Luckily, someone had the presence of mind to check on the actual start time of
the Waterbury tourney. We were all sort of under the impression that it was
going to start some time around noon. We all got up just in time to run out the
door and make it there right before the start time, which happened to be 11.
Several bottles of water and a few wrong turns later, Hadley shows up to

Round 1: Joe (no TMD account) playing Masked Dryad

Game 1: I try to play some stuff, some of it gets countered, I manage to resolve
a few threats and pound him down to 11. It isn't looking good, until I topdeck a
twister which he lets resolve (he later claimed that he didn't have to). I twist
into a bunch of brokenness and win that turn.

Game 2: he sacs a lotus to brainstorm with a mask already on the table, floating
UU. He brainstorms into double naughts with just enough floating to play both of
them I am able to hold it off for a turn, but die on the next.

Game 3: turn 1 mask / naught is no fun.

Games: 1-2
Matches: 0-1

Round 2: Alex (Lord Of The Goats) playing HulkSmash

Game 1: My little guys sneak in under his counters and I steal the game pretty

Game 2: After a few rounds of beatings and a deed or 2 blowing stuff up, he is
at 3 life and I have 2 dorks on the board, either one of which will eat him
alive next turn. He intuitions for tog / tog / tog EOT. The only thing that can
save him is if he topdecks YawgWill. He does, and I lose.

Game 3: some brokenness with a berserked tog happened.

At this point, I was considering scrubbing out, along with several other people
I knew to be doing the same. I decided to play it out, though, and let the next
round decide whether or not I was going to stick with it. I had already stopped
taking notes halfway through the last round. As soon as I stopped taking names,
though, I started kicking ass.

Games: 1-2
Matches: 0-2

Round 3: Elves


This match didn't take too long, but I still think it might have been the
longest round after the YawgWill incident. It is still fresh in my memory, and I
vent my aggression all over the little green dorks, beating them like redheaded
stepchildren. Violent eruption owns the elves all day long.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 1-2

Round 4: Tendrils / Academy

Game 1 was all about turn 3. That's where I lotus into wheel floating GG, wheel
into a mongrel, play it off of the floating, pitch my hand to the mongrel,
twister floating GGG UUU, find windfall off of the twister, pitch my hand,
windfall into frantic search, pitch everything, and swing with a 17/17 mongrel
and 2 rootwallas, with him at 18 life. I was holding ancestral and wheel, but
was out of mana. This turn made 2nd place for play of the day.

Game 2: My opening hand consists of LED, bazaar, rootwalla, anger, blood moon, 2
land and REB. I drop the bazaar, drawing into lotus, roar, and wonder. I pitch
anger, wonder, and rootwalla to the bazaar, then drop lotus, blood moon, and
LED. I beat him down to 11, then he manages to play form of the dragon on his
turn (wtf?) he passes, and I throw some burn at his nuts on my turn. He tries to
adjust his life total to something more than 0, but I remind him that his form
put him at 5 at the end of his turn.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 2-2

So, since it seems that I finally remembered how to play magic, I don't feel
like such a scrub anymore. I didn't find out until after the round, but there
was a prize for the quickest KO, I found myself the proud recipient of a 6/6
wurm token (which I have already altered to the correct Trogdor the BURNiNATOR

Round 5: Mask / Stompy

Game 1: I get a turn 1 Bazaar, LED, lotus, sac lotus for red, sol ring, wheel,
float GGG off of LED, mox, mongrel, arrogant off of the floating with anger in
the yard. He drops a mask and a 1cc creature off of a rit on his turn. I bazaar
up Wonder, toss out a Trogdor token, pitch my hand to the mongrel and swing for
the win. He flips over the 1cc creature, it was a rogue elephant.

Game 2: This one is all about his poker face. I start with a hand of fetch,
land, bazaar, artifact mutation, LED, arrogant, and mongrel. He drops a land and
a ranger, I drop a land, LED, and pass. He drops a mask and a 1cc creature and
swings with the ranger, I drop a land and pass. Meanwhile, he's doing everything
short of jump up and down and giggle. The word savage definitely gets uttered at
least once or twice as he goes down to 1 card in hand to tutor for what I know
must be berserk for what I know must be a face down naught. He swings, I declare
no block, and he berserks the naught. Artifact mutation ends his game right
there. I drop bazaar next turn, along with a mongrel and an arrogant, pitch
anger, and start going to town.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 3-2

Round 6: Keith (ctthespian) playing RG TnT

We seem to get paired in every tournament we both play in, and my madness has
never done well even thought TnT is a great matchup for it. I have theorized
that it has something to do with the aura of pimpness surrounding his beta
duals. Whatever the case, he asks me if I'd like to just concede. There is
already a crowd gathering to watch, but I doubt definitely wouldn't have taken
him up on it anyhow. Madness was on a roll.

Game 1 he gets an early survival, and I get early beats and burn his early
welder. He gets an active welder, which nets him colossus with anger in the
yard. I take one on the chin from the colossus, he welds it into a trike and
takes out a mongrel and 2 rootwallas. I manage to topdeck twister, twist, burn
his welder, and swing to put him in the red zone with me at 11. I pass, he
survivals for a welder, throwing a colossus and a trike in the yard, then goes
to tap his welder. I remind him that he no longer has anger because of the
twister. He scoops.

Game 2: I drop a bazaar on turn 1, pitching ray of revelation, riftstone portal,
and a rootwalla. Next turn I throw another ray in the yard, along with anger and
wonder, and toss out another rootwalla, I swing with both dorks into a tetravus,
and back it up with burn to take out his flyer. I drop a bunch of hasted, flying
fat on my next turn, and swing over his head for a bunch. He promptly scoops to
riftstone portal / ray of revelation tech. He was holding blood moon, and
survival never even hit the table.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 4-2

So, I miss T8 by 1 point, which basically comes down to the topdecked Yawg Will.
None of my matches after that one, though, took longer than 5 minutes, and I
didn't lose a single game from that point on. Overall, I was happy with the day
since I had only managed to get 4 hours of sleep the night before and my quick
sweeps afforded me plenty of time to trade between rounds.

-Chris (moobius) for driving, staying until the end of the tournament, and
finishing 1 place above me
-Timetwister for showing up and just winning so many games
-Ray, for holding a great tournament and hooking me up with the wurm token
-Alex (Lord of the Goats) for ninjifying my new Asian windfall (now that's real
ultimate power)
-Everyone who hooked me up with foily and Asian stuff to Madness

-The rest of team Hadley, for not making it through to the second day (you would
have upgraded it to a lotus)
-Yawg Will, for being broken
-Myself, for forgetting how to play magic in the first 2 rounds.