Well, we are snowed-in on the first day of Spring Break here in Minneapolis so
I thought I would write a tournament report. I played at Dreamers yesterday.
There were a total of 13 players, I would guess that 11 had power cards and
probably 5 or 6 had all of the power nine. I saw a total of 10 very competitive
tier one decks and three decks that were awful. The scary thing is, you can
prepare for the good decks but how do you prepare for the bad ones? 

Here is what I played. I won a different tournament last week (4-0 in matches,
8-0 in games) so I decided to play without any changes. 

5 Moxes 
1 Lotus 
1 Sol Ring 
4 Wastelands 
1 Stripmine 
1 Library of Alexanderia 
3 Tundra 
1 Underground Sea 
2 Volcanic Islands 
4 Islands 
1 Plains 
4 City of Brass 

4 Force of Will 
4 Mana Drains 
2 Counterspells 

2 Swords to Plowshares 
1 Fireball 
2 Disenchant 
1 Balance 
1 Moat 
1 Abyss 
1 Ivory Mask 

2 Morphling 

2 Fact or Fiction 
1 Jamdae Tomb 
1 Ancesteral Recall 
1 Timewalk 
1 Regrowth 
1 Yagmoth’s Will 
1 Mindtwist 

1 Demonic 
1 Enlightened 
1 Mystical 

4 Scragnoth 
3 Red Blasts 
1 Moat 
2 Gorilla Shaman 
1 Ivory Mask 
1 Aura of Silence 
1 Disrupting Scepter 
2 Bloodmoon 

This is a typical Keeper with the exception of an Ivory Mask in the main deck,
which doesn't allow me to play Stroke or Geyser, hence the Fact or Fictions and
Jamdae Tome. Also, Bloodmoon in the sideboard is a metagame decision, hence the
basic land. 

Four rounds of Swiss and final four are fighting for $130 in store credit.
Third place gets $10, first and second divide the remaining $120 as they see fit.

Match one - Land Destruction 
I played a kid who hasn't played a lot of Type I. These kids can be scary
because sometimes they have no fear. Sometimes a kid like this is cautious in
the face of a Mox or Lotus, but every once in a while you see that kid who just
doesn't know any better and is cocky and arrogant and plays a really balls-out
kind of game. I simply had a better deck, beating him 2-1. I did get a bad draw
game 2 and he capitalized, but the games I won were won because I managed to
Wasteland or Stripmine his mana base away. The best way to beat Land
Destruction is to destroy their lands. 
Match Record 1-0 
Game Record 2-1 

Round 2 - Zoo 
I think the guy's name is Jason. He came to Dreamers a few months ago with a
red-white deck with Empyreal Armor. He took some advice, changed his deck
and after three tournaments, he has really developed a good Zoo deck. I had
some great draws however, and he couldn’t really compete with the awesome card
drawing of a turn 2 Jamdae Tome and a turn 4 Library of Alexandria. Game 2 I
mindtwisted his hand away while playing a Moat and Ivory Mask for the win. 
Match Record 2-0 
Game Record 4-1 

Round 3 - Mono-blue 
This is my best opponent in terms of play ability. He is a much better player
than I am, but I think I have a slight edge in deck building for the metagame.
He has won probably 6 or 7 tournaments in a row, with me placing second for 4
or 5 of those tournaments, and winning the tournaments when he isn't there. He
usually plays a Mono-blue deck that just wrecks me. I have prepared so hard to
beat Mono-blue and this is my opportunity. I have mono-blue all figured out.
Scragnoth is in the sideboard ready to do his thing. Game one begins, after
much shuffling, and he plays a Tundra. WTF. He brought Keeper. My Keeper is a
poor match-up for him, and he knows it. I manage to win 2-1. I honestly don't
know how these games went, simply because of the outrageous games we played in
the finals. Sideboarded in 2 Red Blasts, 2 Bloodmoon, 2 Gorilla Shaman,
1 Disrupting Scepter for 2 Swords to Plowshares, 1 Mindtwist, 1 Abyss,
1 Ivory Mask, 1 Disenchant and 1 Moat. 
Match Record 3-0 
Game Record 6-2 

Round 4 - Black-Blue Variant 
I am playing against a very skillful and patient opponent. Black-Blue has been
very trendy on this mill, but my opponent has been playing his deck for about
six months. He runs two Masticores main deck, no Morphling, a couple of Abyss
for creature control and 3 or 4 FoF and 3 or 4 Impulse. He plays with basic
lands, so Bloodmoon isn't any good, and he probabally runs more permission than
I do. The key to both of the games that I won was Jamdae Tome. What a great
card! Powder Keg is great at stalling the early game, but when facing an early
Jamdae Tome, Powder Keg is a little slow. Anyway, Swords to Plowshares killed
Masticore and Balance managed to kill another Masticore. I won two of three
games, loosing to an early Morphling from the sideboard, I think. In from my
Sideboard was Disrupting Scepter and 3 Red Blasts. Out was Mind Twist, Moat,
Abyss, Ivory Mask. 
Match Record 4-0 
Game Record 8-3 

Final Four - Me with Keeper 
My round 3 opponent with Keeper 
My round 4 opponent with Blue-Black 
And a Sligh deck (just to keep everyone honest). 

Semi-finals - Sligh 
A good player, but for reasons beyond his control he forgot to bring Anarchy
for the Sideboard. Moat and Ivory Mask were the key. Both cards were a lock.
Game one, I managed to win by a very slight margin. I was at 3 life when I
finally managed to play Ivory Mask with a Moat already in play. Game two I just
couldn't compete. I drew two Islands and after taking about 6 damage from a Pup
and something else, Ball Lightning hit the table and hurt me, the burn finished
me. Game over. Game three I was able to play an early Moat, Counter a Price of
Progress that would have dealt 12 damage, and finally play an Ivory Mask. I
finished that game at 6 life. 
Match Record 5-0 
Game Record 10-4 

Finals - Keeper 
I keep draw of Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, FoW, FoW, FoF, Balance and Wasteland. 
He plays Tundra. 
I draw Mystical Tutor, play Wasteland on Tundra and play Mox, Mox. 
He plays Undreground Sea, Mox Jet. 
I draw Regrowth (getting pissed, no land). 
I continue to draw dead cards, such as Ivory Mask and Moat, which I discard.
He continues to draw land. He is with 8 land and seven cards in hand. I have
one Island in play, two moxes and seven cards in hand (2 Force of Will, 1
Mystical, 1 Regrowth, 1 Balance, 1 Fact or Fiction and 1 Mana Drain). I draw an
Abyss. What the hell, I cast Balance. He has four blue mana untapped and Seven
cards in hand. He counters. I Force of Will, pitching Mystical Tutor. He
drains, I Force of Will, pitching Mana Drain. Balance resolves. Three cards in
hand and one land. I'm back in the game!! 
We continue to draw, he plays land. I still have trouble playing land but I am
drawing a ton of permission. He plays a Morphling, a counter war ensues and
Morphling hits the table. My notes are a little fuzzy, but I had three land in
play and he had probabally six. I had the Regrowth in hand, but only two
Islands and a Volcanic, along with the two moxes, in play. I should have lost a
long time ago, but I am still in the game. Morphling beats me around for a
couple of turns and I draw a City of Brass, regrow the Balance and cast it. A
counter war ensues, which I win, and Balance resolves. Morphling dies, as does
our mana base and our hands. 
We rebuild again. He is out of land. I Balanced or Wastelaned away almost all
of his blue mana sources. I am going to win!! The trouble is that I am running
low on countespells. I cast Morphlnig and it resolves. Morphlnig does damage,
bringing him down to 5 life. I have one Force of Will and a Drain in my hand,
but not alot of mana to use. He draws and casts Balance, I Force, pitching the
drain, and he counters. Damnit!! Morphling, lands and hand go away again. 
He goes through my graveyard and "removed from the game" pile and notices that
I only have one mana drain left in my deck. He counts our cards and we both
have 17 left in our decks, but it is my turn next and I will run out of cards
first. We rebuild again. I draw a Morphling, with my one Mana Drain left. I
cast it, he casts Force of Will, I drain, he casts Force of Will again! We draw
a few cards and eventually I come to my last card. I try to play a Fireball for
5, but he Misdirects and I lose on my next draw phase. 
The most amazing Keeper v. Keeper game I have ever played. We balanced three
I sideboard in 2 Red Blasts, 1 Disrupting Scepter, 2 Bloodmoon and 2 Gorilla
Game 2. We both have decent draws. He plays a first turn Aura of Silence. I
play a turn five Disrupting Scepter, which he destroys with the Aura. Bloodmoon
hits the table, along with a Jamdae Tome. He concedes. 
Game 3. An early Morphling brings my opponent to three life, before his Balance
resolves. Then he casts Scrying Glass, which manages to resolve. I Enlightened
Tutor for Bloodmoon. Then Gorilla Shaman hits the table and I manage to win. 

So I won. $65 in store credit, which I used to buy 4 Undermines. 

Match Record 6-0 
Game Record 12-5