This entire thing is off the cuff. no spelling, grammar or punctuation need

Okay: Burning Slaver a list by Brian DeMars

4 Force of Will
4 Mana Drain
4 Brainstorm
4 Thirst for Knowledge
2 Gorilla Shaman
3 Goblin Welder
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker
1 Echoing Truth
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Gifts Ungiven
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Yawgmoths Will
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Mindslaver
1 Duplicant
1 Crucible of Worlds
1 Sundering Titan
1 Mox jet
1 Mox ruby
1 Mox sapphire
1 Mox emerald
1 mox pearl
1 Black lotus
1 mana Vault
1 Mana Crypt
1 Sol Ring
1 Tolarian Academy
1 Strip Mine
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Snow-covered Island
2 Island
3 Flooded Strand
2 Polluted Delta
3 Volcanic Island
2 Underground Sea


3 Duress
1 Red elemental Blast
1 Pyroblast
1 rack and ruin
1 fire ice
1 pyrite spellbomb
1 tormod's crypt
1 stifle
1 echoing truth
1 rolling earthquake
1 tendrils of agony
1 deep analysis
1 echoing ruin

Okay so that is the deck that I decided to run. You've all seen the list infi
times already I'm srue. The main changes I made for this tournament were that I
was expecting a lot of gifts and combo. I heard that a lot of meandeck guys
were going to be there; and since all the meandeck guys care about is doing
stupid things with Will and Tendrils I decided to pack my board full of
Duresses. I also cut Darksteel Citadel from the list, which was a really poor
decision. Just so that you all know; back in the day when I argued that I would
definitely cut LoA over Citadel: I was totally right, cutting Darksteel Citadel
was a huge mistake and it made winning games that would have otherwise been
simple very difficult. Since I had never played a Slaver list that didn't
include one darksteel citadel I took for granted what a beating that card is
against Stax. I will explain later.

Anyways, the Duresses were Savage for me all day long. Every time I played a
matchup where they were relevent they absolutely stole the games away from my
opponents. I forgot how savage that card is in specific matchups and would
definitely board at least two in the future. Also it makes a spicy little
burning wish package from time to time. Especially in the control mirror.
There are many times I would pay two red and a black to pick a card and make my
opponent discard it. 

So anyways, cutting darksteel Bad, adding duress great. You win some you lose

Okay so it was a pretty fun trip. I met up with Jdizzle sunday morning around
nine and we start our trip. We listen to Death Cab and Radiohead the entire way
down to Cleveland and have an interesting conversation about what songs best
suit different archetypes of Vintage Decks. Also, I opt to pay the Ohio Turnpike
toll roads with Pennies just so that they won't be cluttering up the cup holder
in my car. Good times. Jd was slightly amused watching me count off one
hundred and thirty five one cent pieces. Anyways, Fun times. Stop for Hardies
breakfast, which was godawful, as was their coffee. And three hours later we
are at the event minutes before it started.

There are a lot of Vintage Face players at this event. Meandeckers, and random
Ohio guys. I'm excited that I'll get to play against some good players who I
haven't gotten a chance to play against in a very long while. Steve, Roland,
and Doug are all present.

Round One.

Steve (Not Smenenenenen) playing TPS
I play a land and pass. He plays a land and recalls into force of will. I EOT
Recall. Untap dump a ton of Mana and cast Sundering Titan. Destroying his
Underground Sea. He Bounces My Titan and Drops Lotus for a Draw 7. I look at
my hand of Titan and a Drain and think. "This has to help me more than it does
you." he Drops a Lotus and I drain it. I untap and Tendrils for what would have
been probably close to forty if I had bothered to drag it out. But I'm the slow
deck so I hit exactly twenty and end the game ASAP.

Game Two I have absolutely nothing. He casts a Necro and draws Thirteen cards
and cannot find a way to kill me. He draws some more cards and concedes.
Pretty Lucky for me.


Round Two

Paul (Type 4) concedes playing UR Flame Vault.

Paul is a really cool guy and I had a lot of fun in this match. It was pretty

Game one I mull to six on the play. In order I cast. Mox Jet, Mox pearl, Mox
Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mana Vault and Mindslaver. They all go through. I have
drain in hand and pass. He plays an Island and passes. I untap play a land I
drew and pass. He untaps plays a land and passes. I draw a welder and slaver
him. I make him play a land cast FoF, force it pitching Tinker and then
Misdirect the Force to Misdircetion pitching Drain. the FoF resolves and I give
him a pile of zero cards. I play the welder and he scoops.

I board as though I am boarding for gifts since I saw FoF and Misdirection.
However he played a basic Mountain and was also playing with Wooded foothills.
I find this to be very odd.

As we shuffle up It suddenly dawns on me that he is probably playing some sort
fo Flame Vault deck. And I kind of exclaim it out loudly: I'm such an Idiot
you aren't playing gifts your playing that flame vault thingy. Cool.

So I board in Duresses and they pwn the match. He plays a land and passes. I
duress him on turn one, turn two, turn three cast duress and recall. Turn four
will and cast the duresses and recall again. The game promptly ends in my


Round three Tim Trogdon playing Metalworker

I play a welder and pass. He plays a Metalworker and passes, I play a land and
pass. He makes fifteen mana and beats the fuck out of me.

Game two: More of the same fifteen mana on turn two nonesense. I was not


Round Four Juan Rodregiez playing Stax

Game one is a beating. He plays a turn two In the eye of Chaos, and I say nice
sideboard card. I end up setting up Drain and controlling his board with a
shaman. I work my way up to six mana with a welder in play. He casts a
smokestack and I let it resolve. He casts a welder and I let it resolve
thinking to myself "Man christmas comes twice this year." EOT TFK pitch
Mindslaver. I was really wondering how I was going to deal with that in the eye
of chaos. This made it much simpler.  

Game two is pretty savage. I realize that without Citadel in my board I can't
just board out all my fat against Stax and Run slaverlock as my win condition.
I frowzy face. However, my hand is stupid and I end up Trini locking him with
his own cards after countless savage Welder Shaman Tricks. I have Crucible


Round Five DRAGON!!!

game one is a disaster. I mulligan into a dogshit hand. And then Draw a
sundering Titan and a LOA off the top. Nice hand. I am promptly killed to
death by infinite mana.

Game two: this game was a gigantic mess but somehow I chained into a quick
Tendrils Kill by the grace of god.

Game three. We have five minutes left in the round and I want the win. I sense
weakness. I board out all of my welders, all of my shamans, and all of my robots
for anything that can come in, generate storm, kill xantid swarms or disrupt
dragon combo. I end up duressing him and Echoing Truthing his dragon combo on
turn two. I then Set up a turn five Tendrils kill to get the w. Hurray for
last gave heroics!!! and for tormod's crypt for doing double duty in
generating two storm count and powering up academy!!!!!


Round VI Intentional Draw

Smenen, Dizzle and I get Taco Bell and have a heated discussion about some
random Gifts pile that happened days before somewhere online. Time Walk,
Recoup, DT, Mystical actually just wins the game; it is the correct piles.



I was really looking forward to this match because I really like Roland a lot
and I've never gotten to play against him in person. Things are pretty lax. I
play really sloppy and feel like a complete idiot the entire time. There is a
thing about a Brainstorm where I knock a bunch of cards around, I miss track my
life total. I go pretty broken in game one but for some reason can't seem to
figure out the right play. I'm afraid he's holding balance and I have no
counters. But he just concedes because he has nothing. I feel pretty shaken
after this match as I don't feel I have played very well at all despite the win.
I actually screwed up a Brainstorm pile after the discrepancy and I was upset
about it the whole match.

This game is very odd and long. There is another screw up where I cast Echoing
Ruin on his CoW and I have a COW in play that doesn't go away for two turns
until the people standing around us finally decide to clue both of us into our
buffoonery. Luckily I had played out a land from my hand and the other land
that was played was a fetch that hadn't been cracked. So we just reset the game
state since nothing new had changed from the CoW actually being on the board.
I'm even more shaken and don't understand why I am playing so poorly in this
matchup. Anyways he plays a chalice on one and gets completely fagged by his
deck which proceeds to draw five one drops and mana for the rest of the game.
In the meantime I make six mana and cast a Duplicant with no imprint and
beatdown for the win. 20 to the dome with dups. Man what Duplicant this guy
do? Very weird games.



I joke with him that he'd better not go so busted this time or I'm going to be
pissed. He opens with a turn one idiot, and I play a turn one gifts for mana,
he plays a turn two idiot and I untap and kill him with tendrils. I guess I get
to be busted this time. GO MANA.

Game two I get completely hosed by my deck. I have a rack and ruin to answer a
trike and a random idiot but he has more idiots and kills me before I can get
anything started.

Game three. I play two first turn welders, and turn two fire Ice on his guy. I
force of will a trike and rip lotus. Use lotus to cast a drain on Staff of
domination. He plays a Metalworker and passes. Untap and use the drain to play
a Mindslaver next turn I activate it, but can't make enough artifacts in hand to
kill him with his own staff combo. Luckily I have a nother turn to slaver him
and finally kill him by decking him with his own cards.

Finals I split with Jdizzle. GO Michigan players.

The Ruby was beat to all hell which was kind of disappointing and there was
little other prize support for the rest of the top eight; which seems kind of
shady considering they got over thirty people at fifteen bucks a piece playing
for a piece of shit mox that isn't worth more than $230. That is $350 cash
entries, I was disappointed that there wasn't at least store credit for top
eight awarded. Oh well, I got half a mox. To hell with those other losers...
Jk Seriously, JK.


Jdizzle for representing Michigan even if he is one of those Meandick players.
Duress for being the absolute nut high.
Meeting people from myspace in person!!! 
Roland Chang for not telling me I am the worst magic player ever
Game three sideboard heroics for working


Myself for sucking and playing sloppy
Smenenen for leaving early? WTF We've never played in an event yet??? WHERE
Tournament organizers for crappy prize support and beat to shit MOX RUBY.
DARKSTEEL CITADEL for not being in my deck; C'mon baby come home, I won't ever
take your for granted again you shiney little bastard.
Josh Franklin for not answering his phone and going with us to this event.
Paul Fishalo for not giving me his number before he left PTQ Detroit so he could
come with us.