Frank and Sons, September 20th, again, being located in LA, I expected more
people to show up. But fortunatley we had 8 people. And were able to start the
tournament without much delay.

1 White Weenie(Me)
2 Fish
2 Void
1 Welder Mud
1 Suicuide
1 Sligh

/rant Therefore I began the day with a shower, drove towards a happy meal, and
then finally franks. I arrived around 10, in which I found no one there. Since
someone stole my whole sideboard the week before, I was forced to spend 15.50 on
another one :cry:. /rant

Btw. My memory is hazy, I almost never take notes, so bear with me if this is
not as accurate as it should be.

Without further ado, my decklist:

4 Silver Knight
4 Savannah Lions
3 Order of the White Shield
3 Jackal Pups
4 Soltari Priest
3 Soltari Monk

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Chain Lightning
4 Swords to Plowshare
4 Seal of Cleansing

3 Flooded Strand
3 Windswept Heath
4 Plateau
4 Battlefield Forge
7 Plains

4 ReB
4 Blood Moon
4 Null Rod
3 Tormod's Crypt

Game 1: Raymond with B/G Void

Practice had shown both of us that this was a great matchup for me. Round one
should be really easy, while round two should only be a litte more difficult. I
lent him 3 Masticores for the tournament, which at the time, I deeply regreted
:p . Anyway

Round 1:
He won the dice roll, and duressed me, taking out the swords. I then placed down
the Lions, then a Order. I killed his shade via one of my removals. He never
drew into a deed, or another threat in which I did not handle. I quickly killed

Sideboard: No Changes. I had nothing to side against him, I thought about Null
Rod, but figured it would be foolish to side out anything for it in this

He sideboarded 2 Smothers, 3 Masticores, and 3 Dystopias.

Round 2: See round one, except he mulliganed to 5, while I mulliganed to 6.
Disrupting me the first turn, I retaliated with an assault by Lions and somthing
else. I think he got out a Dystopia, I'm not sure, but I ran over him quickly. I
think I finished him off with burn.

1-0, 2-0

Game 2: David Hernandez with Welder Mud

Round 1: My memory can not seem to remember that much, but I remember him
getting out Karn turn 1, and me StPing it the following turn. I layed down Lions
and Knight, and He layed down another Karn. I swung for 2, and did not take into
account Karn's -4/+4 ability. Thus wasted a turn. However I am saved by him
doing virtually nothing on his following turn. Thus I layed down 2 more
creatures, and started swinging for 6 each turn. With him blocking my Order
repeatly, but unable to stabilize with anything, I quickly killed him.

Sideboard: -2 Silver Knights, -2 Soltari Monks(I wanted to chump block his Karn
etc). +4 Null Rods.

Round 2:
I got out first turn Jackal Pup, with him getting out Serrated Arrows against
me. After losing my pup, I slammed down a Null Rod either 2nd or 3rd turn. I
think it was most likely 3rd, since I remember seeing a Sphere. But anyway the
Null Rod basically shuts him down the whole game, taking away Karn, Metal
Worker, Moxen, Searing Arrows, etc. However David soon held me back with
repeated Tangle Wires, and a Winter Orb. I got rid of all his Welders, and was
slowly dealing damage to him with my Order. He layed down a Grafted Skullcap.
And I answered, using a Soltari Priest. The game dragged on for a long while. He
eventually got out an Academy :(. But thanks to the Rod, He was unable to do
anything with his 6 mana, so he burned down to 10. I swung repeatedly. He layed
down another Skullcap. But still was not able to stabilize, despite getting 3
cards per turn. It came down to the following situation: Me 3 tapped plains, 2
W/R lands, 2 Creatures, 1 Null Rod. Him 2 Smokestack with 3 counters total,
Tangle Wire with 2 counters, winter orb, crap load of lands and useless
artifacts. He was at 3 life. I resolved the smokestack first, sacing 3 plains.
Then tapping the Null Rod and the Plateau. Thus swinging for lethal damage.

It was a great game, and very fun too. Just goes to show that White Weenie does
not suck.

2-0, 4-0

Game 3: Max with Suicide Black
We agreed to split the prize before the round, but still to play it for the
placings. :laugh:

Round 1:
Total stomping. I got out Order, and a Monk. With him duressing me, taking away
Chain Lightning, and poping a Shade. I topdecked removal, and took the game.

Sideboard: No Changes

Round 2:
Again a total stomping. He did disrupt me quite a bit this time. I managed to
get 2 creatures out. He poped out a Hippie, I topdecked Bolt. He poped out
Negator ??? I topdecked Chain. He scooped soon after.


1st place: White Weenie/Red(Pyromania, [Me]). 3-0, 6-0

White Weenie, indeed is a solid deck; one which can snatch victories out of
fully powered control, aggro, and somtimes even well prepared combo decks.

-Me for getting 1st, even if it was in a small tournament like this.
-Charlie for lending me a Null Rod
-Raymond for letting me use his deck box.

No Slops.

Deck Choices:

Order over White Knight: I did not expect much decks running Fire/Ice. Plus
Order truly is a house versus Void.

Seals Maindeck: There is nothing I cannot seal in the Frank and Son's Metagame.
Ranging from Moxes-Voids.

Tormod's Crypt: For random stuff, dragon, reanimator, FEB, Tog/ anything that
relies on graveyard.