Greetings and Salutations,

Being the third Sunday of the month meant that it was time for T1 in Hull.
After going 7-0 at last months Hull, Jason and I agreed that we would not
bore everyone again by playing T1 mono blue which is a solid performer but
takes a long time to play in a mirror match.

So I needed to find a new deck to play. The invitational coverage on the
Sideboard featured the invitational decklists for the T1 event and none of
them really inspired me. I do not consider Keeper to be tier 1 and to be
honest I don't find it that fun to play. When I am playing control I like
more than 8 counterspells! I do like the Teletubbies deck but I don't own
the workshops so I had to think of something else to play.

Fact or Fiction took my fancy as probably needing to be restricted in T1 so
I decided to play with 4 of those before that happens. I figured I wanted
to be aggressive/beatdown so I went with a modified old favourite.

Here is what I decided to go with:


*26 mana sources*

Black Lotus
Mox Ruby
Mox Pearl
Mox Sapphire
Mox Jet
Mox Emerald
Sol Ring
Library of Alexandria
Tolarian Academy
Strip Mine
2x Wasteland
4x City of Brass
4x Volcanic Island
3x Plateau
2x Underground Sea

*7 Creatures*

3x Gorilla Shaman
4x Frenetic Efreet

*27 Spells*

4x Cursed Scroll
4x Lightning Bolt
3x Incinerate
Urza's Rage
Wheel of Fortune
4x Fact or Fiction
Ancestral Recall
Time Walk
Mystical Tutor
Yawgmoths Will
Vampiric Tutor
Demonic Tutor
Mind Twist
Seal of Cleansing

*Total 60 cards*

I would have liked to have had an extra mana source (probably another
wasteland) but I just could not find the room and even after the tournament
I am not sure what I would drop for one. I only sufferedfrom mana problems
a couple of times but fact or fiction generally got me out of those.
Tricky. Oh and before you dismiss the cursed scrolls with all the recursion
and hand filling, don't! they are very important. It was quite scary only
playing with one seal of removal (I normally play with 2) but it worked out
alright... Back to Basics is still scary mind.


4x Red Elemental Blast
2x Masticore
4x Blue Elemental Blast
2x Pyroblast
2x Misdirection
Seal of Cleansing

Playing with more blue cards main deck than normal means that misdirection
can make it into the s/b which is always fun (-: Masticores are really good
in this format for getting round The Abyss and killing mox monkeys and frenetics.

Only 10 players today which meant 30 in the pot for CASH prizes. 12 went
to the winner, 8 second place and then 6 for the highest placed finisher
with no power nine, and 4 for the second highest finisher with no power nine.

We decided to play 7 rounds swiss rather than 5 round swiss followed by top 4.

Anyway I went 7-0 to wind up in first place and won every match 2-0 (-: So I
won 12 and 4 boosters.

I only played 2 other decks with Moxen etc in and my closest match was against
a mono red burn which pre-bording is a pain.

In this deck Fact or Fiction is amazing......... which power cards do you want
me to have and then Yawgmoths the rest out at you anyway. Several times I
stacked up the damage to kill my opponent and often ended up with >20 points
of damage on the stack! oh and it is funny watching your opponent trying to
decide what to give you!

It certainly makes multiple turns easier by helping load up the graveyeard
foran early will.

The urza's rage was very good. It would be awesome against T1 ophidian blue
and I even managed to cast it with kicker once!

So that gives me a 14 games winning streak in T1 (-: can I make it to 21?
who knows. Prior to this event my T1 ranking was 1799 so I should make it
up to 1815 or so (remeber 3 judge system halves the k-value) which is nice
as all my other rankings are over 1800. I wish it went into composite!

Anyway for those of you in England who have not been to a T1 event in Hull
do so. The prize structure means there is a lot to play for even if you do
not own the power 9 and if we got 20 players it would mean 60 in the kitty
for Cash prizes.