Hi to all!! I just returned from the ISS, the most important Type 1 tournament
in Italy.
This was my first tourney and I really enjoyed it!

The first prize were signed mint Beta LoMoxen!!!

Friday: to increase my chances I buy an Ancestral Recall and a Time Walk (100$

Saturday (today): The tournament starts at 10 o' clock, there are 128 players.
There isn't the Swiss format: if you lose a match, you are out.
128,64,32,16,8,4,2.=7 matches.

First match: Walter playing Keeper
Game 1: not so much to say. He plays something but I counter everything.
Game 2: He starts with land, Mox Sapphire, Lotus. Sac Lotus and cast FoF. Not
enough: I misdirect his Ancestral and attack him with 2 Mishras. I have lots of
lands, he has 2 lands, he balances, I keep two Mishra and sac the rest, he
concedes at 4 life.

Second match: Salvo playing Keeper
Game 1: Lots of conters. I counter his mind twist.
After that, Drain+Morph=game.
Game 2: The key is the second turn: he plays Duress, he sees my Mis-D but takes
Counterspell. He plays Ancestral, I misdirect it. It was a bad mistake. After
that, B2B+morphling.

Third match: Marco playing Sligh
Before the game starts, he tells me:"Every tournament I play, I always lose
match 3. I have played lots of tournaments but always lost match 3." Ok. I start
playing an Island, he says:" And I always lost match 3 against a Mono-U." Come
on then.
Game 1: He burns me, incinerates me, bolts me, shocks me till I reach 1 life.
Then I have 6 cards, I am full of counters, he has no cards. He plays Incinerate
I drain it and cast Morphling. Then I have to counter his few spells and the
game is over.
Game 2: He starts with land+Lotus, sac Lotus and plays Bolt, Bolt, Shock, Mogg
Fanatic. Not bad. After turn 2 I'm at 8 life. He attack till I am at 4 life. But
again I have a full hand and he has an empty hand. I kill him with my morphling.

Fourth Match: Luca playing U/W zoo.
It was a very bad deck, I am a bit surprised it reached Match 4.
Game 1: counter, counter, counter, Drain+Morph=game. Not so much to say.
Game 2: a bit harder. he succeedes in killing my morphling with Balance. Then
again, I Drain his Serendib and cast Morphling. Game.

Fifth match: Danilo playing Sligh
Game 1: I am forced to mulligan down to 5, my hand is: Island, Mishra, Sol,
Mis-d, Drain. Not bad. Keep. I play Island+Sol. He plays Mishra, Mox Ruby,
Lotus. Sac Lotus and plays Gorilla Shaman, Gorilla Shaman, Cursed Scroll, Cursed
Scroll. He kills me very quickly with cursed damage. He had good luck.
Game 2: the same as game 1 but I have 7 cards. He has again Lotus in his opening
hand. I succeed in playing morphling. I attack with morph+mishra till he is at 7
life. One more turn and he is dead. I have 0 cards in hand. He has 0 cards in
hand. I am at 3 life. He topdecks Bolt and kills me.

I had bad luck, he had good luck.

It was my first tournament and I made a Top 8. Not bad. I am happy, I had a
great time and I enjoyed playing the tournament.

Now my deck:

16 Island
4 Mishra (great!!)
1 Strip
3 Waste
1 Sol
4 Counterspell
4 FoW
4 Drain
2 Leak
2 Mis-D
3 Disks
3 Kegs
2 Morphs
1 Rainbow Efreet
3 FoF (the more I play it, the more i like it)
3 Impulse
1 Ancestral
1 Walk
1 Capsize
1 Merchant Scroll (Great!! It's a demonic tutor in this deck!)


4 Thief
3 B2B
3 Cores
2 Chill
2 Mis-D
1 Powder Keg

I've got the decklist of the deck which won the tournament: it was the player
who beat me.
It is a Sligh deck with a splash of blue. (I didn't know it had blue, he didn't
draw any Volcanic or Blue card).

1 Lotus
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
8 Mountain
1 Strip
4 Waste
3 Mishra
1 LoA
4 Bolt
4 Incinerate
2 Shock
4 Cursed
4 Chain Lightning
2 Mogg Fanatic
4 Gorilla Shaman
2 Fireblast
1 Wheel
1 Core
1 Walk
1 Twister
1 Ancestral
4 Volcanic Island
1 Fork
2 Serendib
1 Sol
1 Urza Rage


4 Blood Moon
4 Pyroblast
2 Anarchy
3 Null Rod


Max, the Mana Drainer