Migration to new hosting

I have migrated away from my home server to a Debian community hosting.

Change in legendary rule

As Matt mentioned in his article, beginning with Magic 2014 Core Set, we are changing how the game handles several things, including legendary and Planeswalker uniqueness. The new rule separates the field of play into your battlefield and your opponent's battlefield, and only checks those to make sure that there are not multiple copies of one legend with the same name or Planeswalker with the same type. When multiple copies are on the battlefield under one player's control, that player chooses one to put into the graveyard as a state-based effect until only one remains.
Read the article at WotC's website: Legendary rule change.
Effective on July 13, 2013.


Changed to the standard Debian package (I wanted to have Drupal multisite). Some fixing still needed...

security upgrade

Another year, another security upgrade...

Added search options to the reports

The database is now searchable by player or by decktype.
check it out.

Security upgrade

I just upgraded to drupal 5.3, for security reasons.

Reports embedded in the layout

Today I changed the way the reports are seen: they are no more a text page 80 cols, but are embedded in the CMS.
I hope visitors will enjoy it.

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