A friend & I were working on our new Extended decks (due to the rotation).  
I like the new rotation because of one reason I get to play all of my old Type 2
decks again.  
I have always been a big fan of Rebels and a bigger fan of counter Rebels ever
since Kamiel Cornelissen took 2nd. at Chicago Pro-Tour 2001, losing to Kai Budde
wax/wane Rebels.
 So Saturday was Type 1 and I figured what the hell, let's see what Rebels can
do in Type 1.  

1st. Rd. (Parfait) I win, 2-0 Rebels were just to fast for him.  

2nd. Rd. (Nether Void) I win, 2-0 Nether Void hurts him more than it does me,
since I never have to cast a Rebel other than the first one.

3rd. Rd. (Earthcraft) I win, 2-1 I lost one game because he was able to play his
combo with no counter in my hand to be able to stop it.

4th. Rd. (B/G Butter knives).  I lost, 2-0 Pernicious Deed & black creatures
that are pro-white just completly shut down my good old Rebel deck.

I make it to top 4.  First place seat, and guess who I play? B/G Butter Knives,
I lose again 2-1.  Congradulations to username (ump) for winning the tournament.
After the tournament ump gives me some advice and tells me to put in Meddling

 Sundays tournament I make a few adjustments, I put the Meddling Mages like ump
told me, and I let my friend Ricky use my deck cause I was not able to play.

1st. Rd. (Parfait) He wins 2-0, the same exact way I won on Sat.

2nd. Rd. (Nether Void) He wins 2-1 the same exact way I won on Sat.

3rd. Rd. (Nether Void) He wins 2-0 same as 2nd. Rd.

4th. Rd. (Illusionary Mask) they decide to draw to lock in top 4.

He makes top four. First place seat and gets matched up with OSE, he wins 2-1.
Next he plays against Nether Void, his opponent offers him a draw and more of
the prize money  (store credit) $50.00 and leaving Nether Void $34.00 credit.

So Counter Rebels wins the tournament. Here is my deck list, now remeber the
deck started out as an Extended deck so I am missing a lot of type 1 stuff. My
sideboard was not really good at all, it was last min throw-ins.

Mana source      (21)
1x Gaea's Cradle
3x Tundra
4x Adarkar Wastes
1x Coastal Tower
1x Strip Mine
2x Reflecting Pool
5x Island
3x Plains
1x Sol Ring

Goodies         (21)
4x Counterspell
4x Force of Will
4x Brainstorm
4x Impulse
1x Fact or Fiction
3X Swords to Plowshares
1x Dismantling Blow

Creatures       (18)
3x Meddling Mage
2x Lin Sivvi, Defiant hero
1x Defiant Vanguard
1x Thermal Glider
1x Nightwind Glider
1x Ramosian Sky Marshal
4x Ramosian Sergeant
2x Defiant Falcon
1x Cho-Arrim Bruiser
1x Jhovall Queen (game winner)
1x Rebel Informer (just in case)

Sideboard   (Yes, I am open for suggestions)
1x Worship
1x Cop Black
1x Cop Green
1x Cop Red
1x Disenchant
1x Hibernation
1x Reprisal
1x Exile
2x Teferi's Response
1x Submerge
3x Opposition
1x Enlightened Tutor

The problem with Rebels is that they so quickly reject authority.