Well, we, me and Koen van der Hulst (thug), proved our personally created decks
good, by finishing 1st and 3rd , and Stefan, who copied our deck, finished 4th.
We're quite satisfied.

Short report with some gaps sometimes, I didn't take any notes.
27 players, I guess about ten fully powered decks.
I wasn't quite sure if it was good to play here, I knew quite a lot of
experienced 1600 ranking players could be here. These are quite dangerous for
you're ranking, like mine of 1815.
However, I went, after sideboarding 3 crumbling sanctuaries extra against sligh,
which is a deck 1600 players, but still skilled players, but who are new to type
1 tournament, tend to play.

My decklist:

4 Smokestack
4 Tangle Wire
4 Powder Keg
3 Winter Orb
4 Grafted Skullcap
3 Karn, Silver golem
4 Sphere of Resistance
4 Metalworker
3 Ensnaring Bridge
1 Memory Jar
1 Sol Ring
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Black Lotus
1 Strip Mine
4 Wasteland
3 Petrified Field
4 Mishra's Workshop
4 City of Traitors
1 Tolarian Academy
4 Jester's Cap
2 Null Brooch
1 Ensnaring Bridge
3 The Rack
3 Crumbling Sanctuary
1 Thran Foundry

First round. I was paired against a sligh deck, which somehow played green, and
blue for ancestral. First game he began, and got out lackey. I got to choose
between a first turn smokestack, or a sphere, maybe even a keg, but I wasn't to
go for the last option. However I went with sphere, which was a good option
since he was low on mana and I could waste his only other land. Second turn
smokestack, and slowly he bled to death. He got two flunkies out with lackey,
but after a few attacks I killed the lackey on turn four with the keg, and he
wasn't able to attack anymore. A few direct damage cards came through, but that
didn't matter. Karn finished the job.
Second game. I sided in the sanctuaries. Starting hand was workshop, two fields,
karn, jar, and sanctuary and some card.., which I could play first turn, which
made me decide to keep. Could be scary against a wasteland, but I still decided
to keep. He played land and mox, and a critter. I played that one card I forgot,
and drew another workshop.
He had wastelands, but decided not to use. How painful that would turn out to
be. I played another workshop, and went for sanctuary. Well, end of game. He
still never used wasteland, which he draw 3 of later on. I grinded his deck with
a karn, a 5/5 sanctuary and some card I later got from my jar.

Matches 1-0
Games 2-0

Second round, game 1. I played versus black. I don't recollect to much of this
game actually, but after my first turn sphere he told me he heard from the guy I
just played, he was f*cked. That was his spirit. He got a cursed scroll out, but
tangle wires kept him busy. Karn finished the job.
Second game, he asked me not to sideboard, to make it even worse, but I stared
at him without answering. I didn't sideboard anything though, I don't have
anything extra against black. I saw him sideboarding 4 disks.
First turn smokestack. Yup, finished. He kept a hand with 3 rituals, a hippie
and some crap. He hoped to draw into a disk a suddenly play it. I didn't draw
any spheres so it would be an option. I kept him at no lands with my
smokestack/skullcap, and he didn't draw into a disk. Finally Karn finished.

Matches 2-0
Games 4-0

Third round. This would be scary. Koen and I both played Mud, along with Stefan,
who copied our deck, and played it here for the first time on a tourney. We all
feared the mirror. This round is when it happened. A paired against Koen, while
Stefan, the copier to make it worse, could secure a easy win, while one of the
creators of the deck would die here. We decided drawing would have any use,
since there were only four round, and 27 people, so for one of us to win, that
one would need 4 wins. Koen twisted the deck a bit, because of a possible
mirror, and he added some red, along with welder. Mud doesn't like a welder
against it. I played the Rack sideboard to kill him.
First game, I began. I got workshop mox sol ring, Karn. I didn't have much more,
just a skullcap, but I thought it would be quite enough, since Karn is a legend,
so I would deny his main kill method, by getting this baby into play. I played
Karn, and he goes 'fuck!'. He only played one mountain one his turn. My second
turn went Field, cap, go.  He played workshop metalworker. I attacked him next
turn with one 4/4 cap, and played some artifacts to be able to kill him. His
turn, he played another metalworker, and got skullcap out with his other one, to
be able to block. I attacked him with everything, he blocked Karn, and I got him
to 2 life. His last turn he played jar with one metalworker, and had to play it
to finc something usefull, but no bridges were found.
Second game. Sided out 4 spheres and three winter orb, and since I really wanted
8 spots, I sided out one smokestack, since smokestack against a deck with only
permanents, just as mine, would have to be good for me at some times. I sided in
4 jester's cap, 3 Rack, 1 Karn.
I had a workshop, vault, karn, keg, metalworker, tangle wire, and something I
forgot. He played Jester's cap out first first turn, but couldn't use it. I
decided not to play the karn just yet, so went for metalworker, and he wasn't
able to activate the cap on his next turn, because of only one mox mana and
three workshop mana. He played a second turn welder, and I played Karn, keg and
the skullcap I just drew into, killing his mox, discarding mana vault and some
other useless card. At this time I thought damn, I should have played only keg
and kill his welder, now he could use it. But too late. He switches Karn for
Vault, and played workshop. I drew into Karn and the Rack. And played them. It
became a very close fight, maybe he can all explain it better in the report he's
also going to write (at least that's what he says), because I was just angrily
looking at his first welder, along with his second welder he drew into next
turn. Just hoping it would turn out okey. Th rack severely hurt him, a few
turns, and it boiled don't to the next deciding scene.
He killed a few cards in play for dead cards out of my graveyard, and nicely
switches one card for the second Karn, which kills itself as it comes into play,
being a legend. However, he was at six, no card at hand, and decided to let me
have the Rack in play. He removed the remaing two Karns from my deck, and the
second of the three Racks. So I had to draw into a Rack, otherwise it would get
really scary. I draw. 4 cards. Yep, three skullcaps in play at this time! Well,
first reaction, damn, this sucks, no rack. Wait, look again! Jar! I played jar,
and guess what card number 7 form the jar was? So, end of game.

Matches 3-0
Games 6-0

Last round, round number four. I played against one who would or wouldn't be
pretending he was really dangerous for my deck, so offered a draw multiple
times. He played a slightly keeperish Oath/reclamation/power artifact/grim/
cunning wish. Well, hell no! I played. He threatened me with the fact he
playtested more than 30 times against Stefan, playing Mud, but still, I played.
First game got smokestack out first turn. No counters. I kept his land long this
way, he tutored for lotus. Now he just had mox, lotus and one land. I played
tangle wire, he sacrificed every land and made my wonder why he searched for
lotus, since he didn't use it. So he had to tap it. Along with his moxes and one
more land he played. My turn, draw into keg and mox, play keg, blow up his mana,
and play mox. His turn, hes sac's his only land, and slowly bled to death. I
killed with Karn.
Second game, I sided in four jester's cap's and 2 null brooches, for three
bridges, one keg, one city, and one other card. I was just ma'king place. So he
began, land, go. I went, with workshop, land, jester's cap, skullcap, karn on
hand, and one other card, since I mulliganed once. I drew, Lotus! I played,
workshop, lotus, cap... counter? 'hmm... okey.....' and activated cap, removed
the power artifact, and two of the three remaining morphlings he apparently
sided in. so with only one morphling in his deck as killcard we went one, and
the game proved to be obvious.

Matches 4-0
Games 8-0

So after 4 rounds, 4 to 0, 8 to 0 in games, I was really quite satisfied.

However there was one person this tournament with 4-0 as well, but I apparently
had the better what's-it-called.
1 Arthur Tindemans, playing Mud. (monobrown control)
2 Patrick Fransen, playing green landdestruction
3 Koen van der Hulst, playing Mud. (but splashing red for the mirror)
4 Stefan Gussenhoven Sr., playing Mud.
5 Steffen ter Veen, playing oath/reclamation. 

This made me win the tournament, for the second time here, since I won the only
other tournament here in Den Haag 1 or 2 months ago as well, also playing Mud.

This puts my deck on 10-0 last ten matches, 6 from Eindhoven two weeks ago, 4
form Den Haag. and games 20-2 in two weeks time.