1st round against errr Jaco with Keeper.

Round One.
I got a wierd starting hand... 3 lands and like 2 creatures. I kept. I manage to
start off with some knights and lions. I began to deal some dmg to him. I then
tried to push it by getting more guys in. But he had the counters.. Eventually
sworded and fired away my guys. I couldn't get any more out. Sooner or later he
got out Morphling and it was game.

Side: +3 Moons, +4 Blasts, +1 Seal -2 chain, -I forgot the rest.

Game 2 We had to hurry, I started off really really slow. My starting hand was 2
creatures again and 3 land. I think 1 rod and burn or something. I began with
tithing, and summoning lions I think. I couldn't get my threats out and deal
enough dmg to him. I remember my Miner's killing his mana base... I drew 2 Red
Blasts but they didn't do anything. I was really wanting that blood moon once
the abyss hit... But sadly none came. He dealt with my guys and summoned
morphling. It was 5 minutes left. I hoped for a tie... A tie didn't come.

Round 2 Guy with Sligh
Game 1
I kept a nice hand with 2 lands and 3 creatures. 2 other utility spells. It was
game right away. He had only 1 Waste out for like 3 turns. While I had 2
Priests... and 1 Knight out. I kept on hitting him for 6. He never got back on

Sideboard:+3 Swords, +2 Chain. -1 Seal, -2 Wasteland. -1 of something else.

Game 2
This was really much like game one. Except he wasn't Mana screwed. I got out
threats. He got out threats. I managed to burn away his pups :cool: and some
other guys. I swung with my guys. He blocked with his. Eventually he got me down
to 11 while I got him down to 7. I had 2 burn in my hand. 3 Guys which would
swing for 6. He drew Progress... I accidently and stupidly put an extra unneeded
Nonbasic out. He had 2 progresses. He won. How should I know he ran those???

Game 3
It was much like game 2. Except I was at a much higher life. He started out with
a shaman and pup. I killed pup. He blocked my lions with shaman. He drew nothing
but land from then on. And I drew nothing but creatures. I had at least 2
Priests out. Anarchy never came up for him.

He was really nice guy and we talked for some time after the match.

Sofar my record was 1-1, 2-3.

Round 3 Charlie playing Pox
Due to playing, I knew this wasn't that hard of a matchup for me. Still this
being for first Type 1 tourney, I made sure not to be overconfident.

Game 1
He started out decently. I dropped 2 guys. One being an Order and the other a
Miner I think. I remember he dropped some Idols, which I quickly burned out.
However he got out 2 more Idols!!! 2 Kegs :(  and 1 or 2 Cursed Scrolls :( .
Even though I continued to draw guys, he killed them. However during the round
which I had only 1 Order out. I was so neverous. I drew NULL ROD!!! yay. I
slamed it down dropping another Order and a Knight for the win.

Side:+2 Seals, +3 Swords, +2 Chains -3 Miners, -2 Wasteland -1 Strip Mine, -1

Game 2
I stupidly kept a 1 land hand. I had a bunch of 1cc casting guys and was
confident I was going to get more land. After all since I have all the guys now,
land must be coming up.... Unfortunatly that didn't happen... I set out my
plateau, and a pup, he strips it... I was stuck on land for a while. While he
kept beating me with Idols. Once I managed to stabilize, he had already too many
threats out. He got rid of the Red mana source, therefore I was unable to kill
idols. He then balanced. Swung for lethal dmg.

Game 3
Things were wierd. I sat up with another 1 land hand... After all, what were his
chances of having a wasteland??? He had a wasteland... I managed to get a lion
out. He had no removal as of yet. Therefore I swung a couple turns. Managed to
get another land. He dropped an Idol, shifting us into a standstill. I had no
red mana sources. But I did have null rod... I drew a Forge later and Slammed
down the rod. He had 2 racks, but I had 4 hand. I then began dropping more guys,
going down my life also. He poxed. I swung. Eventually the rod just won me the
game. He drew no balance. I swung for lethal dmg.

He was a cool guy, I think he was a little annoyed at me having to shuffle his
deck. But I'm used to it so yea... I lent him my wasteland beforehand which he
later returned in suprisingly better condition... :D

Round 4 This guy, I think his name was Pat playing Nether Void
I still had a chance to make top 4... But I ended up playing what I knew to be a
bad matchup. He beat Sligh, therefore I sorta didn't feel too good playing him.

Game 1
I started off with a most pathetic hand. No lands. I mulliganed to 4 lands and 2
burn and 1 Tithe... not good. Not wanting to mulligan to 5, I kept. He started
off with something like duress or a Spector... I think it was Specter. I managed
to burn it, howerver he hymned me, and duressed me I think. And I drew only 2
creatures. I got 1 out, he got 1 void.... things were looking bad for me, so I

Side:+1 Seal I forgot the rest

Game 2
I got a better looking hand this time. 2 Creatures and 3 land, 2 other things I
forgot. He got the Necro out early. I had the Seal. However, not reading closly
what the Necro does, I screwed up a little and sealed it end of his turn. He had
a full hand, I ended up with a near empty one. After droping some threats and
having them dealt with, I scooped.

Anyway, it was fun, and I didn't do as bad as I thought I would've lol.

Good: Me getting 2 great matchups.
Me getting able to play with a really cool deck.
Talking to decent people.
Getting a nice hand vs Sligh.

Bad: Me getting really horrible hands.
Me not Muliganning (I'm so stupid)
Me losing to Keeper and Void
Me getting knocked out of top 4 at Round 4...
Me not getting creatures vs Void.