It was time again for the monthly Dülmen tournament. And this time it was the
annual christmas tournament. With very much people attending and a sea of Mono
Red and Mono Black decks (as every year). This year we had 94 players which made
it one of the (if not THE) biggest T1 event in Europe (correct me if I?m wrong).

We had tested some time and I had several decks to bring with me, but in the
expected field (much aggro, much Kiddie-Decks) Tubbies seemed to be the best
choice, so I stuck with my deck.

First the deck list:
4 Juggernaut
4 Su-Chi
2 Triskelion
1 Masticore
1 Karn, Silver Golem
4 Goblin Welder
1 Quirion Ranger
1 Druid Lyrist
1 Anger
1 Squee, Gobin Nabob

4 Survival of the Fittest
1 Sylvan Library (great with all the suffle-lands and SotF)
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker
1 Memory Jar

//Mana (and other lands)
1 Strip Mine
3 Wasteland
1 Black Lotus
1 Sol Ring
1 Grim Monolith
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
4 Mishra's Workshop
4 Taiga
2 Tropical Island
2 Forest
4 Wooded Foothills
3 Windswept Heath

Yes, it is right: If you count Quirion Ranger as a source of mana, then this
deck runs 32 mana producers (in 60 cards). It is pretty much, but I don't think
it's too much. Fetch lands do a great amount of thinning so that you have enough
mana to start with but are not flooded in the midgame.
But you can easily side out a land if you want to (and I did it rather often).

4 Blood Moon
3 Tormod's Crypt
2 Red Elemental Blast
1 Wonder
1 Genesis
1 Flametongue Kavu
1 Bottle Gnomes
1 Uktabi Orangutan
1 Elvish Lyrist

On to the report:
First Round (don?t know the name, sorry) - Unpowered Tubbies
My first round opponent ran Juggernauts along with Dark Rituals, and many
Counterspells, Force of Wills and Misdirections. I did only see basic Swamps and
Islands, no duals or special lands.
First game I keep a land heavy hand with only one creature. But soon topdeck
another. But both are FoWed away and his Juggernaut starts hitting me, until I
drop Triskelion and let it kill the Juggernaut (I was at 3 at that time). With
the 1/1 Triskelion I don?t have much pressure on the table so the game lasts for
a while, but I win this one.
I side out a Wasteland, Masticore and Lyrist for Genesis, FTK and a Blast (I
Second game sees me resolving a SotF first turn and I easily won from there on.

2:0 - 1:0:0

Second Round (Marius ?, sorry) - ElfBall
Marius played lots of Elves in our two matches (including Priest, Archers,
Wellwisher), but I could survival for Triskelion very early and destroy his army
to run him over.
In the second game he had lots of mana but couldn?t find a Fireball so I won
that, too.

2:0 - 2:0:0

Round Three (Benjamin Ribbeck) - Trinity
Benjamin won against Oliver in the second round so it was my time to force
revenge for the team ;)
First game was pretty easy, because the newest version of Trinity doesn?t run
ANY creature defense in the Main Deck. So I rushed in a few turns.
Second game he had a hand full of lands and proceeded to draw cards that produce
mana, but nothing else. I won with two Blood Moons in play. (I had sided out
Wonder, Masticore, a Triskelion, a Fetch Land, Tinker and Quirion Ranger for 4
Blood Moons and 2 REBs).

2:0 - 3:0:0

Round Four (Carsten Kempkes) - Black Beatz
In the first game he had a very good draw, containig mulitple Edicts and early
beats, but I had a good draw either and was able to drop six 4-casting cost
creatures in a row, without having Survival (!) and won that game.
My second game draw was even better, starting with first turn Survival. Overall,
Mono Black is a very good MatchUp ;)

2:0 - 4:0:0

Fifth Round (Tobias Brix) - Sligh
Tobias played a Sligh build without Price of Progress in the Main Deck - so with
an average draw (not too much Su-Chis ;)) it wasn?t difficult to win the first.
The second was in his favour as he dealt 20 to me in five turns.
In the deciding game I had a very funny draw. I layed second turn Bottle Gnomes
(with the help of a Mox) and forth turn Genesis. The Genesis finished him off in
five turns, because he never wanted to burn it out, which would have granted me
recurring Bottle Gnomes...

2:1 - 5:0:0

Round Six (HaJo Höh) - B/G-Beatz
HaJo played a very interesting B/G deck with Spiritmongers, Pernicious Deed,
Sinkhole, Hymn, and other good cards of those colors (look at T8 decks for his
listing). I think it?s a rather bad MatchUp for TnT.
First game was really weird as we both were screwed (my only mana consisted of
two Moxen, after his Sinkholes). But I managed to get two Welders and Survival
into play and did him in with Triskelions who were made out of the Moxen (the
Welders did a great job here^^).
I knew of his Oath-SB and sided in the second Lyrist (again for a Fetch Land - I
definitely played too much mana).
HaJo mulliganed down to five, but didn?t find an Oath. Though he did play a
second turn Spirit Monger(!) with the help of two Dark Rituals. I don?t know
how, but with the help of Survival and a creature rush I was able to rush
against this creature which I was unable to destroy...

2:0 - 6:0:0

I was know leading the standings and was hoping to draw in the last round and
play for the first pick, but I was the only player with 18 points and so I had
to play...

Round Seven (Friedrich Kopper) - rOSE
Friedrich played a deck that consisted mostly of Counters. It should be a very
good MatchUp for me. But my deck just didn?t want to perform any more. I lost
0:2 due to rather bad draws (mulliganed both times and didn?t draw a Survival or
an early creature). Second game could have become close, but he topdecked
Yawgmoth?s Will to play his Ancestral Recall and Rack and Ruin a second time...

0:2 - 6:1:0

So I ended up second with one round won which I shouldn?t have (against HaJo)
and another one lost which I should have won. So I mustn?t argue.

If I played the deck again (and I definitly will ;)) I would cut at least one
Fetch Land to add a second Sylvan Library or a second Squee (or anything else I
haven?t thought of yet...).

CU next time