Well I might as well write a short tourney report as the only zoo player their,
for reference:

4 Kird Ape
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Blurred Mongoose
2 Gorilla Shaman

4 Chain Lightning
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Incinerate

1 Black Vise
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Timetwister
1 Wheel of Fortune
1 Windfall
1 Sylvan Library
1 Regrowth
2 Cursed Scroll

4 Wooded Foothills
4 Taiga
4 Tropical Island
3 Volcanic Island
4 Wasteland
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Black Lotus
1 Strip Mine

4 Red Elemental Blast
3 Pyrokinesis
3 Rack And Ruin
2 Tranquil Grove
2 Tormod's Crypt
1 Propaganda

Round1: Iamfishman playing ankh sligh

Game1: fishman keeps a hand with 1 land that ends up screwing him I have an
allright hand some burn untargetables land and black vise uber tech. I go land
vise he takes 3 plays land guy passes turn. I play a guy we go back and forth
for afew with me getting the game. The black vise hurt him horribly giving me a
free lightning bolt a turn and this was a sligh deck  ???

I sb in 3 pyrokinesis and 1 propaganda and take out my draw 7s and vise

Game2: I have a average hand some burn land and a kirdape. I see 1st turn land
guy so I mirror next turn my guy gets bolted so I bolt his guy damn mirror
match. turn 3 killed me though a blood moon was played and my small amount of
burn was not up to killing his hordes of guys then games with a forked fireblast
to my head.

Game3: I drop a 1st turn sylvan and pass the turn I see land guy on my next turn
I play a cursed scroll and a blured mongoose(off my sylvan I see nothing but
burn) after my scroll got active with nothing with bolts in hand I scroll
everything he plays and hit him with bolts and mongoose for the match.

Games 2-1 Matches 1-0

2nd Round: Gro-atog

Game1: I am really worried about this match given it can stomp all over my in
afew turns. I draw pretty good lands burn and a guy. we both play some land guys
I burn up 2 dryads but had nothing left in reserve for the 3rd which after alot
of gushing/other cantriping and a beserk its a 36/36 and bashes my face in.

I sb in 4 reb 2 tormods crypt out draw7s 2 cursed scrolls and a regrowth (weird)

Game2: I have a really nice hand of 2 wastes reb taiga/volcanic and a
bolt/mongoose I play 1st and drop a wasteland he drops a fetch and passes. I
draw another reb and smile and play a taiga he plays his second land I waste in
resp he fetches and gushes I reb the gush and he has no counter. After that I
just waste his lands and he draws none while my guys wittle him down to 0

Game3: I have an ok hand but fell naked with only 1 waste in my hand he plays a
land I waste next turn he plays a mox I drop a monkey and a mox and eat his from
that point on he draws no land and a combination of blured mongoose/mox monkey
do him in

Games 4-2 Matches 2-0

3rd Round: Moobius playing squirrle enchantress

you might remember the matches better than I. All I remember was getting
horribly ass raped by combo which should happen to aggro all I did was sb in 2
grove and get stomped when Moobus is drawing 12 cards in 1 turn :)

Games 4-4 Matches 2-1

4th Round: U/G Oath

Game1: This game is over very fast I just go pure aggro and smash his face in it
was a slaughter. All I saw of his deck game 1 was some land an impulse FoW and a
powder keg that screwed him over. He played the eg had it set at 1 I had 3 2
drop guys that would kill him next turn he draws and trys to keg for 2 not
announcing another counter on keg I argure abit he grumbles and we go to next

I have no idea what he is playing so I sb just rebs and drop draw7s

Game2:This game went pretty much the same as first except this time I rebed an
ancestral which pissed him off. It isent till after the match when he is
shuffling that I learn he is playing oath

Games 6-4 Matches 3-1

5th Round: Emerald Alice

Game1: It comes very close we go back and forth damage wise I am at 5 he is at
4. We both have guys out but his morph will kill me next turn I sylvan noticing
he has no cards in hand I see 2 burn spells a bolt and incinerate I pay the 4
life he says oh shit and I burn him for game.

I sb in 4 rebs and 2 grove I take out draw 7s cursed scrolls and a

Game2: His oath sb comes in and active LoA and a oath in play after that he
drops a morph with me just holding guys I scoop. :(

Game3: This time I just play pure aggro bringing him down to 5 he draws an oath
plays it gets the weaver I have no burn in hand so I just attac he fogs. Next
turn he draws the 2nd oath plays it with a weaver feeder blessing lock I scoop

Games 7 - 6 Matches 3-2

Iamfishman for doing a pig out challenge 3 footlong subway subs.
Iamfishman for finding the ultimate anti TnT tech decimate

Emerald Alice with oath sb for kicking my ass :)
The condition of the ancestral but it still says U draw 3 cards so its still