Obligatory pre-tournament coverage: This tournament began as many others before
it. I was drunk and playing cards the night before. I was in Connecticut, which
is slightly unusual, but then again I have woken up in much stranger places
before. Like Tijuana. Waking up, however, was not something I had the luxury of
doing this time; the reason being that I never got around to getting to sleep. I
opted instead to drink a whole lot, and engage in lengthy discussions on the
state of the type 1 meta, magic in general, and my thoughts on Dragon and its
future. Eventually breakfast happened, and much coffee was consumed. This made
me happy. Somewhere in there, I decided to try and rename the deck formerly
known as Oshawa stompy. I decided to call it Big O, both as an abbreviation of
its original name and a reference to the cartoon. Honestly, I love green but
even I can't take the word 'stompy' seriously.

For reference, here is what I played:

Big O

4 Wild Mongrel
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Basking Rootwalla
4 Hidden Gibbons

3 Null Rod
3 Root Maze
1 Gaea's Blessing

2 Naturalize
1 Crop Rotation

4 Survival of the Fittest
4 Bazaar of Baghdad
4 Squee

11 Forest
4 Waste
1 Strip
1 Lotus
1 Emerald

We Have to Play Out Game 2?
4 Tormod's Crypt
4 Ground Seal
3 Troll Ascetic
2 Naturalize
1 Ground Seal
1 Silklash Spider (tech)

After coffee, I got some trading in, engaged in a massive lending campaign which
included lending out an entire set of power to other team Hadley people among
other things, and got some mixing and mingling done. Eventually, pairings came

Here is what I played my pile of bad green cards against:

Round 1: bye
I've played this matchup before, and I have never lost it. I had plenty of time
to get my scout on.

1-0, 2-0

Round 2: Welder MUD
Game 1: I wreck face because he forgets welders can block.
Game 2: he opens with land, go. I open with land, mox, crypt, root maze,
rootwalla, go. I drop the null rod turn 2. He never recovers, I eventually kill

2-0, 4-0

Round 3: Landstill
Game 1: I get turn 1 gibbons, turn 2 gibbons, arrogant wurm. I smash face.
Game 2: Turn 1 gibbons gets forced, turn 2 troll resolves. It keeps turning
sideways in the face of 2 mazes and a legacy's allure, etc. It goes all the way.
3-0, 6-0

Round 4: Dan Richardson (Pernicious Dude) playing Landstill
Game 1: This one was close, but I resolve some early threats and manage to ride
Game 2: He forces my first turn threat, then forces my second turn threat
pitching Acid Rain (phew!). I eventually resolve survival, then a troll. I
manage to ride the troll all of the way, he eats the lands that would play the

4-0, 8-0

Round 5: U/r Wizards
Game 1: I lose to a triple curiositied spiketail because I never see forest #2.
Game 2: I lose to some little red and blue things because I never see forest #2.
He gets some foil firebolts, which I sign for him.

4-1, 8-2

Round 6: Keeper
Game 1: I get some early beats and a root maze on the table, he eventually
hardcasts a decree for 2 to chump some wurms, and kills some of my stuff with
swords / smother. I land a survival, then a dog, and he is forced to balance
away his hand and most of his land to survive for another turn. I win on the
next turn instead.
Game 2: I crush him with big, fat green dudes the turn before he could land a
moat, thanks to root maze.

5-1, 10-2

Round 7: EBA
Game 1: I stomp all over him with active survival, double bazaar quadruple squee
action. Mongrel swings for the last fourteen points while I have 12 cards in
Game 2: He gets turn 2 angel, turn 3 moat. I see no naturalize in time.
Game 3: He gets turn 1 meddling mage naming naturalize, turn 2 moat. He
eventually lands an angel and goes to town. Yay for dumb luck.

5-2, 11-4

Round 8: Fish
Game 1: My dudes are bigger than his.
Game 2: But all of his fly
Game 3: But I have a silklash spider, and he kills them all.

6-2, 13-5

I end up taking 12th place, doing some more trading, and eating at Denny's. I
have no problem with this at all, since it was a great tournament and I paid
nothing to be there.

Green, for being the best color in Magic
Root Maze, for being just that cool
Silklash spider, for eating flyers and liking it.

Meddling mage, for naming naturalize
Moat, for not letting my dudes attack
Lack of sleep, for owning me all day long.