Yes, pox let me down in the baddest was a double elim. tourney w/
maybe 16 players...many of which only have type 2 cards. 

Here's a recap: 
Match 1 vs. G/B 
This kid was new to the store, and really didn't have many old cards...from the
best I could tell he built his collection from the penny box (not that there
isn't anything wrong w/ that) and some cards from packs he'd recently purchased.
Game 1: I got an early start with some land disruption and hand removal. Steel
Golem made an appearance and a Mishra's Factory joined the party a turn later.
It was smooth sailing for 5 a turn, as my opponent didn't get any creatures on
the board. That pretty much sums up that game. 
Game 2: I kept a one land hand w/ cursed scroll, rack, dark ritual, hymn and
two other random cards. He went first w/ a forest. Draw..(fingers crossed for a
land)...nope, Steel Golem. I played the land, Ritual, Rack, Hymn. He goes,
plays a swamp, and passes the turn. Draw...Sinkhole. Hmmm...stalled at one land,
so play the scroll and pass the turn. He draws, plays a forest and Harrows for a
swamp and a forest, afterwhich he passes the turn. I draw a Mishras (not so
great for all the double-black in my hand, but I'm not complaining). I pass the
turn and he double-harrows on his turn and says he's done. I draw the second
swamp and start going to town. Steel Golem this turn, Hymn the next & attack for
5 the following turn. He got out a creature that kills creatures it's damaged in
combat if the controller doesn't pay 2. The next turn I attacked w/ the Golem,
he blocked and I paid the two. I came in for 5 the next turn and he took some
damage on his upkeep from the rack. I drew a mishra's and attacked for 6...he
died on his upkeep if I'm not mistaken. 

Match 2 - a CIP creature deck... 
Game 1: This game was all about the second turn Abyss and early hand disruption.
I easily won this one in a short time and we were on the the next game. Little
did I know that this would be the last time in the tournament that the deck
would function optimally... 
Game 2: I keep another one land hand, but I have a sol ring too. He goes first
and lays a dual land. I draw a sinkhole, play the swamp, sol ring, and pass the
turn. He lays a second land and is done. I draw a second sinkhole and say done
(stuck at one land again...). He plays a third land and passes the turn. I draw
a Rack and play it. On his turn he plays a 4/1 echo creature that destroys my
Rack. Crap! Now I'm really stuck...until I draw a swamp on my turn and sinkhole
his land. He doens't pay echo, and plays a land...hmmm. Next turn I draw a Dark
Ritual and I sinkhole another land. He goes and plays another land...this guy
didn't miss a land drop yet! I luckily draw the Abyss and cast it using the Rit. he plays some 4/5 echo artifact creature on his turn...Damn!
For the next 3 turns I draw land and just take a beating from that darn 4/5. I
draw a Factory on the next turn and played it...well, I can delay a turn if need
be. And when I draw land for the next two turns, it's game... 
To the sideboard...In: 2 Powder Kegs, Out 2 Spinning Darkness. 
Game 3: I keep a hand that looks decent. Two swamps, a sinkhole, a hymn, a
duress, rack and cursed scroll. I go first, lay a swamp and duress him. I take
a force of will and pass my turn...he had a mitt full of land and some CIP
creatures. He lays a land and says go. I draw another duress, play my swamp and
hymn him. I get a creature and a land of sorts. He goes, lays a land and says
go. I draw a mishra's, play a sinkhole and a cursed scroll. He plays a land,
and monkeys away my scroll...doh! He must've drawn it that turn. I draw a land,
play it, duress, rack. I see all land, a CIP creature of some sort, and that
darn echo artifact creature. Doh! He goes, lays a land and plays the echo guy.
I go and draw the Abyss...go figure! He pays the echo and attacks. I draw a
scroll, but it doesn't do any good as my life total goes incrementally down by
4 until I'm dead...all the while I'm drawing nothing that can save me... 

Match 3 - not quite sure what he was playing...
a rather inexperienced opponent that had a primarily Type 2 collection.
Game 1: God hand. I double hymn him w/ a jet, swamp, dark ritual. Second turn I
sinkhole his land. Third turn I get a Golemn into play and lay a factory. I
attack for 5 and duress him on my next turn. I play a rack and just beat him
around for the next couple turns.
Game 2: Some redemption in this tourney...I start off slow, but pretty much
repeat game 1 as far as the golem & factory beatdown. 

Match 4 - Cheesy Red Burn...hmmm.
This guy is in his mid 20's, and I've played him before...decent player. 
Game 1: Well I remembered discussion of playing Pox against burn and it all
comes down to emptying their hand and getting some racks out. He burns me for
the first 4 turns...fortunately on his turn, so I know there aren't any
suprises waiting for me on mine (he didn't understand the concept of burning me
on my turn or something). I have two poxes in hand and I'm trailing on the land
count. I got some two racks out and he took some damage from addition
to a turn of mishra's beats. I get a Steel Golem out, but he plays a Skzzik w/o
kicker...two lands untapped, two cards in hand. I'm at 12 w/ the Steel Golem
protecting me, a tapped mishras and two tapped swamps, a hymn in hand. I figure
he attacks me down to 7 and since he'd been holding those two cards, I was
guessing that they weren't burn. I figured that the Skizzik is going away, I'll
have my golem, and I'll hymn away those two cards on my next turn...leaving me
with the advantage. Victory was within my grasp...but unfortunately after I
declined to block and went to 7, he bolted and fireblasted me for the win.
I sideboard out the 3 Abyss, 1 Powder Keg for 4 Underworld Dreams. I figure
these will help me race him... 
Game 2: I get a GREAT hand...except no land. I mulligan and get two swamps, a
persecute (that would be so nice since he's playing mono-red), a hymn, a
duress, and a spinning darkness. I duress him and see some 2 mages contest...
what's up with that? There's also a ball lightning and a couple burn cards, but
he's land-light. I take a mages' contest. He lays a land and passes. I go swamp
and hymn him (drawing something other than land that turn). I get a land and a
burn spell. He lays a mishra's factory (must've drawn it) and passes. Doh...I
can't quite get rid of it yet...need one more black spell to spinning it. I
peel a duress off my library and duress him. I get something crappy...don't
remember what. He attacks on his turn w/ the factory and I spinning it...he's
stuck at one mountain. I play a rack and he lays a mountain on his next turn.
We're both at two land. I peel a sinkhole off the top and sinkhole a mountain...
he forks it, so we're both stuck at one land a piece! We're both in top-deck
mode...I pull a land first and then play a scroll, then another land, then
another...I can finally persecute...which I do, and it's not long until I finish
him off...whew..that was too close! 
Game 3: If I win this, I'm still in, but if I lose, I'm out. He goes first and
burns me for 3. I lay a swamp and say go. He lays another mountain and
incinerates me. I play a factory and say go. For the next 3 turns I'm stuck on
those two land, and he keeps burning me. Arrgh! How frustrating! I finally get
a dark rit and hymn away a ball lightning and a chain lightning. I stabilize
when I finally get that third land by getting a golem into play and I have two
poxes in my hand. He's still at 20, and I'm at something like 10 or 8 or
something. I need to draw an answer...I get a swamp. He has 4 land and 3 cards
in hand. I attacked w/ the golem and looked at my hand. Do I pox or not? He'd
have 2 land, 1 card in hand, and be at 13 after the pox. I'd be at 5 or 6 and
have 2 land and no cards in hand. That was the big debate. Figuring that I
really had nothing to lose...I went for it...Pox. I kept my factory and a swamp
and lost everything else. He kept two cards (I don't remember what he pitched),
and 2 land. On his turn he played a land and burned me for 3...I'm so dead
unless I can draw the answer...which was....a swamp. Doh! I attack w/ the
factory and pass the turn. He plays an earthquake and finishes me off. hmmm...

That was it...I was out of the tournament. I had some really good games against
easy opponents where I drew awesome hands, but the deck really didn't give me
much in those games that I's good when it's good, but it was REALLY
bad when it was bad. I found myself drawing too much mana or not enough mana.
Next time I think I'll switch to something different...
Stasis? Pandeburst? Mono-blue? 

Well, hope you all enjoyed the report... 

1 Mox Jet 
1 Lotus 
1 Demonic Tutor 
1 Persecute 

4 Pox 
4 Rack 
4 Hymn 
4 Sinkhole 
4 Cursed Scroll 
4 Duress 
4 Steel Golem 
4 Dark Ritual 

3 Spinning Darkness 
3 The Abyss 

3 Mishra's Factory 
14 Swamps 
1 Strip Mine