Here is the tourney report you have been waiting for. I went 5-0/10-1 at the
tourney this weekend with the following deck. The factories and the Ophids
were the key in almost every matchup. The deck hummed along nicely and I
never felt the least bit perturbed even in the game I lost. Here is the deck
I played: 

17 Islands 
4 Wastelands 
1 Strip Mine 
1 Library of Alexandria 
4 Mishras Factory 
1 Mox Sapphire 

4 Drains 
4 Force 
4 Counterspell 
3 Misdirection 

Card Drawing 
3 Fact or Fiction 
2 Impulse 
1 Ancestral 
1 Mystical 

4 Disks 

2 Morphling 
4 Ophidians 

1 Chill 
3 BEBs 
1 Zorb 
2 Teferi's Response 
1 Crypt 
1 Timetwister 
4 Masticore 
2 Back to Basics

Match One-NetherVoid 
1st Game went pretty easily. He opened with a duress and took a Force. Drew an
Ancestral. He killed some lands but I quickly was able to establish control by
draining hymn and playing a Disk. Misdirected a hymn. Drained a hippie, played
a Superman. Game Over. 
2nd Game he started out fast with a Ritual, Duress, Sink hole=Ouch. By turn 4,
I only had 1 Island in play and getting beat up with a hippie and a Port. Drew
a Wasteland. Forced NetherVoid. Turned the game around by Misdirecting a
Hymn-Good Bye hand. Tutored for Ancestral. Drained Sinkhole, played Disk.
Disked, played factory, Ophid. Regained card advantage and eventually played a
Superman. Game Over. 
He was probably the toughest opponent and deck I faced but I got favorable
draws and won kind of handily considering the matchup. 

Match Two-BlueArtifact Deck 
1st Game-This deck is hard to explain. He had Morphlings, Masticores, Counters,
Energy Fields, Metal Workers, Phyrexian Processors. Just a hodge-podge of stuff.
Because of the lack of focus, the mono-blue just tore him apart. First game
ended quickly as I drew Ancestral, Island, Mox, Island, Mana Drain, Force of
Will, Morphling. Morphling hit 3rd turn after I drained a metal worker. After
that I maintained counter advantage and beat him down. 
2nd Game-This time he got off to a good start and through down a Metal Worker
and Processor. I countered a Masticore early and finally drew a Disk. He
countered, I drained, he countered, I countered, he Foiled, I drained. I disked
next turn. Then the game swing was his attempt next turn to stroke for 7, I
misdirected, he had no answer. You just can't beat that. Couple turns later,
Ophids and Factories did him in. 

Match Three-White Rebel 
1st Game-Opponent had not lost a game yet either. He had also just crushed a P9
Keeper deck so I didn't know what to expect. Ophids and Factories held off the
onslaught long enough for Morphling to hit. Kept digging for Defiant Falcon but
there weren't enough. Over quickly. Sideboard out Wastelands, sideboard in
2nd Game-Was overconfident and made a critical error that cost me the game.
Never saw any of the 4 Masticores all game which would made the difference.
Beating me down pretty good until I finally can disk. Then proceed to drop a
Morphling. Had to counter a shadow creature. Out of counters but in control of
the game with Morphling on the table. He attacks with his last creature, I
overconfidently and without thought block. Immediately realize I had just been
duped. He casts Abeyance, can't counter, casts Balance, can't counter. Bye, Bye
Morphling. Drops shadow creature. Still have a chance near end of game with 2
Factories and an Ophid. Was one mana short to activate 2nd Factory and kill
him, he kills me next turn. 
3rd Game-Dropped 3rd turn Ophid, 5th turn Masticore, Game over. He had no
answer for Masticore. Wish I had seen that the game before. 

Match Four-White Shadow
1st Game-Another undefeated mono-white deck. Had absolutely no problems against
this deck. Had to wait awhile for Morphling but never lost control of the game.
Sideboard out Wastelands, sideboard in Masticore.
2nd Game-Masticore and Ophids hit early and the game is over in less than 10

1st Game-To hear some people, Sligh is like the touch of death to mono-blue but
come on. There is nothing this deck can do to make you really worried. I let
him get me down to about 6 life before I started countering anything.
Misdirected two Fireblasts (god that sucks to be him) countered some other
stuff. Killed him with Factories. Sideboard out Wastelands, sideboard in 1
Chill 3 BEBs.
2nd Game-More of the same. Let him get me low, misdirected a couple of spells
and dropped a Chill. Waited for Morphling, countered two Cursed Scrolls. Drop
Morphling, he scoops. Tourney over.

The three other people with P9 were eliminated pretty early. Its hard to
believe that that keeper couldn't make it to the finals. But I played him after
the tourney and crushed him 3-0. He didn't play it as well as he should.
Oh well, it was a lot of fun and the first Type 1 tourney I have been in in
over 3 years. I playtested that deck with the Force Spikes last night and it
played well too, but in the creature heavy environment that I am in, it just
wouldn't work.