I managed to wake up in time to catch a ride with team Hadley, and make it down
to Rhode Island pretty much without incident. Before the tourney starts, I walk
around and see a lot of negators, duresses, shades, and hymns. This, as well as
my lack of sleep, did not bode well for FEB. I ended up having Ben
(SummenSaugen) flip a coin to see what I would play. The toss ended up in favor
of madness, so I had to run around and collect some of the pimpness I had lent
out to reassemble the deck, fill out a new reg sheet, and make some last minute
changes to the main. I ended up cutting the Mox Diamond in the main for a
riftstone portal, and I haven't looked back. I have been so impressed by it that
I traded the diamond away on Sunday.

The diamond has been on the fence for a while now, earning the nickname "da
ballsack" because when I'm topdecking with a bazaar in play that's all I can say
when I see it. Ballsack. It's a house when you've already dropped a land and you
see it off of a draw-7, but I really don't need to improve my drops after a
draw-7. They just happen. Throwing a portal into the yard makes bazaars tap for
mana, and makes volcs tab for everything except black. That's not such a bad
thing. I have never been unhappy to see it when it shows up, which is definitely
not something I can say about the diamond.

For reference, here is the list I played all weekend:

Bombs Over Baghdad
Created by: iLL_DaWg

The Funky Beats
4 Wild Mongrel
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Basking Rootwalla
3 Roar of the Wurm

Mad Phat & Supa' Fly
3 Anger
2 Wonder

This Tastes Like Burning
3 Fiery Temper
2 Violent Eruption

I Make Drawing Fun
3 Deep Anal
3 Bazaar of Baghdad
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Wheel
1 Windfall
1 Timetwister
1 Frantic Search

Lands That Don't Draw Me Cards
3 wooded foothills
3 trop
3 volc
3 tiaga
1 Riftstone Portal

Lotuses (Loti?)
1 black lotus

1 jet
1 sapphire
1 ruby
1 emerald
1 pearl
1 sol ring

Board Advantage
3 Ray of Revelation
3 Artifact Mutation
2 Hurkyl's Recall
2 Riftstone Portal
2 Blood Moon

And, as always, cheering me on from the sidelines
3 Wurm Tokens (with the Trogdor the BURNiNATOR alternate artwork

Round 1: Andy (Hyperion) playing PT Funk

Game 1: Wurm beatz. My 2 Arrogant Wurms beat him senseless enough to drop a
negator. I send 6 points of burn at it, clearing his side of the board and
making it that much easier to scoop.

Game 2: This was a lot closer. He rode me down to 8 with an early shade. I
decide to pretend that I'm way cooler than I really am and swing with my entire
reptilian task force of doom, putting him securely in the red zone. I know that
he will win this one if he has a lotus and a rit. I get nervous when he tutors,
thinking that there's some sick lotus - rit - rit action coming my way, but
instead he goes in for an edict in the hopes of slowing me down some. I topdeck
frantic search into an arrogant wurm and wonder, with anger already in the yard,
giving me the extra juice I need to smash in his face.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 1-0

Round 1: Gabe (no TMD account) playing some G/B thing with braids, smokestacks,
and squirrels.

Game 1: My turn 1 was a bazaar and lots of bling. Turn 2 was Mongrel, pitch
anger, wonder, and double rootwallas, and swing for a bunch. It was over on 3.

Game 2: I keep a slow hand of 4 lands, 2 roar of the wurm, and LED. He starts
beating me down with 1/1's, then I topdeck a bazaar and start doing stupid
things with it. I remember eruption hitting 4 dorks the same turn bazaar hit,
then next turn 2 hasted trogdor tokens hit the table.

Games: 4-0
Matches: 2-0

Round 3: Mike (MixingMike) playing PhelonKnowsBest.dec

This is the same deck that Ben (SummenSaugen) netdecked from Phelon (Hulk3rules)
and then beat him with. While I'm never happy to seem team Hadley losing, I
thought it was hilarious that the guy who netdecked it from Ben ended up beating
him with it.

Game 1: Beatz, early and often. An early keg for 0 takes out 3 mox and a trogdor
token that has already done some damage. I topdeck a bazaar, then proceed to go
to town with more Trogdor tokens.

Finally, I touch my sideboard for something other than Wurm tokens for the first
time of the day:

-3 Deep Anal
-3 Fiery Temper

+3 Ray of Revelation
+3 REB

Game 2: An early Trogdor resolves, which he taps out to control on his turn. I
hardcast ray of revelation and get it back EOT. I resolve a second trogdor on my
turn, as well as an arrogant wurm and a rootwalla. He controls a trogdor again
on his turn, and this time has a FoW for the ray I flash back at it. We trade
wurm tokens. He drops morphling, which tries unsuccessfully to go toe to toe
with my flying arrogant wurm. Eventually, he's forced to chump to survive, and I
swing for the win next turn. I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside whenever a
morphling is forced to chump a member of team lizard beatz.

Games: 6-0
Matches: 3-0

Round 4: Dave (Eastman) playing Trinity Keeper with the KrOathan SB

Game 1: Hasted, flying lizards go for the nuts.

-3 Fiery Temper
-3 Deep Anal
-2 Wonder

+3 REB
+2 Ray of Revelation
+2 Blood Moon
+1 Riftstone Portal

Game 2: He KrOaths me out at 2 life.

Game 3: He resolves 2 oaths and the abyss, and manages to stall out the game at
1 life forever. When I drop blood moon, I forget to bazaar in response to dig a
few cards deeper , and in the end it made all the difference. I was holding 3
creatures, with most of the land in my deck sitting there ready to go. I could
have hardcast anger, then hardcast beatsticks if anger got countered to swing
for the win. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten 1 point in, since he could not
FoW without killing himself. I never see, though, and he topdecks the will to
powerstroke me out. I flip over the top card, and there's anger staring right at
me. If I had just dug 1 card deeper. . . . but whatever.

Games: 7-2
Matches: 3-1

Round 5: Tony (T-Funk) playing Reanimator with Bazaars

Game 1: Team crazy lizard > his reanimated Bladewing the Risen.

Game 2: phantom Nishoba wrecks me. Iridescent Angel doesn't suck, either. I see
no bazaar.

Game 3: My turn 1 bazaar just does too much stupid stuff for him to handle.
Stupidity ensues and I run over him with my reptilian hordes.

Games: 8-3
Matches: 4-1

Round 6: Rich (The Atog Lord, aka Bizarro Jared) playing cards. Most likely 60
of them.

We ID, I never get a chance to see which cards in particular he is playing with.

Games: 8-3
Matches: 4-1-1

Top 8: Chris (No TMD account) playing sub-optimal Urphid

Just like the last 3 power tournaments I've been to, I lose to mana screw in T8
to Urphid. I guess it's somewhat of a tradition now. He definitely busted out
some mishra's factories, and some AKs (without intuition), and other randomness.
I definitely mulled a few times and didn't get anything worth keeping.

So, I didn't win anything, but I managed to T8 with this thing again. This was
actually the last time that I was able to say that madness had never failed to
bring me to T8.

Of the 8 members of team Hadley that showed up for the tourney, only 3 of us
decided to stick around and hit up Waterbury on Sunday. We gave Aaron
(KerzKid11) a ride back to his place, even though he seemed to have forgotten
where he lived, and met up with some other RI players. Beverage consumption
occurred, playtesting followed. Sleep didn't happen until about 4am, again.

-Chris (Moobius), for driving
-KerzKid, for putting us up for the night
-Madness, for being madness
7-11, for giving out free slurpees

-Anger, for hiding at the bottom pf the deck with both of your brothers
-My manabase, for refusing to go past T8