[This one is for you Paul.]

Ok, on Sunday, July 07, 2002 I modernized Erhnam-'Geddon - one of the major
archetypes during the 'Vise' Age.

I liked a few new Aggro-Control concepts in addition to the old.

The old concepts:
Mana buddies (ie.Heads), jewellery (ie.P9), Vise, Land Tax, Disenchants, LoA,
Erhnam, Factories, 'Geddon

The new philosophy:
Threshold-buddies (ie.Werebears), Null Rods, no P9, LoA, fatter-than-Erhnam,
Factories, 'Geddon

Pretty simple, eh.

I built it and tested it a little bit with Lam on Friday against two of our
gauntlet decks: SuiBlack and Fire/Ice.

SuiBlack seemed to be a 'bye' due to the maindeck Pro-B, Balance & Plows.

Fire/ICe was about 50/50.  But, we didn't make time to test post-SB.

Sligh was a big unknown so I sided 4 CoP: Red, just in case.

Toronto is rife with blue-based-control decks so I sided some hate: 2 Choke, 2
Defense Grids and 2 City of Solitude.  Depending on whether I have threshold or
not, Morphling cannot kill anywhere from four to ten of my 22 critter threats.

The decklist:

//Enforcer v.2.1
//60 Cards
//***Critters 20
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Werebear
4 Hunted Wumpus
4 Mystic Enforcer
//***Spells 14
4 Armageddon
3 Swords to Plowshares
2 Aura Shards
3 Null Rod
1 Balance
1 Regrowth
//***Mana 26
4 Brushland
4 Savannah
4 Plains
6 Forest
4 Mishra's Factory
2 Nantuko Monastery
1 Strip Mine
1 Library of Alexandria
//Sideboard: 15
SB: 4 Circle of Protection: Red
SB: 2 Aura Fracture
SB: 2 Defence Grid
SB: 2 City of Solitude
SB: 2 Choke
SB: 1 Swords to Plowshares
SB: 1 Null Rod

Sunday morning (July 14) finds me still unsure whether to play this or SuiBlack
100% Legend build.  Lam, and Sean are playing identical Fire/Ice decks.  One of
them is using all of my Power 9.  Lam thinks I should be playijng SuiBlack or
Keeper with all that Power.  Whatever, I have savage, and rogue tech - much
better than Power 9.

I hit Hairy T's for the 15-man T1.  I test SuiBlack and it slaughters the only
other SuiBlack 3/4.  It eats some kind of Blue-Control.  Talk of the Dragon
ensues.  I'm still not sure which to play: Sui or this

I settle for the rogue Enforcer decklist with NO P9 and loan it all to LAm for
his U/R Fire/Ice Control-thing.  The girl running the tourney says my deck
reminds her of her Type 2 decklist.  Oh.

Match 1: Paul (aka BeBe) piloting the ferocious (and Curious) (not Gay) (well
maybe a lttle) Fish

He soundly wins 2-0 and only takes all of 2 damage total - from Force of Wills. 
Ow.  [A shadow of a doubt....]

Tourney: 0-0-1

Match 2: Leon piloting a (way-tech) G-W Eight Enchantress deck

I remember watching some really long turns.  Early Fastbond in the games he
wins.  My lucky LD (a lone Strip and 4 'Geddon) and his bad luck wins me game 2.
 His tech includes: Flickering Ward, Rancor and Auratog maindeck.  Auratog gets
fat (like 26/25 or so with Trample).  He wins games 1 and 3, handily.

But, just before he reports the match results he chooses to concede games 2 & 3
to me so that he can get a draft tourney going in his store: 
Wow, what a stroke of good luck and what a kind thing for Leon to do.  I'm not
out of the top-4 quite yet.  Whew.

Tourney: 1-0-1

Match 3: Mike piloting a suboptimal Keeper deck

He drops a turn 1 Vise game 1.  WTF!  Ow, soon I am down to 12.  I make
mana-friends happen.  Basically, I smash him hard with threshold friends.  Too
many threats for too few counters.  His Abyss is my friend, too - it helps me
get Threshold and 14 of my threats live in it just fine.  Nimbles, Factories,
Monasteries, Enforcers.  I miss my Jade Statues and Chimerics {pout}.

Game 2 in go my 2 City of Sols and 2 Chokes.  Out came the Plows.  He drops an
early Vile Consumption (read: extreme-tech) which harasses me a little. 
Soonafter comes The Abyss!  He makes my threats disappear Keeper-fashion.  He
errs and his Vindicate fizzles on my Enforcer [Was this impossible?]  I cast
City of Solitude so I can make more threats happen, unharassed.  ZOrb hits his
side of the table.  He has two Moxen and two land.  I drop a thresholded-Nantuko
Monastery.  He gets smashed down to about 3.  He Mystical Tutors
for.....Timetwister....and says go.  As I untap I know that I've already won. 
He looks on confidenty.  I swing with my 4/4 first striking dirt.  He tries to
ZOrb.  Then I turn City of Solitude for his reading pleasure.

Match 2-0
Tourney: 2-0-1

I'm still in the running for T4 - yay!

Match 4: Some guy playing a really suboptimal Braids black deck

He plays first and puts me on a falling-life clock with his Carnophage and a
Negator and I suck it all up like a champ.  I drop Wumpus and he reads it a
coupla' times.  Yes, it slowly dawns on him, this is real tech!  He drops a
Braids in response.  We each have half a dozen permanents.  I am holding a Plow.

It is about even in the permanents-judo til I 'Geddon and start swinging with

I SB in a Plow I think.  He plays first.  He drops a swamp and a 'Phage.  I draw
and drop Library.  His upkeep I draw.  Handful of Nimbles and Buddies and dirt. 
He drops a second swamp, Ritual, turn 2 Braids!  He has 4 permanents to my one! 
I sac Library on my second turn.  Ow.  Gulp.  I drop Forest, Nimble.  Go.  He
drops swamp and swings for 4.  I sac Nimble, drop a Forest and cast Werebear. 
He sacs a swamp, drops a swamp and swings for 4 more.  I sac I sac a forest and
cast Bird, Bird.  He sacs his 'Phage and swings again - I'm under 10.  I sac a
dirt, drop a dirt and cast 'Geddon: "'Geddon for the win!"  He says: "What are
you talking about?"  I say: "Nevermind.  Sorry, go."  He sacs his last
permanent, Braids, then it dawns on him.

Match 2-0
Tourney: 3-0-1

I figure I'm in for sure in the Top 4.  But, Paul's Curious Fish and I are tied
for the fourth slot.  It's naturally his since his record is better.  I get
ready to find caffeine {too much blood in my caffeine-stream}.  

Paul, it turns out lost 2-0 to Lam's Fire/Ice deck.  Fire is THAT bad for
Curious Fish.  He concedes the #4 spot in top 4 of the Swiss to me.  Yes, I am
stunned.  Enforcer is to be his revenge.  (Lam has won the past three tourneys
you see.  So it is all about stopping him from winning)

Semi-Finals: Lam (undefeated into the Top 4) piloting his Fire/Ice

My deck gives me everything I need game 1.  It makes lil threats and buddies
then Lam helps me approach threshold by countering Rods and fat threats.  His
Factories hold off my weenies.  His maindeck Scrying Glass is absolutely useless
as he cannot use it more than every other turn and simply cannot guess well. 
Null Rod hits.  He's unable to counter enough.  Eventually, he runs out of cards
and Monastery #2 rolls on for the win forcing 3 Factories to Chump.  Lam was
shocked by the second Monastery because in testing he correctly remembered my
deck only featured one.  He was really quiet, which is rare for LAm.

I SB out 4 Nimbles and 3 Plows for the 2 Choke, 2 City of Sol, 2 Defense Grids
and 1 Null Rod.  Really bad idea imo now.  He gets an early Library and I
suddenly really miss my Wastelands.  I get Wasted and my buddies get fried.  He
even drops a Morphling with no untapped blue mana.   He starts to taunt me when
I fail to Plow it.  How uncool is taunting?  {pout}  He goes on to Respond to my
Wumpus with a Flametongue Kavu, deal it 4 damage and then Fire it, and my last
hope away.

I ask Paul for advice.  The Nimbles go right back in with a little scolding,
too.  I forget what moves between the deck and its SB.  I don't even cut his
deck this time.  He topdecks the god-hand: Library, Ancestral, Force, MisD -
it's bad.  Paul (looking over LAm's shoulder) groans and advises that I concede
right away.  Ow.  He tried to Fire my Werebear when I am up to 6 cards in my
graveyard.  I respond and activate my Factory and target it with Plow.  He
MisD's my Plow to my Were bear.  He Wastes and Strips my dirt.  I die a slow
inexorable mana-screwed death.  Miner wreaks havoc during one of the games.

Match 1-0-2
Tourney: 3-0-2

Third/Fourth Battle: Arend (aka SpecialK) piloting a clone of Lam's previous
tourney-winning Mono-U BBS deck

I win game 1 with consistent, fast threats.  Null Rod stops the Keg.  Whew.

He wins game 2 with Back to Basics, Factory-defense and Smurfling.

He's mana-screwed.  Aw, muffin.  I win game 3 with Choke.  Fair.

Match 2-0-1
Tourney: 4-0-2

NB.  All five of the top five decks featured four Mishra's Factories.  I don't
know how many other decks featured four, but several did.  Yes, we have a weird
metagame and Keeper doesn't consistenyl fare well.

Unlike most Aggro decks I've played, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the
Aggro part of this deck could get a second wind if it began to stall - Threshold
is a nice bonus and is very synergistic with 'Geddon.

I take third place overall (of fifteen) with this largely untested, evolving
Erhnam-'Geddon deck.  Quite an entertaining deck to pilot.

Shawn and Lam duke it out in the finals in a mirror match.  Lam walks out with a
Time Walk for first prize.  His fourth first in a row.


FYI, what follows is my latest decklist which is doing quite nicely in further
testing against Enchantress.

I dropped Defense Grids for more City of Solitudes.  Factories became Wastes
which are better, even just in giving my threats surprise-threshold sometimes. 
I also failed to use Factories for beats - moreoften they were colourless dirt. 
Creeping Mold main instead of Aura Shards which are now in SB.  Null Rods
dropped for Kegs which are plainly more versatile.  Extra dirt dropped mana-toys
(ie.Sol Ring, Lotus, Moxen).

Genesis got tossed in for two reasons:
1) To help me deal with opposing critters by allowing me to chump with something
(eg.Birds) for 4 mana per turn.  Stacker decks won't like this much I hope.
2) To help me overwhelm Permission decks with threats.

I'd still like to fit in a ZOrb main, two Aura Fracture SB, three Null Rods SB,
and a Moat SB.

So far, I've avoided Tithes, Land Tax and Land Grant in lieu of more business
spells.  I respect that each of these promotes Threshold.  But, I am in no hurry
to reach Threshold since (unlike Grow) I am interested in more than just
accelerated beatdown.

I welcome friendly comments and your suggestions.

//Name: "Enforcer" v.3.5
//Ray Mitchell
//AKA Razor
//60 Cards
//***Critters 22
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Werebear
4 Nimble Mongoose
4 Mystic Enforcer
4 Hunted Wumpus
2 Genesis
//***Spells 13
4 Armageddon
3 Swords to Plowshares
3 Powder Keg
2 Creeping Mold
1 Regrowth
//***Mana 25
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Emerald
1 Black Lotus
1 Sol Ring
4 Brushland
4 Savannah
4 Forest
2 Plains
4 Wasteland
1 Strip Mine
2 Nantuko Monastery
//***Sideboard: 15
SB: 4 Ivory Mask
SB: 4 City of Solitude
SB: 2 Aura Shards
SB: 2 Tormod's Crypt
SB: 1 Powder Keg
SB: 1 Swords to Plowshares
SB: 1 Balance