A Beautiful Mind (aka ABM, aka Mind) is continuing to silence its once-loud
critics, by posting win after win in sanctioned type 1 tournaments.  This week,
I finally got first place in a tournament of 13 players, after weeks of going
3-1 and getting second through 5th.  This time, my record was 4-0 in matches,
and 8-0 in games.  A perfect record.  

The power level present today seemed to be a little lower than usual, and I
managed to get a few easier than average matchups.  However, these factors
should not negate the fact that ABM did win the tournament, especially in light
of that 8-0 record in games.

On to the actual games:

Round 1: Nick, playing a lifegain deck.
Nick was out of magic for several years, and tonight was his first night back to
type 1.  I felt a little bad for him, as I got tax-rack going, then proceeded to
time walk, regrowth time walk, and yawgwill time walk, with an enforcer on the
table.  Both games.  Afterwards I re-introduced him to the type 1 scene, showed
him some of the important cards that were printed since he had stopped playing,
etc.  I hope he continues to come to the tournament in the future, as an
improved player.

Round 2: Kevin, playing a mono-black deck.
I'm not quite sure how to characterize Kevin's deck... not really suicide black,
but it had most of the components of suicide black.  Anyway, it fell somewhere
on the suicide black-butterknives spectrum.

First game, he gets some early beats in, but I stabilize with balance and keg. 
It takes me a while to get tax-rack running... I have to demonic tutor for
scroll rack, then regrowth the demonic and cast it for zuran orb to finally get
the whole thing working.  He gets me down to pretty low life, but once
tax/rack/zorb is all put together, I win the game.

Second game, Kevin starts off with ritual-gloom.  Luckily, I have a FoW.  It's
kinda lucky that I did, because I'm sure that otherwise, that gloom would have
ensured my loss.  Anyway, I plow a negator and something else, and eventually
beat down with some 2/2 guys for the win.

Round 3:  Justin playing partially powered oath.
First game, Justin plays first turn library, and I have a mediocre opening hand.
Bad news.  But eventually, although Justin continues to use his LoA, he never
fully gains control.  I eventually start getting back into the game, by putting
together small things at first, like a meddling mage naming mana drain, then
tax/trade routes, then eventually tax/rack.  However, by this time there is a
morphling beating me down, but I have a powder keg for it.  I eventually keg it
away, then the tax/rack just generates enough card advantage/selection to win.

To be more clear, there was a time during that game where I would have lost if
Justin had a time walk in his deck, since he needed just one more swing with the
morphling.  He had cast vampiric tutor, but had to get something that's not a
timewalk.  If there had been a timewalk in his deck, he would have won.

However, the reason that this situation came up in the first place was due to a
misplay on my part.  I should have known that he had the vampiric tutor in his
deck, since he had gotten it from a FoF.  I had a meddling mage in my hand, but
didn't cast it, choosing to cast a mox monkey instead.  But the correct play in
this situation, after observing that if my opponent timewalks then he wins the
game, would have been to cast the meddling mage.  If my opponent tutors in
response, I name time walk.  If he does not tutor in response, I name vampiric
tutor.  That way, there's no way that he could have killed me by timewalking
with a morphling in play.

Anyway, the first game was a close one, and took most of the time in the round.

In the second game, I got a blood moon on the table on the second turn.  Nothing
much happened afterwards, but I eventually won, thanks to the blood moon.

Round 4: Thomas playing nether void.

In the first game, I swords his early threat, then get tax/rack set up.  I win
from there.  Land destruction doesn't work too well against land tax, and
neither does discard.
In game two, I get to misdirect a hymn, swords an early threat, and eventually
get a scroll rack.  He plays nether void at this point, but I get out a few more
3-casting cost jewelrys, and that gives me enough mana to operate, even under
nether void.  With tax/rack, I soon find the witness and win the game.