(White/Blue Tech And Ninjas Gay Fish)

Counter Bait/Secret Tech/Draw Engine/Utility Creatures/Savage Monsters of
Impending Doom (16):
4 Flying Men
4 Icatian Javelineers
4 Meddling Mage
4 Ninja of Deep Hours

Draw ("5"):
4 Standstill
1 Ancestral Recall

Counter (8):
1 Misdirection
3 Daze
4 Force of Will

Mana Denial ("5"):
2 Stifle
3 Null Rod

Removal (3):
3 Swords to Plowshares

Lands and Mana (23):
2 Mox
1 Lotus
1 Strip Mine
4 Wastelands
4 Tundra
4 Fetchlands
3 Islands
4 Factories

Some categories overlap and thus the ("#").

2 Energy Flux
3 Arcane Laboratory
3 Disenchant
3 Orim's  Chant
1 Swords to Plowshares
1 Echoing Truth
1 Chain of Vapor
1 Rushing River

Round 1: Caleb with Sensei Sensei (2-0-0; 1-0-0)

Caleb. Cool guy. Seen him around a lot.

Game 1: We have an early force fight over a recall but he wins. He forces my
Null Rod. We force fight again over frantic search while he has tolarian in
play. He wins that one too and because his deck craps out on him and can't draw
him any cards that he needs, he uses the mana to hardcast Darksteel Colossus
(DSC will be hardcast against me many times today). This sucks because I just
discarded my swords to plowshare after he broke a Standstill. He's been taking
beatings from various 1/1's so he's low on life and I can swarm all over his one
man but I play safely. I play meddling mage naming time walk and then resolve a
null rod. He hits me with DSC once and then on my turn my men swarm all over

>Insert pictures from a LOTR movie when all those ghost warriors swarm up the
giant elephant thing (I hate lotr so I can't be more specific than that)

Game 2: I get Land, Lotus, Ninja, and he doesn't have the force for it. I drop
null rod and he tries to force, which gets dazed. I play recalls and three
standstills and swing with ninja. My hand is never under 9 cards. (Land, Lotus,
Ninja, Win, will be occurring many times today as well).

Round 2: Gennaro with Gifts Belcher (2-1-0; 2-0-0)

Cool guy again. He likes my rogueness and we have good games.

Game 1: I get land, lotus, ninja and win. I never let him have more than 2 mana
sources and he's carved up by daggers, scimitars, javelins, and hammers. I have
no idea what he's playing.
Game 2: He must be aware of my stifles because he won't fetch. He forces my
stifle when he finally breaks and then his Gifts resolves. He grabs Tinker,
Will, Recoup, and Lotus.  I wish I had null rod on the table (someone will make
this mistake in the future) but I don't so I give him Tinker and Yawg Will. He
tinkers for a Pentavus and I topdeck Meddling Mage naming Yawg Will (I think I
could've thought more on this to make a better decision but oh well). We're at a
standstill for a bit here because I've got lots of men and he's got a Pentavus.
Eventually he gets Serrated Arrows on the board, owns my men and wins.
Game 3: Low on time so I don't take notes. I am dropping two men per turn and he
can't stop the rush. Flying Men, Javelineers, and Factories go the distance.

Round 3: Andrew with EBA (1-2-0; 2-1-0)

Quiet guy. I am disheartened because of my first loss.

Game 1: Negator with lots of lands and moxes. I have null rod and a flying man
and a factory.
Game 2: I play mana denial so he can't get turn two negator. I only leave him
with one land and a sol ring negated by Null Rod. I swarm him with ninjas and
creatures while I have Negator named with Meddling Mage.
Game 3: Negators and Exalted Angels run me over because I draw no swords.

Round 4: Jonathan with FCG (2-1-0; 3-1-0)

Uh oh. The goblins are mad because I'm not playing them anymore.

Game 1: He won the die roll and gets turn one ringleader. I have no counters or
swords. I drop a javelineer which he incinerators and his lackey gets through.
He drops ringleader #2 and a warchief while I stabilize a bit by summoning mages
and men. I think I'm able to hold him off but then he draws into more men and I
can't stop the green men. They're out for blood.

Game 2: He drops lackey. I have three options, force, swords, or drop a man.
Force might be useful later, dropping a man is a bad idea because he can
incinerate it (good thing I use to play FCG all the time and know it's ins and
outs) so I sword it. Meddling Mages keep his piledrivers off the table and then
I win.
Game 3: He keeps a VERY risky hand of one land. I force his lackey and he sees
nothing else. He finally gets a fetch to late and it doesn't matter because I
stifle it while holding a daze, 2 forces, and 2 swords.

Round 5: Anson with EBA (2-1-0; 4-1-0)

I'd like to apologize about game three where we got into an argument about life
totals. I don't know if there was a misinterpretation about the fetchland and
the last point of life, but what I intended to say was "After you fetch, you're
left with one life, not that you only had one life and fetching would kill you."

Game 1: Lotus Ninja wins. I waste his land so he scrys, but I daze. Then the
1/1's come. He comments "Turn one phid, pretty good." I assume he's playing EBA
and I'm in fear of Negator.
Game 2: He duresses me and then he drains a ninja which I hardcast while he has
one card in hand. I have no way to win because he hardcasts Future Sight later.
I have no way to come back but I want to see as much of his deck as I can. I
cast Standstill, break Standstill with Standstill, and break that standstill by
targeting him with my ancestral recall. His creatures are only Mage and multiple
Decree of Justice unless his negators are hiding in his stack of 15 cards or so
Game 3: This is the ideal hand I would ever want to see so I remember it of
course: Javelineer, Island, Tundra, Force of Will, Ancestral Recall, Ninja,
Flying Man. He forces my flying man. He's the first person today to do so and I
congratulate him for being a good player. I force his lotus on his turn and in
the middle of the game I have no fear of balance which I thought he might've
drawn by now. I'm not afraid of balance because I only have 3 lands on the
table, one being a factory (him 6ish) and my only cards in hand are 2 swords
(while he has 6ish). If he balances, he loses lands so a topdeck decree is
useless and I can sword all my own guys so we will both be in topdeck mode. I'll
have the advantage because I have a factory and higher threat density in my
deck. Then I have meddling mage naming balance (the turn right before he draws

We're getting close to the end here. I swing with Ninja, Flying Man, and 2
Javelineers. I was thinking for a long time because I was hesitating if he had
Decree in hand. He does. I sword one of his soldiers and he trades with one of
my guys. The next turn he decrees again but flying man takes him down to 2 and
then on his turn he fetches to bring him to one. This is where the argument
rises, because 1 damage means A LOT; especially when you're clock is a 1/1
flyer. On his turn he concedes.

Round 6: Robert with Gro-A-Tog (2-0-0; 5-1-0)

I see a guy playing W/U Vial Fish to my side against Mono-White Weenie. AWESOME.
White weenie should've won but lost due to unfair play, imo.

Only person to disrespect my poor Raise the Alarms by ripping one in half after
he signs it. I tape it together though. I can understand his frustration though,
being mana denied sucks.

Game 1: My flying men continually takes a small chunk of his life each turn. I
draw swords for his Tog which he counters, but he can't counter the second. I've
also been denying him of his needed green mana. He gifts but doesn't remember I
have null rod on the table. His fourth card is Black Lotus or something else. He
chooses Black Lotus. I give him Lotus and something. He plays Lotus and tries to
use it. I say no. He's at 2 so flying men take his head off.
Game 2: I topdeck wasteland after wasteland and then null rod for his two moxes
which he draws to late. Dryads go farming and weenies come in.

The power of Orim's Chant will be revealed soon. It is essentially a time walk
that I can play at instant speed on his turn. It's one less to play, not
restricted, fucks up combo (in response to duress), and is a white spell.

Round 7: Justin with TPS (1-2-0; 5-2-0)

I will eventually play Justin in the finals today. I have played Justin a year
ago in round 7 as well. He was playing Fish while I was playing FCG. I remember
his play style and use it to my advantage. He beats me here, but that's because
I've never play tested before and I'm learning how to properly defeat combo.

I haven't been scouting the top tables because I've been studying for my AP Calc
Exam in between rounds so I have no idea what he's playing. But he's been busy
at the top tables so he doesn't know what I'm playing either.

Game 1: I play Meddling Mage naming Cunning Wish but he tinkers for Memory Jar.
On my turn I play a few men when I should've kept my mana open because on his
turn he memory jars and I draw a stifle which might've been useful at some
point. He only gets storm count up to 9 so I go down to 1. Then on his turn he
gets Demonic Tutor. I take my turn and swing. He's at 30 something. Then on his
turn he Tendrils. Misdirection doesn't help so I die.
Game 2: I force his recall and then he slowly dies to Factory and Flying Man.
Wastes keep him at one land. Orim's Chant on his turn before death so he passes
the turn back to me. Flying Man brings me back another head.
Game 3: We play land go for a long time. I have null rods and arcane labs on the
table. But I have no counters or chants. He resolves bargain and goes down to
one life after bouncing my lock cards with a single Rushing River. I have no
threats on the table because my deck sucks and he wins.

Round 8: Jason with Deathlong (2-1-0; 6-2-0)

We both have to win this match. Jason and I have been in this situation before
at a Newington Stok Tourney. I won that round against this very same Jason a
year ago. I think it's my time to lose to this Jason, especially after seeing
the power of his deck game one. He wins the die roll.

Game 1: He plays lotus and kills me turn one. If I had gone first, I would've
dazed his lotus.
Game 2: We're in at around turn two. I'm saying to myself on his turn that if I
can topdeck a lotus I can drop both meddling mages in my hand. I also criticize
myself for tapping out to play flying man. He wheels and what do I draw? Top
card, Lotus, next cards are two orim's chants and a force and other cards. I
force a mana crypt which won me the game. Luckily he doesn't have enough mana to
kill me so he consultations for Black Lotus. It's his second to last card and he
still doesn't have enough mana. He has one card left in his library. I topdeck
ancestral recall for the win and because I've seen his entire deck now, I
realize his only disruption is duress. Which is perfect for Orim's Chant.
Game 3: He gives me a few Orchard tokens and tries to timetwister. I should've
remembered at this point that he has no forces and hold my chant but I play it
anyway. We reshuffle and redraw and it goes to me. I play arcane lab and then
meddling mage naming tinker. Eventually he hardcasts a DSC. I play meddling mage
naming time walk. It goes to his turn. He has no outs whatsoever. Thinks for a
long time, hits me with DSC once and then my men swarm all over him.

I learn that I cannot go into the combo matchup trying to be the aggressor. I
must play prison.

So I make it into top 16 with this horrible pile of trash that has only been
"playtested" using theory and graphical analysis on paper. Question to everyone:
Do you guys like me for being this way OR do you all look on me with hatred
because I can walk into a tournament with no playtesting and walk out with
power? My intentions today were purely to just have fun and rape the topdeck,
Control Slaver, except I never played against it at all.

Top 16 Match: Simon with Affinity

Now I'm saying to myself that I can surely not advance any further. My luck has
run out and I'm going home with a playmat, which is AWESOME looking btw. I
thought he was the guy playing U/G madness and I thought I'd be in the fight for
my life but I was wrong.

Game 1: I play Land, Lotus, Flying Man, Standstill (I made this play thinking he
was playing U/G Madness). He drops a lot of acceleration and I stifle his draw
when he clamps his Disciple of the Vault. On my turn I play null rod.
Game 2: I play Null Rod. He gets Tolarian Academy, and summons 2 myr servitors,
2 ravagers, and 2 thoughtcasts. I'm trading creatures back and forth because I'm
low on life but I get Energy Flux down.

Top 8: Dan with Oath Salvagers

My teammate Pete Florkoski was playing this today so we talked about the deck on
the 30 minute card ride to Waterbury. Hopefully Dan is playing a poor version of
Oath Salvagers, and he is.

Game 1: He wins the die roll and wins turn one. Again... if I had gone first I
could've dazed his lotus.
Game 2: He gives me juicy spirit tokens (4 orchards) and still has his combo in
his deck because he doesn't know I'm playing fish so when I get all my lock
cards down he can't do anything. He has a Salvager on the table holding off my
men, (stupid salvager is a 2/4 wtf). I have arcane lab on the table but no null
rod yet. I finally get null rod down. Then flying man goes the distance.
Game 3: I TOPDECK LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. I drop a series of men while he hardcasts
a DSC (using drain mana). I chump block so I go down to one life. I rip swords
off the top and get rid of DSC.

After I chump all I have left is a Javelineer but he casts an Oath. This is the
first time today where I use a javelin counter. Icatian Javelineers commits

We play draw go because he has oath on the table. He finally gets an orchard
which I waste after he gives me a token. I pass on my turn and he pulls out DSC.
I have arcane lab and null rod in play. I have rushing river and debate what to
do. Hit the token and DSC? Hit DSC and oath and drop the men in my hand along
with standstill to hope to draw into answers? I Rushing River DSC and Oath. He
has no counter. It goes to my turn and I topdeck a Meddling Mage which I play
naming oath. I go on to win.

Top 4: Travis with Rogue Blue-Artifact based deck

Props to Travis to coming this far. He has taken out the U/G madness player and
I'm a bit nervous because Travis also plays big men.

Game 1: He gets Crucible-Strip but I already have men on the table along with
null rod. His Trike takes me down to 3 and can't shoot me. My null rod keeps his
off-color moxen from working. I sword trike and force every other creature he
tries to play. Travis is at 6 life when 2 Meddling Mages and a Flying Man swing.
Flying Man turns into a Ninja and draws a card.
Game 2: He gets chalice for 2 down but I get Energy Flux. He mystical tutors and
REB's my flux. I topdeck another flux, waste one of his two lands. He never sees
another land and I play null rod. Weenies go the distance.

Finals: Justin with TPS again

Earlier on he told me "I'll see you in the top 16 later." Here I am. Video
coverage! Woohoo! My first one ever; this is his third one today.

Game 1: I can't win game one against combo.
Game 2: Lock components come down. A single factory goes the distance.
Game 3: As I said earlier, I must play prison. Arcane labs and Null Rods and
Orim's Chant. I play ALL of them. He can't beat the hate.

(There is better coverage of the finals between me and Justin. I don't know when
it will be up.)

A roar goes up from the masses. I am the first person to win two Waterburies.
Unfortunately I can't be entered into the "Tournament of Champions" twice and
Ray speculates that if the finals of the Tournament of Champions ends up being
me playing against myself, the world will collapse on itself.

Edit: Some clarification needed which was brought to my attention: When I say
something like "Arcane Lab and then Meddling Mage".... it's not necessarily in
the same turn. There was however, I admit, one time where I did make this error
in the finals and everyone caught it except for me and my opponent where I
played Arcane Lab and then Standstill. The game was over at that point so it
didn't matter, Standstill was just insult to injury and I wasn't even aware of
myself cheating at that time.

Card of the Day to Sign: Raise the Alarm
Then I found out there were 8 rounds and couldn't find an 8th Raise the Alarm.
So player number 8 signed a Foil Glory Seeker. Top 16, 8, and 4 signed a Call to
Arms, and the 2nd place player signed a Test of Faith due to a lack of 4th Call
to Arms.

Team Dubya:
Unfortunately only two of us could show today. Me and Peter Florkoski playing
Oath Salvagers with Tech. Both of were 5-1-0 and hoped we would play each other.
This way one of us would be guaranteed top 16 (by having one of draw the last
game). However we didn't play each other. Pete went 5-3-0 and I barely made top
16 in 14th place with 6-2-0.

Random Commentary and State of Vintage:
I won Waterbury a Year ago and scrubbed out all the Waterburies in between. I
guess it's destiny for me to be the spring time Waterbury winner. We'll see what
happens next year. I'm also proud of being the first person to win two
Waterburies. W00t.

The state of vintage is kind of weird right now. Trinisphere got the axe and
every deck is going crazy trying to "outbroken" each other. Combo is at an all
time high and thus my entire sideboard was devoted against combo. Every combo
deck does the same thing when trying to go crazy on each other (artifact mana,
multiple spells, single turn kill, etc), and thus I was able to build a
sideboard that was capable of defeating it but I kept it away from the maindeck
because I didn't think combo would show in high numbers due to difficulty of
play and the unpredictable metagame that is Waterbury. I took advantage of
everyone thinking it was safe to play combo by playing "Prison Disguised as
Fish." (It's only prison when against Combo)

I also noticed a resurgence of non-basic lands (which is something I might want
to take advantage of next time hint hint).

I felt that Fish and Bird Shit were good choices for this tournament. I thought
I would expect more Bird Shit and WU TANG Fish beats Bird Shit (Again, in theory
since no playtesting was done). I decided on playing WU TANG Fish because I
wanted to have a fun time and laugh when people saw the Javelineers and Ninjas.
I was considering posting the decklist earlier, but then people would laugh at
me (and it would give away the tech).

This deck does a lot of cool things, but I learned how to play it better. First
of all, Flying Men and Javelineers are great Force bait... you know, like Goblin
Welder. That's right, Flying Men is just as good a Force bait as Goblin Welder.
Also, for the combo match, it's best to turn into prison on them and slowly beat
them. The most problemative combo matchup is probably TPS because they play
slowly. TPS doesn't fit into the other combo decks that I described earlier
because it doesn't try to go insane ASAP, it can play slowly.

Although I've learned how to play the deck better now, will it still be viable
in the future? I don't know. It's lost it's surprise factor and that's how I won
the last year Waterbury with FCG (when people didn't know how to properly play
against FCG).

WU TANG Fish has a good matchup against everything fish had a good matchup in
but can also handle additional decks because of Meddling Mage and Swords. It has
a better aggro-matchup now as well with the addition of swords. I don't think
I'm ever going back to R/U Fish.

What about Vial Fish? Yeah, Vial Fish is good but null rod is so sweet. More
testing needs to be done. I know that there was a W/U Vial Fish deck in top 16
as well.

Why Do I Win With These Shitty Decks?
Seriously, forget all the crap about proper metagaming, predictions, and theory,
it's all (1) Luck and (2) Karma. There are A LOT of assholes who play Magic and
I refuse to let any assholes beat me. I don't mind losing to a good player, but
I can't stand losing to a jerk. And that's how I win. I build up my karmic level
by being a nice player. So everyone should take my advice: Be a nice player when
it doesn't matter (if it's a game winning play and mistakes are made, only then
it's ok to be a dick).
Also, think and plan. Magic is a lot like chess and there's a high level of
thinking and planning involved. I'm very glad that in the finals my opponent was
surrounded by all his friends whom he joked and talked with often. That was to
my advantage.
And of course, luck and risk. Last Waterbury I kept a one lackey, 5 land hand,
and that was game 3. This game 3, my opening hand was (I think) orim's chant and
5 lands. I saw this as an omen and kept it.

-Team Dubya
-All the cool people
-Ray for being cooler than the cooler people
-Marriott hotel for having really comfortable chairs

-AP Calc exam on Tuesday
-No one having a Raise the alarm or Call to Arms
-Douches and dicks (you know who you are)
-Not having TMD Membership.