This is off the cuff, and away I go.

Richomond was hyped. There was a huge amount of plotting and betting, as you all
know between me and Steve about who was going to take this event down. Steve had
made a post in the tournament thread linking to my list ( along with Kowal and
Brassy's) and advising newbs to metagame against us, and offering to give out
rares to player's who beat us in the swiss. I responded, by offering dual lands
out to any player who beat Steve. It was awesome, you were all there. 

Anyways, I was going to play Tendrils for this event; I had my list all set and
had tested it and everything. But when Steve put up the open invitation to beat
Burning Slaver; I just couldn't resist. The challenge was too sweet. I had to
rock the Mindslavers and TFKs. I mean, c'mon fellas STEVE TOLD YOU TO BE ABLE TO
BEAT MY DECK, he was even so kind as to send you a link to it!!! Anyways, that
is how I decided to play the good ol' BS.

You all know the list by now. It's the same list from the Ohio Ruby report with
the following changes.

MD -1 Library of Alexandria, + 1 Basic Island
SB -1 Stifle, +1 Solem Simulacrum

1 Burning Wish
3 Goblin Welder
2 Gorilla Shaman

1 Demonic Tutor
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Yawgmoth's Will

1 Ancestral Recall
4 Brainstorm
1 Echoing Truth
4 Force of Will
1 Gifts Ungiven
4 Mana Drain
1 Mystical Tutor
4 Thirst for Knowledge
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker

1 Black Lotus
1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Duplicant
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mindslaver
1 Sol Ring
1 Sundering Titan

1 Darksteel Citadel
2 Flooded Strand
3 Island
2 Polluted Delta
1 Snow Covered Island
1 Strip Mine
1 Tolarian Academy
2 Underground Sea
3 Volcanic Island

1 Echoing Ruin
1 Rack and Ruin
1 Red elemental Blast
1 Rolling Earthquake
1 Pyroblast
3 Duress
1 Tendrils of Agony
1 Echoing Truth
1 Deep Analysis
1 Fire / Ice
1 Pyrite Spellbomb
1 Solemn Simulacrum
1 Tormod's Crypt

The night before the event I talk to Jeff Anand online and tell him I have
decided to play Burning Slaver over the Tendrils deck we had discussed. He is
all about it, and I send him the list.

I am supposed to leave with Franklin, Nicolo, and Mitch Cowels at five PM Fiday
but Franklin is delayed. Finally at eight thirty PM he calls me, informs me he
is drunk at work and can't go because he no longer has the weekend off. Mad
slops. We three embark.

I sleep in the car and somehow manage to smoke a pack of Cigarettes while

We get there at six in the morning and sleep in the car for a while. Josh M will
be happy to hear I was a SCB for a day. haha. Anyways, we go in a half hour or
so before the event and reg decks. I meet up with Jeff and we decide to add
Solem to the list at the last possible second cutting stifle over Fire / Ice.
Then I decide to put the FIre Ice back in for Stifle. The list is ready to go.

I converse with Steve for a while, and we trash talk about how many cards we are
going to have to give away due to each others sucking. Unfortunately, we both
play well and don't have to give away much stuff at all! I end up sitting next
to Droba for the player meeting, and get a chance to talk with him for a while.
Apparently he's going to be playing combo, I did not see that one coming... 


I win this round 2-0 in spite of my opponent's competent play. Game one I end up
casting out a slaver which he bounces two turns in a row with E truth and
Rebuild. Finally I vamp for TFK and slaver him. He rips gifts and we go on to
game two. Game two I duress the ever living hell out of him and then go broken
with Sundering Titan.


Round two I play against Confidant Tendrils. Game one my opponent kills me out
of hand in turn two with Duress, Ritual, Ritual, Lotus, Cabal Ritual, Mox, Will,
Ritual, Ritual, Ritual, Lotus, Tendrils. I am not even slightly amused. Game two
I duress the ever living hell out of him and Slaver him making him lose. Game
three almost goes to time. I flip out because we are comming close to time and
my opponent is stalling. I've seen his hand and he has no relevent plays, yet he
sits there and ponders. I beat his ass down with a Titan anyways and it doesn't
matter. Kowal mocks me outside later while I am smoking yelling "YOU HAVE NO
RELEVENT PLAYS, STOP STALLING" at me. Okay, fine I flipped out a little. BUT HE
HAD NO PLAYS!!!! Dredging Darkblast for the lost is not a relevent play, I"m
sorry... It does not deserve fifty second of though when you are getting your
ass beat by a titan. But I digress.


Round three - Some sort of Tog / Tendrils deck.

Game one I don't even know what he is playing I stomp him so fast with tendrils.
Game two I mull to six and cast turn one Recall which gets misdirected. I look
at my hand of five lands and scoop. Game three I pull out some amazing heroics.
He's got a spicy hand which gets duressed and rebed into oblivion. We are both
in a top deck war. I have a welder and nothing to do, a land in hand. I peel TFK
and hit slaver and another TFK. I WINS!!! Steve is sitting next to me and loses.
I have to give away a dual. Steve watches me peel the TFK into Slaver / sauce,
shakes his hand and angrily proclaims "You are the shadiest player in Vintage,
you know that? You know that?" I respond by asking him what the name of the
fellow I owe a dual land to is. He sneers.


Round four - Gifts

Game one is a disaster. He casts out turn one, on the play Pithing Needle for
Welder. Apparently he has heard of me or something or psychic. I respond by
playing turn one hardcast Slaver. and saying "Though you were techy did ya?"
However I can't get to four mana to activate. He casts a mainphase gifts and I
drain it. He drains back and I force. I will be able to activate slaver. He EOT
Mysticals for Gifts and I just about fall out of my chair at the stupidity of
that play. I activate slaver, gifts for recall, Will, Lotus, and Rack and ruin.
Recall myself twice and rack and ruin the pithing needle.

Game two I have a fast tinker for Titan I hit both his lands none of mine and
beat his face in


Round Five Matt Endress playing Tendrils.

Game one he has a fast Necro that I can't counter and he beats me easily.. Game
two is stupid. He Tendrils me down to four and I beat him down from thrity five
with Shamans and peel counterspells for every threat he tries to play right on
time. Eventually a Titan is added to the mix. Game three I peel recall on my
mull to six and narrowly escape certain doom. Matt rips nothing but mana and I
easily win due to his unlucky draws. I like Matt he is quality people. 



After the last round Jeff and I hit up the Marriot bar to celebrate us both
being X-0. I"m kind of tipsy and don't remember much about this match except
that it was pretty fun. I turn two fire iced two savanah lions. That was


Jeff and I draw in, and then I draw in with outlaw. 

Jeff and I go get food and beers. We are well on our way to being tipsy at this



Game one is a blow out. I have Welders and Shamans going. I end up locking him
out of the game with Crucible Strip mine, and he can't play spells because of
his own spehere of resistence.

Game two is closer. He ends up Playing out a JEsters cap and Luckily I rip DT
and search out my yawg will. He makes a mistake and Caps, Welder Welder SLAVER.
leaving Dupis in my deck. I end up willing for Welder and Shaman Recall and
walk. I weld in the Solem and start attacking. He Rings away all of my guys and
is at nine. I have to find the solem. I draw lots of cards but can't find dups.
Finally with like seven cards in library I peel Dups cast it and beat down for
the win. And finish him off with Fire Ice.

In a side note Jeff plays savagely and stomps Steve. I give jeff a tropical
Island for his effort which he gets steve to sign "I HEART SLAVER< SMENENNEN"


I have a good hand with draw. He plays Library. I TFK Three times by turn two on
the play and hit no threats. and no more draw. I am very annoyed as he takes
control of the game with the Library because had I drawn anything that did
somethign within the twelve cards I saw I probably could have won. I know I'm
dead and scoop.

Game two is stupid. Rich plays Recall. I Recall and play reb on his. He TFKs, I
Drain, he rebs I force. I TFK. He walks. He TFKs I Drain He Drains. He untaps
with two cards. DT, for Lotus and Will. It must be nice to see all the broken
cards by turn three without any of your draw spells actually resolving. Anyways,
I get out brokened; but he played it perfectly. Nothing I could do about it.

I don't get to watch Rich's match because I go smoke with endress and the ICBM
guys. Thanks buds. good times.

I return back and Jeff and I go to O'charley's pub and drink beers and get
hammered in celebration. Way to go Jeff for making the finals and finishing
first in swiss. We end up at Denny's hanging out with REB and Rich. We get there
a full forty minutes before them and wind up getting our food and beign done
eating before they even get there food. Rich is mildly annoyed and complains,
exclaiming "This is ridiculous, we were here forty minutes before you guys!" I
reply "Can't win them all Rich" and REB nearly shoots Coca cola out of his nose.
You had to be there I guess.

I pass out at my hotel room and don't wake up until well after the event has
started. Tough break. I show up and play infi games against Kevin Cron who isn't
in contention. And some Type four against Ashok Brassy and Crew. Andy Reanimates
Memnarch with Debtors Knell all hell breaks loose and the board dies except for
the Black Enchantment that gives -1-1 counters to creatures. I grinning Totem
for Chord of calling and get Morphling and win the game. Man that guy is good!

Thanks for the type four games buds.

Then we sadly make the drive home.

Around 11 PM I call Jdizzle to find out who won the tourney. But my phone is
dead so I call from Fishalo's phone which is a number Justin doesn't know. I
decide to play a trick on him.

He answers and I say in a high pitched voice (Trying hard to sound like a

JD yo
How are you?
JD who is this
JD I think you have the wrong number, this is Justin Dro...
I Know, Droba. We met at the bar last week
JD oh, yeah I remember...
Are you free tomorrow night?
JD I'm in Richmond
How Exciting!!! (Infi laughing on my side of the line)
JD ah, yeah, I'll be free tomorrow night. What do you want to do?
In my voice: Would you seriously go out with a girl with a voice that obnoxious?
JD, Brian, you're an ass.
I know. Who won?
JD Brian playing Slaver?
Slaver, eh? 
JD yup
We still on for that date tomorrow night?
JD absolutely

JDIZZLE, you rock man! As promised in the report, BAM!

And that's about it. Or, at least that is the relevent content (and some
irrelevent) that I can tell you guys about.


JEFF ANAND for tearng it up with my list!!!!! AND BEATING STEVE'S ASS IN TOP
SMENENNEN - You fucking tore it up man. Mad props to you. You played extremely
strong all weekend. nice job.
MATT ENDRESS - you are one deck mutha I enjoyed hanging out with you much.
KEVIN CRON -good to see you man. enjoy the asian mystical tutor
ICBM and GWS GUYS. you all fucking rock, thanks for smoking me out. 
JDIZZLE - Always a good time when this guy is around. MOVE BACK TO MICHIGAN!!!
My favorite magic player EVAR. Yup, he's pretty good.
RICH SHAY - nicely done.
HATCHMAN and TRAVIS - nuff said.
JR. why you no make good on my top eight predicton?
MY CREW for the weekend Fishalo and Mitch. Good times.


My deck for shitting all over my face in the semis
That guy who tried to stall against me.
That guy who Mystical Tutored for gifts before I slaved him?
Necropotence for beating my ass.
Alcohol for not allowing me to wake up for the second event
Nine hour car rides.
Josh Franklin, my teamate and cohort, for being a gigantic vagina and not
attending the event with us. You suck!!!!