-Woke up late and drove my ass off doing 30+ speed limit almost the whole way
phoned TO to ask him to hold it the nice guy that he is does just that. Thanks
man I owe ya:)

// Lands
    1  Tolarian Academy
    1  Strip Mine
    1  Seat of the Synod
    1  Library of Alexandria
    1  Underground Sea
    3  Volcanic Island
    3  Island
    1  Flooded Strand
    4  Polluted Delta

// Creatures
    1  Sundering Titan
    1  Triskelion
    2  Gorilla Shaman (2)
    3  Goblin Welder

// Spells
    1  Black Lotus
    1  Mox Pearl
    1  Mox Sapphire
    1  Mox Jet
    1  Mox Ruby
    1  Mox Emerald
    1  Sol Ring
    1  Mana Vault
    1  Mindslaver
    1  Mana Crypt
    1  Time Walk
    1  Tinker
    1  Mystical Tutor
    1  Yawgmoth's Will
    1  Fact or Fiction
    1  Ancestral Recall
    1  Crucible of Worlds
    1  Demonic Tutor
    1  Gifts Ungiven
    2  Mana Leak
    4  Brainstorm
    4  Force of Will
    4  Mana Drain
    4  Thirst for Knowledge
    1  Fire/Ice

// Sideboard
SB: 1  Fire/Ice
SB: 2  Rack and Ruin
SB: 2  Tormod's Crypt
SB: 1  Red Elemental Blast
SB: 1  Lava Dart
SB: 1  Solemn Simulacrum
SB: 1  Pyrite Spellbomb
SB: 2  Ensnaring Bridge
SB: 1  Pyroblast
SB: 2  Stifle
SB: 1  Rushing River

Round 1 Bye
Watch Chris Moon and Shawn Stewart play IT versus Gift Gifts wins but it was
entertaining watching play mistakes.

Round 2 Matt w/elves

G1 not much to tell here I get 2 welders and a Triskelion going kill his crew

boarding +solemn simulacrum fire/ice pyrite spellbomb lava dart -2 drain force
of will gorilla shaman

G2 I get crucible strip going and simulacrum plus multiple fire/ice to kill his

Round 3 Kris w/TPS

G1 he first turn duress taking a FOW,  turn 3 he double ritual in a yawgmoth's
bargain I proceded to top deck brainstorm into DT will at some point and don't
have much going so I DT for walk take my turn draw drain cast will replay strip
mine from earlier cast walk BS into ancestral FOW cast ancestral he MisD I FOW I
draw crap take my extra turn strip a land and pass he wins off of Bargain that
turn with tinker DSC walk recoup walk.

boarding + Ensnaring bridge, Rushing River, Stifle, 2 tormod's crypt, Red
elemental Blast
I thought Kris might be sporting his transformational Oath board which I have
seen him do in the past but today he did without it so I brought in a bridge and

G2 we trade back and forth for a bit I brainstorm 3 turns in a row not shuffling
hiding a Will and once his hand and my counter magic is exhausted I cast a will
to recast an earlier countered Ancestral a lotus 2 brainstorms a mystical and
strip mine which I use in his upkeep to remove his only red source then procede
to top deck FoF and he concedes when I have crucible strip online with shaman

G3 I have early ancestral plus tinker for titan wiping out the lands on his side
and he never gets into this one

Round 4 Shawn w/Gifts

I concede to him so he can make top 4 as we can both get in then

Top 4 Eugene Lou (sp?) w/survival w/lots of hand disrupton

G1 he is on the play with birds go. I drop sapphire emerald land he cast a cabal
therapy that I drain into a sol ring and cast Thirst putting crucible in the
yard he procedes to cast a wall or something not relevent on his turn. I make
land go happen and he cast a cabal therapy #2 I leak it he flashes it back I
drain that then FoW a survival or something then drain into another thirst
pitching lands or something and drop a welder which he swords next turn and he
cast a duress taking FoF my next turn my thirst gets me gas and I tinker into a
titan which blows up his lands and he is left with a birds which quickly get
shuffled back into his deck with every thing else

boarding +fire/ice, lava dart, pyrite spellbomb, simulacrum tormod's crypt -2
drain shaman LoA Fact

G2 he starts out with duress taking brainstorm I topdeck a leak lay land, mox
and leak his mesmic fiend then draw a thirst which gives me gas and sends
crucible to the yard he plays a wall I play a welder he cast some irrelevent
stuff and takes a bunch of cards from my hand over the course of the next few
turns and gets a survival into play I topdeck a gifts with no cards in hand and
get trike titan and weld trike to kill his board and titan comes in to clean up
his lands.

Finals Shawn Stewart Gifts with DSC and burning wish

Game 1 he turn 1 lotus duress taking brainstorm making my FoW dead lays a land
mox DT for needle plays it on welder I lay land go top decking a leak playing
out a shaman with he plays Fow and has no more cards in hand he draws and says
done. Next turn I brainstorm into slaver, mana crypt, mana vault put back welder
and vault and fetch lay my mox, vault say go. He draws and says done I draw land
cast slaver and end my turn, he draws and passes I top deck a mystical and
activate my slaver into a top decked merchant scrolls which finds me ancestral
then I find my own ancestral with mystical. My turn I draw off my ancestral lay
my welder and start a beatdown a few turns later he cast a thirst on his turn
and I drop a titan to clear his lands

boarding +Red elemental blast pyroblast 2 tormod's crypt -island welder fire/ice

Game 2 my hand is Ancestral Cow island fetch drain welder shaman he plays land
mox I draw Library and draw strip in response to his needle. I draw lay volcanic
discard crucible , he plays tolarian I play strip on it he BS in response and
burns we play draw go for a bit till I EOT Ancestral with drain back up which
meet Reb FoW and play out a welder and plays a needle on him to which I respond
with shaman eating said card and 2 moxes he darkblast my welder on his turn and
I top deck a mox a turn to late to recure my crucible. he dredges back his
darkblast and kills shaman next turn I lay a second one which also meets the
yard and draw a thirst cast it and play out a second welder as he only has
underground volcanic in play and dredges and kills welder my turn I cast will
with drain and leak back up off a topdecked lotus he scoops.

TO for allowing me to play
Untouchables for having a nice play area even though it is filled with smelly
FOIL DCI solrings

Alarm clocks
Loud mouth that seems to know everything about type 1 and not shutting up while
we are playing in the finals...