The TMD'ers who attended this tourney were spevack, Fishhead, Saucemaster,
Raziel, and lurking_evil.  I believe there were about 16 people in the
tournament.  spevack played an older version of keeper (maindecking moat for our
aggro environment).  Fishhead play kl0wn's version of MaskNought.  Saucemaster
played Reaplacement Killers.  Raziel played TnT.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch
what lurking_evil was playing.

Before the tourney, I noticed some new faces who were fiddling around with a U/W
control deck.  I gave them what advice I could offer, and they were more than
happy to listen to me.  I knew that if I had to play their deck, it would not be
fun (4 Force, 4 counterspell, 1 mana drain, one cunning wish, two maindeck
moats, balance, swords, 4 Impulse, etc. -- with wraths, disenchants and 3 more
swords in the side).  I met up with the deck in round 3. :P

-- Combo (8)
4 Illusionary Mask
4 Phyrexian Dreadnought

-- Backup Plan (5)
3 Phyrexian Negator
2 Hypnotic Specter

-- Combo Protection (9)
4 Duress
4 Unmask
1 Hymn to Tourach

-- Utility/Brokenness (12)
4 Tainted Pact
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Demonic Consultation
1 Necropotence
1 Seal of Cleansing
1 Yawgmoth's Will

-- Mana (26)
7 SoLoMoxen
4 Dark Ritual
2 Swamp
2 Snow-Covered Swamp
2 Underground Sea
1 Badlands
2 Polluted Delta
1 Bloodstained Mire
3 City of Brass
2 Gemstone Mine

-- Sideboard (15)
2 Dystopia
2 Blood Moon
2 Recoil
2 Mesmeric Fiend
2 Planar Void
2 Contagion
1 Timetwister
1 Lord of Tresserhorn
1 Zuran Orb

Round 1: Saucemaster with Reaplacement Killers

I didn't keep notes for any rounds.  Luckily, Saucemaster did and was kind
enough to send them to me.  Here they are (note: they are from his perspective):

Game 1:

Me: Jet, Sapphire, Tropical, Duress--seeing Pact x 3, Pearl, Lotus, Duress,
Ritual.  Take Lotus.
You: Pearl, go.
Me: Sea, DT, Ancestral.
You: nothing.
Me: Delta, Sylvan.
You: Emerald, Seal, blow up Sylvan.  EOT: I Intuition for AKs.
Me: AK for 3, Sea.
You (this is where you explode): Gemstone Mine, Ritual, Duress (taking Reap),
Pact taking Naught, Consult for Mask.
Me: Tropical (by this point i had five lands in hand).
You: Mask, Naught.
Me: Lay a land (don't know which).
You: Swing with Dreadnaught, Pact (misfires).
Me: Lotus, Wish for Naturalize, Naturalize Dreadnaught. EOT: you Pact into
You: Vamp, Yawgwill, Rit, Duress, Gemstone Mine, Consult->Naught, Seal, 2
Dreadnaughts.  I draw my card and scoop.

Game 2:
Me: Delta-->Sea, Duress--seeing Ritual, Lotus, Seal, Swamp, Mire, Unmask, Pact. 
I take Pact.
You: Mire, go.
Me: Tundra, go.
You: Gemstone Mine, use Mire for Sea, Seal.
Me: topdeck AK, AK for 1, miss the land drop.
You: Swamp, Lotus, Unmask (no mention of what you took--I want to say
Naturalize, since I think i had 2x Naturalize + FoW in hand), Planar Void.  W/
Naturalize in hand, I decide to let Planar Void resolve.
Me: Tropical, go.
You: Necro (I FoW, pitching BEB--which will come back to haunt me. )
Me: nothing.  
You: Timetwister.  I think for a while, Naturalize Planar Void in response, and
it resolves.  Incidentally, I draw four land and three spells off this--one Reap
and 2 uninteresting others.  You then play Delta-->Badlands, Duress (don't know
what you took), Pearl.
Me: Nothing.
You: Duress away a Reap, then Blood Moon.

We topdeck, I draw a Naturalize, but can't find a Lotus, and you Duress away the
Naturalize at some point, find a Mask and a Naught, and I concede.

1-0 2-0

Round 2: Raziel playing TnT

Game 1:  He wins the die roll and keeps a slow hand because he was unsure of
what I was playing.  His three wastelands would've have been good against
growAtog, but I didn't really care about losing land. I play a first turn Necro
and start drilling at my life/library until I get out a quick nought.

Out: 3 Negators, 2 Hyppies, 1 Tainted pact
In: Lord of Tresserhorn, 2 Contagion, 1 Timetwister, 2 Planar Void

Game 2:  He keeps another slow hand, but manages to topdeck into a survival.  I
play necro again, but on the 2nd/3rd turn and draw a lot of land.  He eventually
gets out a juggy.  I get out a nought.  He swings with juggy, and I eat it.  But
I know he has some more creatures in hand and anger in the grave, so I'm
hesitant to swing back (my life was low at 5 from necro).  So I hymn him for 2
(he had 3 in hand) and hit both of his creatures (how lucky!).  I swing and hope
he doesn't topdeck a creature.  He gets windswept heath.  Whew.

2-0 4-0

Round 3: Riz (not a TMD'er) playing U/W/b control

Game 1:  Remember the guy I helped?  Well, apparently I helped him out pretty
well, because his deck was undefeated at this point.  I was not happy to have to
play him, because his deck has so many bad things for me.  Lucky for me, my
first turn play was: land, dark ritual, duress (take force #1), mox, mox, lotus,
sac lotus, hard-cast unmask (taking force #2), hypnotic specter.  I was left
with 1 card in hand - tainted pact (he went first).  He was in shock of the
sickness of my deck.  I start eating at his hand/life.  I had gotten his hand to
0 when he had 4 lands in play (one of which was a mocking LoA).  His deck
doesn't do much when living off the top and win with Negator/Hyppie beatdown (no
combo in sight).  My lack of combo is fortuitous, because he didn't know to
bring in his disenchants.

Game 2:  I still didn't play the combo.  I hand destroy him again (not nearly as
fast) and get out a 4th/5th turn necro.  I draw some more disruption and hyppie.
 He is forced to live off the top of his deck again, and manages to find some
balances and swords, but this only slows the bleeding.  His swords translate to
cards for me (with Necro) and I finally finish off with Hyppie.

3-0 6-0

Round 4: Fishhead playing kl0wn's mask

Game 1:  He wins the die roll after we tie on 8 and 9 on a 20-sided die.  He
pauses for like 2 minutes deciding whether to keep.  He finally decides to mull
and shows me his hand of 7 that had no disruption and no black mana.  :P  That
should have taken 5 seconds! :)  He keeps a much better hand of 6 and plays
land, mox, mox, timetwister!  I was not happy.  To make matter worse, on that
same turn he plays lotus, necro!  Friggin' A.  What am I to do about that?  I
don't run Force!  I make a grave error on my turn which obliterates any hope I
had of coming back.  I unmask him, taking wish.  I should have taken his unmask,
played lotus, and passed the turn, because I had DT in hand and could have
tutored next turn for my own necro and played it.  Instead, I chose the losing
path, and that's exactly what I did -- lose.

Out: 3 Negator, 1 Hyppie
In: 1 Lord of Tressorhorn, 1 Timetwister, 2 Mesmeric Fiend

Game 2:  I got a quick mask, but no nought.  His hand was slow, and luckily I
topdecked after a few turns into a pact, which yielded a nought.  I won.

Game 3:  His hand had some good disruption; so did mine.  We have no combo
pieces, but manage to kill each other's hands quite nicely.  We live off the top
of our decks.  I TD some lands and rituals.  He plays lands.  But then I get the
mother of all TD's -- demonic tutor.  Ritual, ritual, DT.  With 3 black in my
pool, what do I get?  Is there any surprise?  No.  Necropotence.  The rest of
that game is left as an exercise to the reader.

4-0 8-1

So quite a good evening for my deck.  I am pretty happy with my build now,
especially the fourth Unmask and lower mana (22 permanents and 4 dark ritual). 
My previous versions of mask had up to 28 mana, which frequently led to mana
flood.  The Unmasks have proven so good due to their free nature and pinpoint
selection.  This deck doesn't care about card advantage ... just about winning,
so the card disadvantage is virtually ignored.  I'd love comments about my deck
so if you have any, please share.  I'd like to find a way to fit it phyrexian
reclamation into my side.  The most likely candidate is Zuran Orb, since I've
never actually used it and it only seems to be there for Sligh (which I've never
lost to).  My low land count also seems to conflict with Orb.

My opponents for being good sports.
Jeff C. for hosting a good tourney.

Me, for being dumb in game 1 of round 4 against Fishhead.