After a hibernation lasting for 4 years I restarted playing T1 tourneys last
fall. Usually Sligh or Pox wins in our area, sometimes Mono-Blue, despite my
brave attempts to win with NetherVoid (4-0-1), Deck Parfait (3-1-1) or
Keeper (4-0-1). 

Since Keeper is fun, interesting AND good I decided to play it again (sorry,
Matt - NetherVoid is fun and good, but not very interesting since there are
few possibilities to go wrong, and sorry, K-Run, but Parfait is good and TOO
interesting, because there is plenty of room for going wrong, so it is only
fun when you are used to it, which I am not ;-). But I digress... 

Here is the deck: 

Mana (27): 

4 CoB 
4 Tundra 
4 Underground Sea 
2 Volcanic Island 
1 Undiscovered Paradise 
4 Strip/Waste 
1 LoA 
5 Moxen 
1 Lotus 
1 Sol Ring 

Red (1): 

1 Mox Monkey 

Green (1): 

1 Regrowth 

White (3): 

1 StoP 
1 Seal of Cleansing 
1 Balance 

Black (7): 

1 Duress 
1 Mindtwist 
1 Demonic T 
1 Vampiric T 
1 Abyss 
1 Y. Will 
1 D Edict 

Blue (19): 

4 Mana Drain 
4 FoW 
2 FoF 
2 Misdirection 
2 Morphling 
1 Ancestral 
1 Walk 
1 Twister 
1 Stroke 
1 Mystical T 

Non-mana Artifacts (2): 

1 Zorb 
1 Powder Keg 

Sideboard (15): 

2 Conversion 
1 CoP: Black 
1 Spiritual Focus 
1 Disenchant 
1 Tormod's Crypt 
1 Ivory Tower 
1 Jester'S Cap 
2 Powder Keg 
2 Duress 
3 REB 

Some remarks concerning the deck: 
I. 27 mana sources seems a bit low to me (I usually use 28), but I wanted to
try it - it was no so good, in the Mono-Blue matchups... 
II. Since I have never ever used Blessings I wanted to include them this time.
Fortunately, I have been convinced to use the dark side of the force... Duress
was very good and Will even more incredible than expected. 
III. Misdirections and Keg were included against Pox and Sligh. 
IV. Undiscovered Paradise - I like it. 

The tourney (5 rounds) 

First Round - Rebel deck 
It was a type II deck and he played for the first time in a tourney. 'nuff said.
Although... A fellow Keeper was paired against Stompy and lost, so maybe I
extend the report somewhat: In the first game I dropped a third turn Abyss with
FoW backup and in the second game a first turn Abyss with FoW backup. 

Second Round - RecSur 
First game he is mana screwed (no green) and I win easily. 
Second game I draw Wasteland and Strip Mine early and mimic a LD deck, due to
the impressions I gathered during the first game. Well, he drops Birds of
Paradise and a very busy Dwarven Miner. With one land left on board (and a Mox)
and 1 CoB in my hand I meditate and focus on my topdecking skill - I succeeded:
a Mystical Tutor saves the day. I pass, he wastes, I mystical in response for
Balance, he curses silently and I Balance with CoB and Mox. Both of us recover
(I draw some cards with Y. Will, he plays Survival), but fortunately I can stop
Squee with Tormod's Crypt. Eventually I drop Morphling and he drops Recurring
the same turn, to fetch Deranged Hermit. We start beatdown, me killing a token
each turn (but I am low in life). I win with 2 lifes left. 

Third Round - Mono Black 
It is an interesting deck - no Pox, no Hatred, no NetherVoid, but all the good
black stuff - rituals, hyppies, negators, duress, hymmns, necro. Additionally
there are edicts, disks, mishras and scrolls and a random juzam. First game I
can Misdirect a Hymmn and Duress a Disk (seeing his Edict). I edict a Hyppie
and load a Keg up to 2. He plays Juzam and my hand is Morphling and FoW. I
draw my second Morphling and play it, since I can counter his edict. He attacks
and casts Edict. I trance. To FoW or not to FoW? I still do not know which
option is better, but I played FoW, removing my second Morphling (this gains 1
turn but loses 1 card as opposed to letting the Edict resolve and play the
second Morphling next turn). At 3 lifes I win. 
In the second game I StoP a Hyppie and play Spiritual Focus and CoP: Black.
After dropping Abyss I only have to wait for Morphling with some counter backup
against edicts. With healthy 20 lifes I finish. 

Fourth Round - DrawGo 
The first game is very interesting - I mystical first turn for Ancestral and
both resolve. I have Demonic, Mana Drain, Misdirection, FoW and Lotus in Hand
and Sol Ring, Mox, 2 Lands in game. I Tutor and it resolves - I want to choose
between Mindtwist (he has got 6 cards in hand and 3 Island in play) and
Morphling and trance for a while. At first glance, Morphling seems better, but
I know he is playing with Disks, so I decide in favour of Mindtwist - probably
the wrong decision. He counters, I drain, he FoWs, me too but he Brainstorms
with his single Brainstorm and rescues two valuable cards. He recovers faster
with FoF and Thawing Glaciers and plays Masticore, I edict, he misdirects on
me. Next turn I StoP, he drains. I duress his last Counterspell, he Kegs my
Zorb - at 7 lifes I eat 1 Land (maybe 2 would have been better). AT 1 life I
play Morhpling, but have to block Masticore. I draw Vampiric and lose. 
The second game I waste his two early Glaciers but I keep a bit low on mana -
despite a resolving Ancestral in my favour! For some time, I have to live with
2 CoBs and a Sol Ring and eat additional damage from some Factories. He has
beatdown advantage, so to speak, I manage to obtain some minor card advantage.
At 6 lifes I draw a Demonic Tutor and Tutor for Will (he has no cards in his
hand and only 1 Factory left). He topdecks a Factory, but bizarre Will-power is
too much for him: Ancestral, Walk, 3 Moxen, Strip Mine, Lotus, a regrown Mana
Drain and a Morphling re-appear. I am happy to be on the dark side now... 
The third game stops before it starts: Timeout! 

Last Round - Forbiddian 
The first game I win with some incredible start - I do not quite remember, but
I have seen all P10 and Y. Will with enough counter backup during the first 4
turns - FoF helped a lot (actually, after turn 4 I had 2 additional ones during
which I played a NICE Will and a Morphling).
The second game starts like this: He: Land, go; me holding Land, 2 Moxen, Lotus,
Mindtwist, Mana Drain and REB. I topdeck a Sol Ring. I guess, few can resist the
temptation to go off with Mindtwist straight away, but maybe it is better to
wait for red mana - who knows? So I play Tundra, Mox Sapphire (which he annuls),
Mox Pearl, Sol Ring, Black Lotus and cast Mindtwist, which he misdirects which I
mana drain. Unfortunately he has still FoW and thus I am forced to discard my
REB. He switches into LD mode and Wastes, Strips and Kegs all my mana sources.
I play 1 Land and he counters my attempts to cast Moxen. Then he starts with
Ophidian "beatdown" and 3 turns later I scoop. 
The third game swings back and forth for a while, but Duress and REB help a lot.
I eat again some Factory damage but manage to cast a "moderate" Will with
Ancestral, Walk, 2 Moxen, Land and Demonic Tutor for Morphling. I win a few
turns later with 2 lifes left... 

So for the first time in an astonishingly long period a P10 deck won a tourney
in Vienna, which is what all my Keeper fellows have been waiting for. So beware,
Austrian Mono-guys - 5cc is back (BWAHAHA!). 

I am looking forward to your comments regarding the deck, the sideboard and/or
the games. 

Especially, I would like to know what YOU would have done on the crucial first
turn in the second game in the last round (to Mindtwist or not to Mindtwist?). 
Moreover, what would you have done in the first game in the fourth round (cast
the Demonic or not, and if yes, what would you have picked up)?

So long and thanx 4 all the reading...