Even after this weekend's disappointing result, I decided to still write a
tourny report. And let me note that its a long one. I went 2-1 every round
except when I got swept.

Location: Crazy Card and Comics, Lyons, IL
Entry/Prize: $6/ $34(2nd)/ $68(1st)
Number of people: 17

Well here is the build of Breakfast that I went with. It stressed me out and I
don't like that look on my opponate's face when they see how sick this deck can
be. I will explain more about that later in the report.

// The Morning Fruit
       4 Land Grant
       1 Sol Ring
       3 City of Brass
       3 Forest
       1 Undiscovered Paradise
       2 Bayou
       3 Yavimaya Coast
       4 Tropical Island
// The Eggs and Bacon
       4 Survival of the Fittest
       1 Living Wish
       1 Demonic Tutor
       1 Vampiric Tutor
       1 Regrowth
// The Coffee and Cream
       4 Duress
       4 Mana Leak
// The Milk
       4 Wall of Roots
       4 Birds of Paradise
// The Cereal
       4 Volrath's Shapeshifter
       2 Phyrexian Dreadnought
       1 Flowstone Hellion
       1 Squee, Goblin Nabob
       1 Mystic Snake
       1 Hypnox
       1 Reya Dawnbringer
       1 Psychatog
       1 Morphling
       1 Quirion Ranger
       1 Genesis
// The Toast
SB:  3 Null Rod
SB:  1 Tradewind Rider
SB:  1 Strip Mine
SB:  2 Druid Lyrist
SB:  1 Rootwater Thief
SB:  1 Pygmy Hippo
SB:  1 Uktabi Orangutan
SB:  1 Questing Phelddagrif
SB:  1 Nekrataal
SB:  1 Masticore
SB:  1 Shard Phoenix

Summary of Matches:

Round 1: Counter-Phoenix,  Robert B

Game 1- Simply put, I didn't know what he was playing. He ended up playing
Nevinyrral's Disk right as I started building up my side of the board with
Survival, some Birds, and a Wall of Roots. So after he disks, I start rebuilding
again only to see another disk. I waited a few turns to see some flying Chickens
come my way, then scoop.

Sideboard: +3 Null Rod, +1 Uktabi Orangutan; -4 Mana Leak

Game 2- This game was quick. First turn Trop and a Bird. Second turn Shifter.
Third turn discard a Hypnox and swing for 8. Next turn swing for 8. And the
final turn, swing to kill. All he did was lay lands and watched the beating
insue. Also note that I have a Null Rod and Orangutan to back my beating up
incase the a visit from a disk comes.

Game 3- He goes Island. I go Trop, Zol Ring, Null Rod. He face just sits there
in disappointment. Next turn I play a Survival. And I start setting up for the
kill. He countered a few shifters but I finally got on on the board. He has
Shard Phoenix and Maze of Ith. I go get a Morphling. Make it untargetable and
then use the Hellion/Dreadnaught for the trampling win. I hate seeing his face
as he realized he couldn't do nothing. I also felt ill because I was so stressed
with the numbers game on my final turn. (1-0-0)--Don't know his final record.

Round 2: Counter-Deed, Ricky

Game 1- He won the roll and plays first. He counters just about everything under
the sun and delivers the Morphling beats.

Sideboard: +2 Null Rod; -1 Mana Leak, -1 Living Wish

Game 2- I get a second turn Survival but he runs out of counters for my shifters
and I get a Hellion in the graveyard with 2 Shifters on the board. I soon force
him to chump block one Shifter with his morph and I draw up a creature to pitch
to my one Shifter thats still on the board. I barely win.

Game 3- Can't remember much but I do know that he counters my Survivals and 1
Shifter. Soon after I cast my Hellion that goes all the way. He Demonic Tutored
for what I think was a wish. And chose to get capsize. He capsized on his turn
with no buy back and tapped out. He made the error and I then casted and
attacked with the Hellion next turn for the game. He is a good player with alot
of potential but need to not feel so pressured by the game. He seemed stressed
out against me.
(2-0-0)--This is one of my opponates that dropped.

Round 3: UrPhid, Matt Dawson (AwesomeDawson)

Game 1-Its control and counter. He just countered everything. And when I thought
he didn't think he could counter. He taps his Library and an Island for a Mana
Leak. I didn't see it coming.

Sideboard: +2 Null Rod; -2 Mana Leak

Game 2- I get mana screwed and only put up a small fight. I play Null Rod and he
ends up using his Mox and Sol Ring a few turns later to case some Ophidians. I
didn't realize and by the time I noticed it was several turns later.
(2-1-0)--He goes 3-0-1 with I.D. in round 4

Round 4: rOSE, Lloyd

Game 1- He plays Mox and some other stuff. I play Bird. Second turn I play
another Bird and have only 2 land in play, 1 City and 1 Trop. His third turn I
see The Abyss. I lose a Bird but was able to cast my Shifter. Next turn he
Strips the Trop. I only have 1 Bird, a Shifter and the City. I then draw into a
Morphling and come up with a good plan. So with a Shifter thats a Bird I use the
city to discard my Morphling at the end of his turn. Durning my upkeep I use the
Untargetable of the Morphling to get around The Abyss. Swing for 3 and say go.
He drops a Wasteland and used it on my last land. Next turn I lose my Morphling
and draw no land for the next 6 turns. He ends up beating me down with a
Mishra's Factory.

Sideboard: +2 Null Rod, +2 Druid Lyrist; -4 Mana Leak

Game 2- I get a nice hand and he couldn't stop me. I ended up beating him down
with the combo.

Game 3- Once again I got a nice hand and it just went from there. I played
Hypnox from the hand and he just sat there and realized that there was nothing
that he could do. He played a Edict in responce but it only stoped the Shifter
from winning the next turn. I played a Shifter next turn and the turn after I
went and used the combo for the kill.

In the end I missed top 4 by a few percentage points. At least Bill made it this
time. Glad to see once of us make it because the Previous tourney that he played
in, he got screwed.

Maybe its time to make it 5 round top 4?