I actually have retired. But I promised to support 401 (in toronto) until the
end of the year so I go once every two months. This pushed me to the tournament.
only fifteen people showed up but there were some good players and power.

I arrived early and pulled out my unholy deck (zombie-burn) and played about ten
games. Even though it does not sound like a type 1 deck, I ran through three
opponents before the main tournament began. I lost one game. I played Gro, U/r
and sligh. But when the tournament began I brought out the beast...


Mana: 18
4x Tropical Island
4x Island
4x Flooded Strand
2 Moxen
Black Lotus

Creatures: 4
4x Quirion Dryad

Combo: 9
4x Illusionary Mask
4x Phyrexian Dreadnaught

Counters: 9
4x Force of will
3x Misdirection
2x Voidmage Apprentice

Search/Utility: 20
4x Gush
4x Brainstorm
4x Sleight of Hand
3x Merchant Scroll
2X Cunning Wish
Time Walk
Ancestral Recall

sb: 15
4 BeB
3 Natuaralize
2 Gilded Drake
2 Magus of the Unseen
1 Submerge
1 FoF
1 Berserk
1 Dominate

I prefer this version to Tainted Mask. It is consistent and resiliant. I tried
U/g/b and really was not pleased with it but I suppose some will play Demonic,
Vamp, Will and Togs over and some search and the Islands could be Underground
Seas. I just don't like it as much as U/g. I need consistency in a deck. This
plays itself.

Round one ...
I played a nice fellow who brought a combo deck that I never got to see go off.
I played first and on turn one got an Island and brainstormed into a Mox
Emerald, Fastbond and Gush. His turn he plays out a land.
I lay a land, tap two mana Gush get another Gush and a Mask and find two
Dreadnaughts in hand. Keep track. I now have a two Dreads in play. He plays
another land, artifact mana and an Altar of Dementia. I draw Voidmage and play
it under the Mask and attack.
Turn three win folks.
Game two was more of the same and on turn four I attacked with three Dreads -

matches 1-0 games 2-0

Round two...
My opponent is playing a TnT variant that also sports mask.
Game one he gets a Mask turn two but I Cunning Wish a Naturalize (I have
Fastbond and mana to spare) and play my own mask turn four with counter backup
and Dreads.
I side in Magus, Naturalizes and Drakes and show him. He has no real sideboard
for me. This game ends around turn four again as my opening hand has two
Naturalizes and Drake.
I remember a Memory Jar being played early and it got me a Mystical Tutor for
Ancestral and him more mana. That was pretty much game.

matches 2-0 games 4-0

Round three...
My opponent says he can top four by taking two draws. As I don't care I say
sure. He was a nice guy with an R/g beatz deck. We play for fun with no
sideboards - never wished either - he takes me apart 2-1. But it was for fun.
Still a nice guy and I was happy to let him draw in either way.

matches 2-0-1 games 5-1-1

Round four...
The first manadrainer - Arend (specialk). I own Arend and he knows it. I offer a
draw so he can get in but he's not sure it will be enough. He wants to play.
Game one my deck completely craps out. Still we go awhile before he finally
overwhelms me with Goblin Trenches tokens (his win condition). Arend plays a lot
of counters, and StPs so I expect it to be tough if I am slow going off.
After siding my deck loves me again and I win two very fast matches.

matches 3-0-1 games 7-2-1

Since I only came out in support I conceded my spot in top four as two of the
decks I had actually played:
R/g beatz 2-0-2 (last spot)
TnT variant 3-1

Gro-a-Tog by dicemanx went 3-1 as well so I actually ended up with the best
record in Swiss.
Gro-a-tog won it all.

Dicemanx suggests that I add Steely Resolve to the side and I think he might be
right. Nontheless the deck performed well and the main deck is solid. I will
have to play again in two months just to show support and maybe more people will
show up and I can continue to test out the efficiency of the deck.

This deck is really good. Are there any scourge cards I should look at for the