Get useful information for Type 1 Magic the Gathering players, especially regarding tournament reports.

Uba Stax

The first time there was buzz about Uba Mask was when Robert Vroman reached top 8 in SCC power 9 tournament held in Chicago in April 2005.

Vengeur Masqué

I always thought Illusionary Mask was a cool card. So, I acquired 4 of them, then I tried to find them a home. Dreadnought was a no-brainer. I first tried a mono-blue version, but it was just a bad combo deck with counters. Then, I stumbled on Paul Barclay's Full English Breakfast tournament report and tried to fit the Masks in it. Vengeur Masqué was born. The name comes from the title of a song by French punk-rock band Ludwig Von 88.


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