I played the deck in a modified version (because do not own any Moat etc.):
1 Jesters Cap
1 Lotus Petal
1 Mox Diamond
2 Scroll Rack
1 Sol Ring
1 Soldevi Digger
2 Zuran Orb

3 Aura of Silence
1 Ivory Mask
4 Land Tax
1 Peace of Mind
3 Sacred Mesa
1 Story Circle
4 Abeyance
3 Argivian Find
1 Enlightened Tutor
4 Swords
1 Balance
2 Planar Birth
2 Wrath of God

2 Kor Haven
17 Plains
1 Serras Sanctum
1 Strip Mine

2 Millstone, 2 Tormods Crypt, 1 of each CoP: R/U/B, 3 Humility, 3 Orims Prayer,
1 Ivory Mask, 1 Pariah

About 20 players showed up, that meant fife rounds Swiss. I didn't write down
notes (very lacy, slops to me) and can't remember the names of all my
opponents. Sorry for that - I promise to do it next time.

1. round (??, Trix)
In the first game I had Peace of Mind - Land Tax - Zuran Orb - Planar Birth
running. Before the third donated Illusions went to the graveyard I was at 17
Life. Very close, both my Abeyances had been countered.
In the second game I had an early Mesa and won the beatdown race thanks to Land
Tax and Planar Birth. This time the Zuran Orb let me survive one Illusions.
In the third game he donated me four Illusions (Yawgmoths Will) and all four
went away, but AFTER that I was at 52 Life (!!) thanks to Peace of Mind. In the
meanwhile we had a crowd of about 20 spectators! My Balance (with only one card
in hand) let me stabilise with an undisrupted Ivory Mask and start the Mesa
beatdown with a creation rate of 11 token per turn. Then I made a stupid
playing error allowing my opponent to delay me (Seal of Cleansing followed by
Powder Keg) and time ran out in the extra turns (he cast two more Illusions to
simply survive the last turn)....

2. round, (??, White Weenie with Empyrial/Land Tax)
In both games I made several critical playing errors. In the first duel my
opponent was able to get an Aura of Silence on the board and let an Armageddon
follow. Can't remember exactly what I had on the board, I think Land Tax but no
other essential permanent and no land. He has a Mox Diamond and two weenies in
play and didn't play any more land.
So I lost the first duel clearly. I performed better in the second but the time
ran out....
I think I have to practice this matchup a little more.

3. and 4. round, (??, both times R/G Weenie with burn)
My game loss in round two brought me into the Weenie bracket. I had two very
hard and very similar matches against Weenie hordes (without flying) and could
not establish board control fast or permanently enough.
In one match I lost the first, won the second and lost the third duel. My first
loss had been a turn four and the third duel a turn fife kill. Not much to
comment, would have been very tight even with a Moat.
In the other match I lost the first duel after a very long fight (Moat would
had helped me) and ran out of time in the second....

5. round, (Benjamin, Sneak Attack)
OK, I won in three games (all in time) with help of Aura of Silence and Jesters
Cap - the one I lost was a turn three kill!

1. I NEVER was unhappy with three Sacred Mesa maindeck.
2. Peace of Mind is definitely better than Ivory Tower in the deck I played
(don't know how Moat will change that).
3. Never needed Soldevi digger as game deciding card. A second Ivory Mask or
a second Story Circle maindeck would have been more helpfull.
4. Never missed the Tormods Crypt maindeck, but two of them will stay in
the SB.
5. This deck is weak against weenie hordes (especially when combined with
Armageddon) and needs to have a faster answer for some special decktypes
(and have currently no idea what it could be).
6. Both Kor Haven and Serras Sanctum are very helpful in this deck.
7. Strip Mine never had a worthy target.
8. The deck is a little slow and must force a first duel win. Because of
timeout (maybe in some cases self made with playing errors) I achieved one
draw and two 1-0 losses when all three could have been wins for me!!
9. I like the deck but need to practice a lot more!

Changes for the next tourney
1. Exchange the Soldevi Digger for a second Ivory Mask or Story Circle (decide
2. Exchange one Plains and the Lotus Petal against Marble Diamonds (better
slow Marble than no mana after Geddon!)
3. I will try hard to get a Moat (or two)
4. Two Disenchants (NO Seals!) instead of Millstones in the SB
5. Considering Planar Collapse, which has theoretically a good synergy with Kor
Haven, Argivian Find and Mesa token and should do well against Tradewind,
Deranged Hermit and similar.
Have to test them maindeck (no idea what to take out)
6. Put Jesters Cap into the SB (and maybe add one more)

OK, would be glad if my report is helpful.
Can't say it often enough: All fame to K-Run ;)
Looking forward to the next tourney.