Hey what's up all,
  Here is my first tournament report on The Manadrain. I play in Lyons, IL which
I consider the number 1 source of DCI sanctioned tournaments. After going 2-2
because of two matches of being land screwed on Saturday (10-12-02) that night I
go home thinking that I should make a new deck even though my OSE deck had won 3
Type1 Tournaments in a row at Crazy Card and Comics. I had been thinking of
making Panda Burst for a while but didn't have all the cards until that day
after the tournament. So I decide to make it and wake up Sunday morning late and
build it like 15 minutes before the tournament is supposed to start. My friend
Sam picks me up and we speed our way to Crazy Card and Comics. We get there just
in time for the tournament. The tournament is 5 rounds of swiss and top 4. There
are 20 people (1 person joined second round to make it 21 in all)

First Round Opponent - Nick (Mercenaries)
     Game1-He wins the roll so he plays first plays a swamp and says go. I don't
know what he is playing so I drop a Underground Sea and say go. He plays a swamp
and a Misshapen Fiend, I smile. I go on to get the combo quickly before he gets
out his army of mercenaries. I didn't feel that there is a need to sideboard
since this guy is new to type 1. Game2-It goes the same as the first and I combo
him as sits there with his Misshapen Fiend in play.

Second Round Opponent- Randal (Reanimator)
   Game1-I knew this guy and that he was playing reanimator. He wins the roll
and we both keep. He plays a Swamp, Dark Ritual, Zombie Infestation then makes a
zombie by discarding Iridescent Angel and a Swamp then reanimates the angel. I
play a Underground Sea, Mox Sapphire, and then ancestral recall then I played 
Mox Pearl and Demonic Tutor for a Balance. He attacks and says go. I then
balance and say go. He plays another reanimate and I had no counter magic. I
play a land and say go. He makes another zombie at the end of turn. He attacks
and says go. I draw nothing and die. (He doesn't know what make deck is so he so
sideboards as though I am playing a control deck)
Sideboard In +3 Tormod's Crypt  +1Capsize
Sideboard Out -1Mind Twist -1 Frantic Search-1 Stroke of Genius
Game2-He mulligans. He keeps and plays a Swamp. I play a Tundra and say go. He
plays a swamp and a Zombie Infestation. I play an Attunement and say go. He
makes a zombie at the end of my turn discarding a Spirit of The Night and a
Swamp. On his turn he casts exhume and respond with returning Attunement, I
don't draw a counter but I do discard the combo. I then play a land and I don't
play Attunement for some reason. He makes another zombie at the end of turn. He
attacks and says go. I played Attunement, return it, and draw a Replenish but I
don't have enough mana to cast it. Not playing the Attunement was the only
mistake of the tournament but it did cost me the match.

Third Round Opponent- Jovan (Stasis)
   Game1-The first few turns we drop land and say go. I finally draw an
Attunement. He casts Stasis but I Force of will it. I return attunement and
discard the combo and cast Replenish, he tries to Force of will it but I Force
of Will his and win. I don't feel its necessary to sideboard against him.
Game2- Same start as game one but when I cast attunement he casts stasis on his
turn, I return Attunement in response I discard the combo and Force of Will the
Stasis but he Forces my Force and stasis resolves. We go on to drop land and say
go for a few turns. I drop a Mox Ruby and he Thwarts it returning 3 Islands to
his hand. He drops a land. I finally draw some keep of alternative cost
Counterspell to protect my Replenish so I cast it and he says good game
revealing his hand with 4 Islands, Stasis, Library of Leng, Rescue, and
something else.

Fourth Round Opponent- Don't Remember Name (Powerless Worldgorger)
   Game1-It ends kind of quick, I combo him after I counter two Animate Dead.
Sideboard In +3 Tormod's Crypt
Sideboard Out -1 Balance -1 Mindtwist -1 Yawgmoth's Will
Game2- He plays a Swamp, Dark Ritual, and Phyrexian Negator and I have not
counter magic. I go on a 4 turn clock and I do not draw the combo.
Game3- I think he mulligans and he gets land screwed and i combo him quickly.

Fifth Round Opponent- Umesh (Suicide Black)
   Game1-He gets a slow start and I end up countering everything and beat him
with a hard casted Saproling Burst.
Sideboard In +3 Morphling +1 Counterspell +1 Misdirection +1 Powder Keg +1
Capsize +1 Recoil
Sideboard Out -4 Replenish -4 Pandemonium
I knew he sideboards graveyard hate which I think were 4 Planar Void and maybe
Game2- He plays swamp, Black Lotus, Planar Void, Duress, and Hymn to Tourach. I
play a Adarkar Waste and say go. He plays a Swamp and casts a Sinkhole. I never
recover and I lose to Nantucko Shade.
Game3- He mulligans and misses his second turn land drop. I then go into control
mode. I manadrain a Hypnotic Specter and cast a Saproling Burst. My sap tokens
beat him down then i cast a second Saproling Burst for the win.
Top 4
Goblin Sligh (Sam-my friend)
rOSE (Loyd)
Suicide Black (Umesh)
Panda Burst (Me)

First Round Top 4 Opponent- Loyd (rOSE)
   Game1-This game is close . We went back and forth trying to get things to
resolve until I get a Mind Twist through then I combo him in the next 3 turns.
Sideboard In +3 Morphling +1 counterspell +1 Misdirection +1 Powder Keg +1
Capsize +1 Recoil
Sidebord Out -4 Replenish -4 Pandemonium
Game2- It is the same as in game 1 but I go on to win with a Morphling.

Second Round Top 2 Opponent- Sam (Goblin Sligh
   Sam is the same guy who got top 4 at the Gencon $250 Tournament using my
goblin sligh.
Game1- He gets a fast start and beats me down with goblins and burns me out
before I could get the combo.
Sideboard In +1 Blue Elemental Blast +3 Chill
Sideboard Out -1 Vampiric Tutor -1 Mind Twist -1 Frantic Search -1 Yawgmoth's
Game2- I play a Tundra and say go. He plays a Mountain and a Mogg Fanatic. I
play a gemstone and a chill. He plays a Mountain. I play attunement. He plays a
Mountain and cast REB targeting my Chill but I Force of Will it. I return
Attunement and find another Chill and cast it. He can't do anything and I draw
into the combo.
Game3- Same as game 2 but he gets a Grim Lavamancer and a Mogg Fanatic out
before I drop my first chill. But I counter his Mogg Flunkies and then play
another Chill and he concedes.
   So I go on to win my 4th tounrament at Crazy Card in 4 weeks with my last
minute Panda Burst deck.

Here is my deck:
Mana Sources  
2 Tundra
4 Gemstone Mine
4 Underground Sea
2 Underground River
3 Adarkar Wastes
1 City of Brass
2 Undiscovered Paradise
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sol Ring
Search Cards
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Merchant Scroll
Combo Pieces
4 Pandemonium
4 Saproling Burst
4 Replenish
Card Draw
1 Fact or Fiction
1 Stroke of Genius
1 Frantic Search
4 Attunement  
1 Ancestral Recall
Counter Magic
2 Misdirection
2 Counterspell
2 Mana Drain
4 Force of Will
1 Balance      
1 Mind Twist
1 Yawgmoth's Will
3 Chill
3 Morphling
3 Tormod's Crypt
1 counterspell
1 misdirection
1 blue elemental blast
1 recoil
1 powder keg
1 casize
  In all the last minute confusion I made the deck 61 cards on accident.I know I
need to make some changes to the main deck like adding intuitions. I also know
the sideboard is a little weird but didn't have much time to make it.