goes for the win a bit early on turn 2. He Jars and Wheels into crap
then passes to me w/ a super juiced yard. I go from 0 to Slaver lock in one
G2 - I get an early Sphere and he can't win. I Wasted a land here too.

Round 5 - TK w/ TPS
G1 - I get my mana denial on hardcore this game w/ Titan on some lands followed
by Shaman on Jet and Mana Crypt. He goes for an EOT FoF. I debate about
letting it resolve since I have some manner of control, but I decide to spend my
FoW on it anyway. He Chains my Titan on his turn and wins soon thereafter. I
still don't know how I feel about countering FoF.

G2 - I have early 2sphere, but he plays like 4 Moxen and wins with ease.

Round 6 - Smmenen w/ TPS

G1 - He wins easily via Necro->Tendrils(10)->moreNecro->moreTendrils after
starting off w/ 2x FoW.
G2 - I have early 2sphere and take this one down w/out too much trouble.
G3 - I keep a good 7 w/ Recall and some other business. He has turn 1 Duress
followed by turn 2 Duress + Ancestral. Fun. Steve elects to bypass the easy
Tinker->DSC victory and takes the risky/flashy/creative path to victory via
Necro+Desire(22)+DSC. You can read the details in next weeks installment of SO
MANY INSANE PLAYS at Be sure to buy premium boys and girls!

I had a helluva time at my first vintage worlds and I'm definitely gonna try and
attend next year.

-Paul for winning! Congratufuckinlations dude.
-Brennan/Misty/Scott for putting up w/ me on a roadtrip
-All the meandeckers and tmders I saw for the first time in ages
-Lou and Harry for a nice match

-Lou for scrubbing the champs w/ the best deck in the format
-Me for playing poorly when it mattered and not playing enough type 1 anymore