Hi to all, 
Here is a report of a T1 Tourney that happened yesterday at rama llama comics
in Plano Texas USA (Plano is Suburb of the Dallas Area). Oh, now regarding the
Topic, it is true by the way, I hate blue decks, but I have to admit, B2B,
Morph and FoF are really really broken in T1. Anyway, here it goes: 
we were 15 players (not that many...we are a dying breed), so we played 4
rounds of Swiss, cutting to the top 4. 
Also, I already played at this tournament 2 weeks ago with teletubbies
(I ended up in 3rd) and I kinda knew what the metagame was. I knew there were
several Non Basic Land decks, so I followed MP suggestion and put 2 B2B main
deck and 2 in the board. 
Anyway, Round 1: Got my worst match up, OATH. 
I lost the roll, he chooses to go first. We drew and I got a horrible hand.
1 land. But we both paris and go down to 6 cards. My hand, 2 islands, 1 mox
1 mana drain, 1 misdirection, 1 mana leak. So I keep this hand. He goes first,
drops a Tree Top village, and says go. I draw my card and it is a B2B. Play and
Island and say go. He drops a Glacier and says go. Draw, got another island,
played the mox, another island, b2b he says doh. He plays Karn, I got Morph, game. 
2 game, I got the B2B early, he counters the first one, he was able to play the
oath, I had Morph in play, he had karn, he turns my sol ring into a creature
during his upkeep, and gets the morph. He lets me oath, and he was hoping for a
Masticore, but I got on the second card another morph, so he scoops. 

Game 2: Mono Green Elf beat down deck. 
This was tough, believe it or not, a lot of 1 cc drops and I didn't got
masticore or powder kegs first game, he kills me. Out goes the B2B, and
brought in 2 more Cores. 
Game 2, he gets some creatures down, he deals some damage, played keg,
got rid of several creatures at the same time, got masticore out, and I
was able to control the game. I won. 
Game 3, I get flooded with lands, and didn't draw any answers. I brings me
down to 4 life, he has 3 creatures I play, one with rancor. I played at his
end of turn a FoF, and got 1 keg and a morph. Keg came late, so I grabbed
the morph, played it, say go, he has 2 cards in hand after his draw, he
tried to play a rancor on the other elf, I misdirected to the morph, and I
go only 1 counter left. He attacks with both of them, I block with morph.
The rancor guy, waiting for the giant growth on the unblocked one, but he
doesn't have it. I go down to 3 life, and that's game. Close. 

Game 3: I played vs. Keeperish Zoo deck. 
Game one, got B2B in quick, that's game. 2nd Game, I also played B2B quick,
he plays mox monkey, he deals some damage, U play Keg to kill his z.orb (plus
my 2 moxes. I got him on land luck until he plays wheel of fortune, he blasts
my b2b in response, I had 4 counters and some other stuff, but no will, let
the wheel resolve, plays another red land for the next pyro, and I got lotus,
and 2 more b2b. Wheel helped me. Played lotus, he pyro the 1st b2b, I played
the 2 one, he says ouch, locking down, played morph afterwards, game. 

Game 4: R/G beatdown with LD. 
B2B wins it again for me. 

Made Top 4, undefeated. 
Played the best player (I think on the semis). Keeper. Game one, was close.
He had 4 basic lands including a Plains. I Fact or Fiction, got a strip 2
islands, morph and force of will. He stacks the strip on one stack everything
else in the other one, and I got the Strip Mine to get rid of his plains.
Battle for the Morph with counters, I won, game.
Again, back in 2 B2B and 2 Wastelands. Game 2, We both get a play land go
turns, I'm tapped out, with 6 cards in hand, no mana open, he tries to play a
MINDTWIST (and I know I have been part of the discussion about the been able
to play misdirection on a Mindtwist, called the judge to see his ruling, he
pulls out a 4th edition Mindtwist, he is says it is possible), so I misdirected
his mindtwist to him, getting rid of all his cards, I played Morph later
I won. Close Match again. 
I go to the finals, vs. Oath. Bad Last match. 

I play some counters, was able to get down a B2B, I won. Second game, same
thing, but he got mana doesn't drop land for 2 turns, I got ahead, able to
play another b2b, and Morph for the win. 

Conclusion, even though I still hate blue, in this env, and if you know the
metagame blue decks kills a lot of other decks that depend on the Non Basic
Lands. I was also luck I think to not play vs. Hatred or Sligh. Probably the
worst matched for this mono blue deck, and also a good thing, no mirror match. 
Hope this helps, and I'll let you know what happened on the next one.
I assume, everyone now is going to be ready to play something vs.
B2B, so I will switch to POX. ;)


PS: MrParrot, thanks again for the deck and suggestions.