Running so late. Rush home and grab my deck, which had not been touched since
the L.A. trip. Oh crap, Mirrodin is legal now. Hmm... where did I put those
CotVs? Don't even think about main deck changes, I'm late. Hmm... okay. Pull
these out of the sideboard and throw in the CotVs. No testing, no reading the
TMD prior, just do it...

This week's deck: WelderMUD. Again.

2 Karn, Silver Golem
4 Metalworker
1 Triskelion

1 Black Lotus
4 Grafted Skullcap
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Memory Jar
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
2 Null Brooch
3 Powder Keg
4 Smokestack
4 Sphere of Resistance
1 Sol Ring
4 Tangle Wire
1 Winter Orb

4 Goblin Welder
1 Viashino Heretic

4 Mishra's Workshop
6 Mountain
1 Strip Mine
1 Tolarian Academy
4 Wasteland

SB: 3 Chalice of the Void
SB: 2 Ensnaring Bridge
SB: 2 Serrated Arrows
SB: 2 Tormod's Crypt
SB: 3 Blood Moon
SB: 3 Rack and Ruin

Brief match summary:

Round 1: Dan (Sui Black)

Every time Dan and I play, seems like he gets godly draws while I draw flaming
piles. Hopefully that will end tonight...

Game 1: My !@#$ing deck HATES me!
Opening hand of Metalworker, Mox, Mountain, and Welder with three high casting
cost artifacts to round out. "Draw into a third mana source or get Hymned, then
Welder the good stuff in..." is what I'm thinking, so I keep. Land, Mox, Welder,
go. Ugh. Turns out I do not draw another mana source for the game nor does Dan
help me by Hymn. Instead he elects to cast Negator and Shade. Beatings...

In: 2 Chalice of the Void, 2 Ensnaring Bridge
Out: 2 Null Brooch, 1 Smokestack, 1 Winter Orb

Game 2: Draw seven. Only mana source is Black Lotus with no Metalworker. Too
risky, I send it back and mull. Draw six. No mana source hand. Ugh. Blood
pressure rising, headache coming on. Man, could I use one of UnstableCornBreads'
Midols right now... Anywho, keep the five card hand; whatever it was. Dan's
opening turn features Swamp, Ritual, Duress, Null Rod, go. GG. Anyone seen
'CornBread? Headache's getting worse...

0-1-0, 0-2-0

Round 2: Cherie Ann (mono-B)

In fairness, her deck was not complete. Playing for fun with the bonus if she
wins... Yeah, but if I lose she wrecks my rating.

Game 1: General WelderMUD brokenness.
Especially painful since I never drew into Karn or Trike. Yes, it was the
Metalworker going... all... the... way.

In: No change.
Out: No change.

Game 2: General WelderMUD brokenness.

I felt kinda bad. Her first experience playing wMUD and her highlight from both
games was casting a Duress before being locked. She was a good sport, even
though she muttered, "I hate that deck" several hundred times during the match.

1-1-0, 2-2-0

Round 3: Ron (Gay Fish)

Game 1: I ask myself, "Feel lucky, punk?"
Not knowing what Ron was playing, I keep a hand with Lotus as my only mana
source. Lotus, Metalworker... resolves! General WelderMUD brokenness.

In: 2 Chalice of the Void
Out: 1 Smokestack, 1 Tangle Wire

Game 2: General WelderMUD brokenness.

General WelderMUD brokenness.
Hmm... not very descriptive and I seem to use it a lot in my tourney reports.
However, if you play or have played against DuckTape, MUD, wMUD, or Stax, you
probably know what I am implying. For those who do not know, I am preventing the
opponent from playing any spells, including Moxen when really broken, and just
play land, go. After that, it gets worse for the opponent...
Good times!

2-1-0, 4-2-0

Round 4: Max, TMD spevack (Keeper)

Max: If you read this thread, could you please fill in the blanks and give a
commentary of our match.

Game 1: Epic battle!
Very, very long game as Max is successful in keeping Metalworker and Welder off
the table. However, I have an active Viashino Heretic keeping his Isochron
Scepter combo off the table. Mid to late game, Max has an active Mox Monkey
eating anything casting three or less. Attempting to drop threat after threat,
one finally resolves and lives to become active, Welder. Weld in Metalworker.
Weld in Memory Jar when Metalworker becomes active...

In: 2 Blood Moon, 1 Chalice of the Void
Out: 2 Smokestack, 1 Winter Orb

Wanted to keep the Winter Orb in to take better advantage of Workshop. I also
wanted all three CotV to try and hose Isochron Scepter. Without playtesting I
was unsure how to side...

Game 2: Max opens with Tundra, Mox, Mox, go. Draw. Hmm, unspectacular. Trying to
bait counters, I play Mountain, Mox, Welder... resolves. End of turn, Max
Cunning Wishes for Shattering Pulse. Hmm. He plays land, Isochron Scepter
imprinting Shattering Pulse. Hmm. I need to get one of his Moxen in the grave to
do Welder tricks. However, time is called and we are now on five turns. Although
it is not over for me, Max is in a much better position...

3-1-0, 5-2-1

Clearly, the new Keeper build is going to be strong and my sideboard will have
to be better developed. Thinking of including Mox Monkeys in the side to combat
CotV while giving me a chance against IS and Null Rod. Meanwhile, I would like
to run CotV in my main. Have some ideas on how to do that, just need to find the
time to actually test...

Congrats to SauceMaster on the victory, 4-0!